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3 payment We tailor a program to your needs
4 payment 20 min FREE trial, from $13/hour afterwards!

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Learn A Language Online Traditional Schools Apps and Online Offerings
Dates and Times start and learn at any time commit to fixed start days and times start and learn at any time
Location from wherever you want location of the school start and learn at any time
Learning Plan personalized programs and test preperations no personalized learning plan no test preperations
Classes 1-on-1 classes big group classes no live classes
Schedule 24/7 fixed schedules 24/7
Teachers 100 % real, qualified and native speaking teachers real teachers but not always native and qualified no teachers
Hours of Classes unlimited hours fixed and limited hours unlimited hours
Support personal support via webcam, phone, email only during class times online help and call centre
Price 20 min FREE tiral, afterwards from $13/hour. $200- $600 for one term often free

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I have used many different online schools, apps and other online offerings. Most of them let me only do pre-scripted exercises. At "Learn Language Online" I have finally found a way to learn online with real teachers.

Bao Minh T.


I enjoyed learning German for work with "Learn Language Online". I could get lessons from home, from work, or while travelling on my phone. Perfect for someone with a busy lifestyle.

Charles N.,

Business Owner

For someone who travels a lot with work and so cannot commit to a weekly lesson, "Learn Language Online" is perfect for me, as I can have Skype based tutoring from where ever I am for only $30 for one hour of private lesson. "Learn Language Online" really takes e-learning to the next level!

Hannah J.

Recruitment Manager