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Unlock 5 Simple Methods To Say Sure No Okay In Korean

Unlock 5 Simple Methods To Say Sure No Okay In Korean


While you watch your favourite Okay-dramas, the phrases you can simply keep in mind are sure no okay in Korean 예 (Ye) | 아니 (Ani) | 괜찮아 (Gwaenchana). So, when you’re a newbie learner or having a visit in Korea, saying Sure No Okay in Korean ought to be in your prime listing of phrases to study. It may be utilized in most conditions from the airport, checking in a resort, eating in a restaurant, using public transportation, and buying. In fact, you may at all times nod, shake your hand or do a thumbs up however, isn’t it good to study the Korean solution to do it?

Korean Politeness Ranges

Earlier than we go to our subject, which is saying sure no okay in Korean, there are some essential issues that you must study in regards to the Korean language. When Koreans communicate, they’re at all times guided by politeness ranges. The politeness degree is decided by the individual you’re speaking to.

If you find yourself speaking to somebody youthful than you or somebody the identical age as you, the casual degree of politeness can be utilized. There are additionally occasions while you and the opposite individual agree that you should use the casual or informal kind.

However, extra well mannered or formal are used while you speak to somebody older than you, somebody with greater social standing, or somebody you don’t know too properly. It’s also used within the enterprise setting to sound extra skilled.

That is the explanation why the Korean language is fascinating to study. There’s a lot tradition and traditions behind it. So, if you wish to study extra other than this lesson, you may take a look at the Ling app and begin studying Korean.


Methods To Say Sure In Korean

Go Chung Myung: “That is the top for us.”

Jang Man Wol: “Sure it’s.”

Do you keep in mind this heartbreaking scene in one of the best Kdrams of all time, “Lodge Del Luna“? Certainly, this isn’t the form of “Sure” that you simply need to hear in the event you’re on this state of affairs.

The primary group of phrases that we are going to study in our lesson is sure no okay in Korean is saying sure. That is undoubtedly one of the crucial essential phrases that we use in our every day conversations. Once we journey, even when not in Korea, we’re at all times requested sure or no questions. So, if you’re in language studying, this is without doubt one of the most essential primary phrases to know.

n Korean, sure may be stated in numerous methods. Try the listing beneath to study the other ways to say sure in Korean totally free.

yes no ok in korean ye

1. 예 (Ye)

If you wish to know how one can say sure in Korean, that is clearly the best phrase to begin with. It sounds just like the English phrase. Sure, so that you don’t need to attempt that arduous to study the pronunciation of this phrase. However, it’s important to do not forget that that is utilized in formal conditions. When new in Korea, it’s at all times higher to make use of the well mannered kind to keep away from misunderstanding and offending native audio system.

2. 네 (Ne)  

Coming from the primary phrase, this second method of claiming sure in Korean could also be complicated as a result of it feels like “no” in English. That is the usual method of claiming sure in Korean so you should use it in most conditions. If you’ll be requested a sure or no query, that is the phrase to say sure politely.

3. 응 (Eung)/ 어 (Eo)

The subsequent solution to say sure in Korean that we are going to study is 응 (Eung)/ 어 (Eo). That is the casual method of claiming sure in Korean. Keep in mind you can simply use the casual method when speaking along with your shut associates and somebody the identical age or youthful than you. The females use 응 (Eung), and 어 (eo) is often utilized by males.

4. 알아요 (Arayo)

Koreans additionally use verb from the query requested as an alternative of replying sure no okay in Korean. One of many good examples of that is the phrase “알아요 (Arayo),” which implies “to know.” This is without doubt one of the most essential phrases to study as a result of there might be a lot of occasions that you simply’ll be wanted to reply questions with this response.

5. 있어요 (Isseoyo)

One other frequent verb that Koreans use to reply questions is 있어요 (isseoyo) which implies “to have or exist.” That is the right solution to reply questions in regards to the existence or possession of one thing.

6. 그럼요 (Geureomyo)

Normally used to answer to a query or request which might imply “in fact” or “positively”.

Methods To Say No In Korean

Yoon Se-ri: “Why are they placing handcuffs on you? “Are you getting arrested? No. I can’t try this; I can’t allow you to go.”

Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok: “Don’t fear. Don’t you already know me?”

This line got here from a Kdrama entitled “Crash Touchdown on You.” On this scene, Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok needed to say goodbye to one another whereas standing in the course of the North and South Korea Demilitarized Zone. Se-ri saying, “No, I can’t try this.” is without doubt one of the sweetest traces from this scene.

Studying how one can say no in Korean is as essential as studying how one can say sure. Not on a regular basis, it’s important to agree on one thing. Nonetheless, there might be a lot of occasions too while you wanted to say no. Right now, folks usually use non-verbal cues like shaking their heads and doing a thumbs down to point disagreement or saying no. However it’s important to know that whereas it’s okay to do it, you continue to need to learn to use the Korean phrases for “no.” It is a signal of respect for his or her tradition and language.

yes no ok in korean aniyo

1. 아니요 (Aniyo)

When studying how one can say sure no okay in Korean, the frequent solution to say no that you’ll hear is 아니요 (Aniyo). That is the usual method of claiming no in Korean. That’s the reason you should use this in most conditions. It isn’t too formal and never too casual, however it’s nonetheless well mannered.

2.  아니 (Ani)

Transferring from the primary one, this fashion of claiming no in Korean is extra casual. That is used when speaking to your pals and somebody the identical age or youthful than you. You’ll hear Korean actors and actresses talking this fashion in Kdramas.

3. 안돼요 (Andwaeyo)

There are additionally different methods to disagree in Korean with out utilizing the phrase “no.” The that means of this phrase is “It isn’t allowed.” You’ll usually hear this phrase in a bar when you’re a minor or in a restricted space.

