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Valentine’s day in France 💌

Valentine’s day in France 💌


In France, Valentine’s day is just for folks in love. Learn my cultural recommendations on “la Saint Valentin” + French love vocabulary and traditions.

Le 14 février, c’est La Saint Valentin en France : la fête de l’amour et des amoureux.

February 14th is Valentine’s day in France: the day for love and folks in love.

Cautious although – in contrast to English cultures, Valentine’s day in France is just for folks “in” love, not simply loving/friendship gestures.

Why is-it LA Saint Valentin in French?

Valentines’ day is “la Saint Valentin” in French. This puzzles a whole lot of pupil since “Saint Valentin” is masculine, subsequently the article related to it needs to be “le”.

It’s a very good query. Nonetheless, what we imply right here is “la fête de Saint Valentin”… therefore the “la” 🙂

Valentine’s Day in France = Only for Folks in Love

In France, preschoolers don’t give a Valentine to all their family and friends.

If they’ve a particular “love” curiosity (un amoureux, une amoureuse – robust liaison or gliding in N – so it seems like un namooreu / une namooreuz), and if they aren’t shy, they could, however it’s fairly completely different from the US on this side.

So don’t go about sending all of your French pals a pleasant Valentine’s day card, they could get the mistaken impression!

Learn my article to grasp why you shouldn’t say I like you in French to a good friend.

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Valentine’s Day Traditions in France

In any other case, Valentine’s day in France is well known a bit like it’s in the remainder of the world – goodies, roses, jewels for the wealthiest… a romantic restaurant or night…

Generally a card, however a lot lower than in English cultures and once more, just for romantic pursuits.

Valentines Day in France

So now, let’s research the French love vocabulary.

French Love Vocabulary

  1. L’amour – love
  2. L’amitié – friendship
  3. Je t’aime – I like you (utilizing tu)
  4. Je vous aime – I’m in love with you (utilizing vous)
  5. Je l’aime – I’m in love with him/her
  6. Je suis amoureux / amoureuse de toi, lui, elle, vous… – I’m in love with you, him, her, you
  7. Tomber Amoureux / amoureuse – to fall in love (not tomber en amour which is utilized in Canadian French however not in France)
  8. Est-ce que tu veux sortir avec moi – would you wish to exit with me ?
  9. Est-ce que tu veux (bien) m’épouser – would you marry me? The bien right here is non-obligatory, and means “are you prepared to marry me”, however it’s what we historically say.
  10. To kiss – embrasser, s’embrasser. WATCH OUT !!! Not “baiser”… I’m sorry to be vulgar however it’s essential bear in mind that “un baiser” is ok, it’ a kiss, however “baiser” as a verb these days means to f..okay.
  11. A kiss – un baiser, un bisou – I wrote an entire article with regards to French kisses.
  12. Les fiançailles – engagement
  13. Se fiancer – to get engaged
  14. Un fiancé, une fiancée – somebody you’re engaged to. However typically used to say somebody you’re simply courting.
  15. Le mariage – marriage, wedding ceremony (just one R in French)
  16. Se marier avec qq’un – to get married with somebody
  17. Épouser quelqu’un – to marry somebody
  18. Un marié – a groom
  19. Une mariée – a bride
  20. Un mari / un époux – a husband
    Be careful between un marié, une mariée, un mari…
  21. Une femme (pronounced “fam”) / une épouse – a spouse
  22. Un/ une partenaire – a accomplice. Principally used for homosexual {couples} in French.
  23. Un compagnon / une compagne – a accomplice as utilized in British English : somebody you reside with however you aren’t essentially married to.
  24. Un amoureux / une amoureuse – a sweetheart
  25. Un petit-ami/ un petit-copain – a boyfriend
  26. Une petite-amie / une petite-copine – a girlfriend
  27. Be careful! “un amant” means a lover, as in somebody you’ve got sexual relations with or you’re dishonest in your partner with. So not for use evenly in French.
  28. Mon chéri, ma chérie, mon amour… there are many French phrases of endearments: I counsel you learn (and pay attention) to my article concerning the French love nicknames with audio.
  29. Joyeuse Saint Valentin – completely satisfied Valentine’s day.
  30. Tu veux être mon valentin / ma valentine ? Would you be my valentine?

Truly, there are fairly a big numbers of faux-pas to keep away from so far as the language and gestures related to love and friendship are involved.

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Joyeuse Saint Valentin !!