Home Language Learning Two Esperanto meetups on the similar time

Two Esperanto meetups on the similar time

Two Esperanto meetups on the similar time


The Komuna Staĝo 2021 (Joint Internship), which was co-sponsored by Esperantists from Korea and Taiwan, has simply ended. The wealthy occasion had greater than 30 individuals not solely from Korea and Taiwan but in addition from Indonesia, Iran, Japan, and the US. An Esperanto meetup often has lectures, however Komuna Staĝo 2021 has greater than that. There have been some excellent Esperantists who taught singing, made a hand-crafted fan, and carried out a magic present. I introduced about my hometown Medan. All individuals loved it so much and can see one another once more subsequent yr.

On the 2nd day of the Komuna Staĝo, the Komuna Seminario 2021 (Joint Seminar) was held, organized by Esperantists from Japan, Korea, China, and Vietnam. It started with stories and a dialogue of the coronavirus scenario in varied international locations. I reported on the scenario in Indonesia and Taiwan. As well as, there have been reporters from the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, and China. The moderators led the occasion at SOJO Esperanto-Vegana Café, which is positioned in Tokyo. They confirmed Esperanto issues that the café has. There have been additionally interviews with overseas Esperantists in Japan and digital tourism round Tokyo.

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