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17 Cute Japanese Phrases You Have to Know (Past Kawaii)

17 Cute Japanese Phrases You Have to Know (Past Kawaii)


cute japanese words

Cute Japanese phrases play an infinite function in Japanese tradition.

They’ve influenced years’ price of vogue subcultures, youth humor, cultural habits, media and Japanese musiccollectively often called 可愛い (かわいい) or kawaii tradition.

On this weblog submit, you’ll be taught 17 cute Japanese phrases you need to use throughout conversations with pals.

You’ll additionally encounter them whereas studying manga and watching anime.


1. 集中豪雨 (しゅうちゅう ごうう) — Intense rain

cute japanese words

The Japanese language has fairly a couple of expressions for rain.

The lovable facet of this phrase comes from the way it sounds.

集中豪雨 is pronounced “shū chū gōu” or only a drawn-out “shū.” When you concentrate on it, “shū” feels like rain falling from the sky.

2. ドキドキ (どきどき) — Excited

cute japanese words

One other cute phrase with benefit is present in the way it sounds when spoken: “Doki doki.”

It’s extra of an expression of pleasure than the phrase itself.

Even the katakana for this phrase is cute-looking, nearly resembling two tiny individuals leaping up and down in pleasure. The time period is utilized in anime fairly typically as effectively.

3. 可愛い (かわいい) — Cute

cute japanese words

I’ve to incorporate the summa cum laude of cute phrases to this record.

可愛い originated from the phrase 顔映し (かお うつし) — “glowing face,” which is used to explain somebody who’s blushing from embarrassment.

4. 痛バッグ (いた ばっぐ) — Painful bag

cute japanese words

The time period “painful bag” sounds a bit tough. Nonetheless, 痛バッグ is definitely a cute development in Japan proper now!

痛バッグ are cute backpacks that characteristic a entrance PVC window which permits the wearers to showcase their favourite miniature collectible gadgets—pins, stickers, plushies, cell phone charms, badges.

Normally, the collectible gadgets have a theme, like an anime or online game character.

The time period “painful bag” comes from the concept that some wearers pack their “ita” luggage so filled with collectibles that they are often too busy or “painful” to have a look at. Some homeowners go the additional mile and set up LED lighting of their luggage.

5. 餓鬼 or ガキ (がき) — Brat

cute japanese words

The phrase “gaki” sounds cute, particularly if you’re teasing a whiny little child.

6. 子猫 (こねこ) — Kitten

cute japanese words

子猫 is a by-product of the well-known Japanese phrase 猫 (ねこ) — cat. 子 primarily means “baby” or “baby model.”

7. ニャー (にゃー) — Meow

cute japanese words

In case you’ve ever watched anime or learn manga, likelihood is you’re conscious of the Japanese expression of “meow,” which sounds extra like “nya” or “nyan.”

8. 愛郷 (あいきょう) — Love for one’s hometown

cute japanese words

This phrase isn’t simply cute, it’s heartwarming.

愛郷 interprets to “love city” however is usually used to explain the distinctive fondness and homesickness you would possibly really feel in regards to the place you grew up in.

9. 蝶蝶 or 蝶々 (ちょうちょう) — Butterfly

cute japanese words

Butterflies are cute, however the Japanese phrase for them is even cuter.

蝶蝶 is pronounced “chō chō” or simply “chō” for brief.

10. 美学 (びがく) — A love for stunning issues

cute japanese words

This time period is intently associated to a phrase English audio system throw round: “aesthetics.”

Nonetheless, there’s extra of a cutesy connotation to 美学 that describes a love of cute, admirable, nice and visually satisfying issues.

The time period might be utilized by 原宿 (はらじゅく) — Harajuku vogue aficionados when describing younger individuals who love to decorate up in that particular type.

11. 薩摩芋 (さつま いも) — Candy potato

cute japanese words

Though they give the impression of being lumpy and brown, the phrase “candy potato” in Japanese is fairly cute. 薩摩芋 might be a cute pet title to provide your Japanese important different as effectively.

12. デコラ (でこら) — Decora

cute japanese words

The phrase “decora” is considerably of a loanword from English, actually which means “decor” or “ornament.”

Popularized within the late 90s, Decora is a Harajuku-based vogue subculture that peaked within the early 2000s however nonetheless has some presence at present.

A typical Decora look entails extraordinarily vibrant colours, dozens of hair clips, luggage, equipment, arm heaters, legwarmers, cutified dental masks and just about no matter cute little equipment the wearer may incorporate into their outfit.

13.  (たまご) — Egg

Don’t assume eggs are cute?

Possibly it’s best to try ぐでたま, Gudetama, the lazy melancholy egg that we will all relate to. The verbal expression of 卵 is “tamago,” which is simply enjoyable to say.

14. 好き!(すき!) — I such as you!

What’s not cute about confessing your affection for somebody (or being on the receiving finish)? This time period is an effective one to recollect if you happen to’re interested by revealing your emotions for somebody.

15. キスして (きす して) — Kiss me

It’s very cute to ask your accomplice for a kiss, and キスして is the proper phrase to make use of.

Notice: Don’t throw this round with anybody apart from your accomplice. It’d be creepy in English, too.

16. 綺麗 (きれい) — Fairly

You’d use 綺麗 when your accomplice or a good friend reveals up in a brand new outfit. It’s a really candy praise and sounds cute when stated.

17. まさか!— No method, Jose!

まさか is normally used when talking with pals. It’s not the sort of phrase you’d use within the workplace or on the practice. It’s higher reserved for a vigorous dialog with a beloved one.

Why You Ought to Study Cute Japanese Phrases

There should be a motive why cute tradition is so vital to Japan in comparison with American tradition.

However sadly, its origins are exhausting to pinpoint.

It’s believed that cute tradition emerged in Japan across the 70s or so.

The rise of fashionable penmanship for younger ladies—along side the looks of a brand new character often called Hi there Kitty—appears to be the beginning.

Teen ladies consumed plenty of merchandise that concerned cute imagery, and all of it advanced into a large a part of trendy Japanese tradition amongst all—younger, outdated, female and male.

Listed here are 4 the reason why these 17 cute Japanese phrases must be added to your flashcard assortment:

  • Kawaii tradition could be very prevalent in Japanese youth. In case you plan on touring, it will be clever to brush up on a few of these phrases—and the final vibe of cute tradition.
  • Understanding tradition is a part of turning into fluent. Figuring out present developments and main Japanese cultural factors offers you one thing to attach along with your language accomplice or Japanese pals. You gained’t really feel misplaced when these cultural tidbits pop up in your favourite Japanese media, both.
  • They’re straightforward to make use of in dialog. Impress your native speaker pals by throwing a couple of in your textual content messages, cellphone calls or small talks.
  • Many of those phrases are utilized in anime and manga. It will be useful for the aspiring 漫画家 (まんがか) — “cartoonist” to know them, but in addition your on a regular basis fan or occasional watcher.

To actually grasp these 17 cute phrases (and lots of extra), it’s finest to immerse your self in Japanese as a lot as potential—corresponding to anime, songs, TV reveals, motion pictures and extra.


FluentU is a useful platform for turning these Japanese media kinds into language classes.

For instance, if you stumble throughout a cute phrase you haven’t studied but, you may click on on it within the interactive subtitles to get an immediate definition, audio pronunciation and instance sentences.

Cute Japanese words example on FluentU

Or, seek for the phrases you’ve simply discovered on this record to discover curated Japanese movies that use them in context.


These 17 cute Japanese phrases are excellent for including to your arsenal of native speaker-sounding vocabulary.

勉強頑張ってね!(べんきょう がんばってね!) — Good luck in your research!