4. 없어요 (Eopseoyo)

One other solution to say no in Korean is “없어요 (Eopseoyo).” This phrase means “It doesn’t exist.” This may be helpful when you’re requested questions like, “Do you’ve gotten any money? (현금이 있어요? | hyeongeumi isseoyo). If you happen to don’t have one, you may merely say “없어요 (Eopseoyo).”

5. 못해요 (Mothaeyo)

The final solution to say No in Korean is 못해요 (Mothaeyo). The that means of this Korean phrase is “I can’t do it.” You need to use this to refuse to do one thing that you’re not comfy with. Do not forget that it’s okay to say no, particularly if you already know that it’s one thing that may trigger hazard to you.

Methods To Say Okay In Korean

Lee Joon-ki : “Gwenchana, Gwenchana…”

If you happen to’re an avid Kdrama fan, you’ve gotten absolutely laughed at this scene within the “Welcome to Waikiki. Collection” From this, you’ll see how usually Koreans say “okay” of their every day conversations.

The final lesson we’ll study on the subject Sure No Okay in Korean is saying okay. That is in all probability one of the crucial essential phrases within the Korean language. Saying okay can be utilized in some ways. It may be used to state how you’re feeling. It may be used when somebody stated sorry to you, and it may also be used to agree on one thing. So, right here’s the way you say okay in Korean.

yes no ok in korean gwaenchanayo

1. 괜찮아요 (Gwaenchanayo)

Let’s begin with the usual method of claiming okay in Korean. That is the most typical method of claiming Okay in Korean that you simply’ll study. It may be utilized in most conditions and nonetheless sound well mannered. If you happen to watch their dramas, you’ll usually hear this once they speak in additional severe conditions. It’s also possible to use this along with your colleagues to point out politeness even in the event you’re shut to one another.

2. 괜찮아 (Gwaenchana)

The second is the informal or casual method you may say to your pals or somebody with a decrease social hierarchy than you. However, in the event you’re new to studying Korean, it is best to use the primary one or the subsequent phrase we’re about to study. This can show you how to to not go away a improper impression on the locals.

3. 괜찮습니다 (Gwaenchanseumnida)

After studying the usual and casual method, it’s essential to study the formal solution to say okay. Saying okay formally is often used when speaking with folks method older than you. It’s also used within the office to take care of respect for one another as colleagues. That is one thing that you’d need to consider when studying Korean – respect is all the pieces.

4. 거기에 가십시오 (Geogie Gasipsio)

There may be one other method of claiming okay in Korean, and that’s the phrase “거기에 가십시오 (Geogie gasipsio)” which implies “Go there.” That is the formal solution to say that phrase.

거기에 가세요 (Geogie Gaseyo)

In case you are searching for the usual solution to say it, you should use this way. Anyway, this can nonetheless sound well mannered in the event you’ll use it.

거기에 가 (Geogie Ga)

Lastly, the phrase 거기에 가 (Geogie ga) is utilized in casual conditions. You already know when to make use of the casual kind, proper?

5. 알겠습니다 (Algetseumnida)

The final solution to say okay in Korean that we are going to study is the 알겠습니다 (Algetseumnida). This phrase means “I do know” in Korean, which I’m positive you additionally hear lots in numerous Kdramas. As a result of that is in formal kind, there are different methods to say it. Try the phrases beneath:

알았어요 (Arasseoyo)

That is the usual type of saying “I do know” in Korean. In fact, you should use it when you’re new and need to speak to different folks. However, please at all times be guided in regards to the politeness ranges.

알았어 (Arasseo)

However, this phrase is utilized in casual conditions. Does this sound so acquainted? Yup, you may usually hear this in Kdramas. That is additionally their method of claiming, “Cease mentioning it repeatedly. I fully get it.”

Seeing these phrases may be overwhelming at first while you’re a newbie however, studying how one can say Sure No Okay in Korean is without doubt one of the greatest investments it is best to get for your self in the event you actually love the Korean language. These phrases are actually essential to their tradition and that’s one thing that it is best to keep in mind about it.

So, these are 5 methods how one can say sure no okay in Korean. Now, it is best to follow the pronunciation and likewise, attempt writing the Hangul characters.

When To Use Yes No Ok In Korean

The place Can You Use These Sure No Okay Korean Phrases?

Now that you’ve got realized how one can say sure no okay in Korean, allow us to now uncover the place to make use of it. Listed here are some questions that may be answered by the phrases and phrases you’ve gotten realized

State of affairs 1

Query: 나 예뻐? (na yeppeo) – Am I fairly?

Reply:   어, 너무 예뻐! (eo, neomu yeppeo) – Sure, very fairly.

State of affairs 2

Query: 바쁘세요? (bappeuseyo) – Are you busy?

Reply:   아니오. (anio) –No.

State of affairs 3

Query: 맥주를 주세요 (maekjureul juseyo) – Beer, please.

Reply: 안돼요! (andwaeyo) – No (it’s not allowed)

State of affairs 4

Query: 괜찮 으세요? gwaenchanh euseyo? – Are you Okay?

Reply: 괜찮다 (gwaenchanta) – Good, alright

Now that you’ve got realized how one can say sure no okay in Korean, what’s subsequent?

learn korean with Ling app

Let’s Be taught Korean: Is It A Sure, No, Or Okay?

After studying how one can say sure no okay in Korean, there’s lots so that you can study. Sure, you may get by with these phrases for some time, however if you wish to be in significant conversations with the locals, you’ll need to study extra. So, in the event you’re going to study Korean, go and take a look at the Ling app.

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