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The 8 Components of Speech: Examples and Guidelines

The 8 Components of Speech: Examples and Guidelines


Parts of Speech

​​Each phrase in English might be labeled as one in every of eight elements of speech. The time period a part of speech refers back to the function a phrase performs in a sentence. And like in any office or on any TV present with an ensemble forged, these roles had been designed to work collectively.

Learn on to be taught in regards to the completely different elements of speech that the phrases we use daily fall into, and the way we use them collectively to speak concepts clearly.

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The 8 elements of speech


A noun is a phrase that names an individual, place, idea, or object. Principally, something that names a “factor” is a noun, whether or not you’re speaking a few basketball court docket, San Francisco, Cleopatra, or self-preservation.

Nouns fall into two classes: frequent nouns and correct nouns. Widespread nouns are normal names for issues, like planet and recreation present. Correct nouns are names or titles for particular issues, like Jupiter and Jeopardy!

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Pronouns are phrases you substitute for particular nouns when the reader or listener already is aware of which particular noun you’re referring to.

You may say, “Jennifer was purported to be right here at eight,” then observe it with “She’s at all times late; subsequent time I’ll inform her to be right here a half hour earlier.”

As a substitute of claiming Jennifer’s identify thrice in a row, you substituted she and her, and your sentences remained grammatically right. Pronouns are divided into plenty of classes, and we cowl all of them in our information to pronouns:

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Adjectives are the phrases that describe nouns. Take into consideration your favourite film. How would you describe it to a pal who’s by no means seen it?

You may say the film was humorous, participating, well-written, or suspenseful. Whenever you’re describing the film with these phrases, you’re utilizing adjectives. An adjective can go proper earlier than the noun it’s describing (“I’ve a black canine”), however it doesn’t need to. Typically, adjectives are on the finish of a sentence (“My canine is black”).

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Go! Be superb! Run as quick as you may! Win the race! Congratulate each participant who put within the work and competed!

These bolded phrases are verbs. Verbs are phrases that describe particular actions, like working, successful, and being superb.

Not all verbs seek advice from literal actions, although. Verbs that seek advice from emotions or states of being, like to like and to be, are often known as nonaction verbs. Conversely, the verbs that do seek advice from literal actions are often known as motion verbs.

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An adverb is a phrase that describes an adjective, a verb, or one other adverb.

I entered the room quietly.

Quietly is describing the way you entered (verb) the room.

A cheetah is at all times sooner than a lion.

At all times is describing how continuously a cheetah is quicker (adjective) than a lion.

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Prepositions let you know the relationships between different phrases in a sentence.

You may say, “I left my bike leaning towards the storage.” On this sentence, towards is the preposition as a result of it tells us the place you left your bike.

Right here’s one other instance: “She put the pizza in the oven.” With out the preposition in, we don’t know the place the pizza is.

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Conjunctions make it attainable to construct complicated sentences that specific a number of concepts.

“I like marinara sauce. I like alfredo sauce. I don’t like puttanesca sauce.” Every of those three sentences expresses a transparent thought. There’s nothing mistaken with itemizing your preferences like this, however it’s not essentially the most environment friendly solution to do it.

Contemplate as an alternative: “I like marinara sauce and alfredo sauce, however I don’t like puttanesca sauce.

On this sentence, and and however are the 2 conjunctions that hyperlink your concepts collectively.

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A pear. The brick home. An thrilling expertise. These bolded phrases are often known as articles.

Articles are available in two flavors: particular articles and indefinite articles. And equally to the 2 sorts of nouns, the kind of article you employ is determined by how particular you must be in regards to the factor you’re discussing.

A particular article, like the or this, describes one particular noun.

Did you purchase the automotive?

From the above sentence, we perceive that the speaker is referring to a particular beforehand mentioned automotive.

Now swap in an indefinite article:

Did you purchase a automotive?

See how the implication that you simply’re referring again to one thing particular is gone, and also you’re asking a extra normal query?

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Determining elements of speech

Typically, it’s not simple to inform which a part of speech a phrase is. Listed here are a couple of simple hacks for shortly determining what a part of speech you’re coping with:

  • If it’s an adjective plus the ending –ly, it’s an adverb. Examples: generally, shortly.
  • In case you can swap it out for a noun and the sentence nonetheless is smart, it’s a pronoun. Instance: “He performed basketball.” / “Steve performed basketball.”
  • If it’s one thing you do and you may modify the sentence to incorporate the phrase do, it’s a verb. Instance: “I have an umbrella.” / “I do have an umbrella.”
  • In case you can take away the phrase and the sentence nonetheless is smart however you lose a element, the phrase is almost definitely an adjective. Instance: “She drives a pink van.” / “She drives a van.”

And in case you’re ever actually stumped, simply look the phrase up. Dictionaries sometimes checklist a phrase’s a part of speech in its entry, and if it has a number of types with completely different elements of speech, they’re all listed, with examples.

That brings us to a different frequent challenge that may confuse writers and language learners.

When a phrase might be completely different elements of speech

Identical to y is typically a vowel and typically a consonant, there are phrases which are typically one a part of speech and different instances one other. Listed here are a couple of examples:

  • Work
    • “I went to work” (noun).
    • “I work within the backyard” (verb).
  • Effectively
    • “She paints very nicely” (adverb).
    • “They’re lastly nicely now, after weeks of sickness” (adjective).
    • “I dropped a penny into the nicely” (noun).
  • However
    • I cooked breakfast and lunch, however Steve cooked dinner” (conjunction).
    • “I introduced every thing however the pens you requested for” (preposition).

And typically, phrases evolve so as to add types which are new elements of speech. One current instance is the phrase grownup. Earlier than the 2010s, grownup was primarily a noun that referred to a totally grown particular person. It may be used as an adjective to seek advice from particular sorts of media, like grownup modern music. However then, at proper in regards to the flip of the 2010s, the phrase adulting, a brand-new verb, appeared within the web lexicon. As a verb, adulting refers back to the act of doing duties related to maturity, like paying payments and grocery purchasing.

Open and closed phrase courses

The elements of speech fall into two phrase courses: open and closed.

The open phrase courses are the elements of speech that often purchase new phrases. Language evolves, and often, that evolution takes place in nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. In 2022, new phrases added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary included dumbphone (noun), greenwash (verb), and cringe (adjective).

The closed phrase courses are the elements of speech that don’t readily purchase new phrases. These elements of speech are extra set in stone and embrace pronouns, conjunctions, articles, and prepositions.

Are you utilizing the elements of speech appropriately?

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