Home Italian Language Tips on how to Say “My Love” in Italian – “Il mio amore” vs “Amore mio” vs “L’amore mio”

Tips on how to Say “My Love” in Italian – “Il mio amore” vs “Amore mio” vs “L’amore mio”

Tips on how to Say “My Love” in Italian – “Il mio amore” vs “Amore mio” vs “L’amore mio”


The phrases of endearment present in Italian are among the many most fascinating and evocative of any language, however there may be one particularly that our readers constantly ask us find out how to say, and that’s “my love”.

The reality is that “my love” may be translated in three alternative ways relying on the state of affairs.

how to say my love in italian

Tips on how to say “my love” in Italian = Il mio amore

If you’re speaking usually about your love for one thing or somebody, reasonably than addressing somebody straight, the right translation is il mio amore. In Italian, possessive adjectives like mio (my) and tuo (your) normally come after the particular article “the” and earlier than the noun. (To seek out out extra about particular and indefinite articles in Italian, take a look at our article on the subject.)

For instance, you could possibly say:

Il mio amore per te è immenso.

My love for you is immense.

Il mio amore per il calcio non è un segreto.

My love for soccer is not any secret.

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Tips on how to say “my love” in Italian = Amore mio

If you’re straight addressing a cherished one, however, the right type could be the pet identify amore mio. As you’ll be able to see, the particular article has been dropped and the possessive adjective comes after the noun. Many Italians say that the inversion of the 2 phrases imbues the expression with a sweeter and extra affectionate nuance.

Be aware that no matter whether or not you might be saying “my love” to a person or a lady, the expression amore mio at all times stays masculine. You’ll by no means say amore mia simply since you are addressing a lady.

Come sei bella oggi, amore mio!

You look so stunning as we speak, my love!

Some doable synonyms for amore mio may be discovered beneath.

  • amore (this phrase is commonly used by itself as a pet identify)
  • amore bello (actually “stunning love”)
  • tesoro (actually “treasure”)
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Tips on how to say “my love” in Italian = L’amore mio

If you’re speaking about an individual you’re keen on, however you aren’t truly addressing them straight, it’s doable to make use of the expression l’amore mio. Nevertheless, this manner may be very poetic, so it use tends to be restricted to poems and songs.

Tu sei l’amore mio.

You might be my love.

It may be heard within the Andrea Bocelli music Canto della Terra.

Further phrases containing “my love” in Italian

Right here at Day by day Italian Phrases, we frequently obtain translation requests for the next phrases, all of which comprise the time period of endearment amore mio. I can solely assume that we have now a really romantic group of followers!

“Good morning, my love!” in Italian

Buongiorno, amore mio!

“Good night, my love!” in Italian

Buonasera, amore mio!

“I really like you, my love!” in Italian

Ti amo, amore mio!

“Whats up, my love!” or “Hello, my love!” in Italian

Ciao, amore mio!

“Goodbye, my love!” in Italian

Arrivederci, amore mio!

“Thanks, my love!” in Italian

Grazie, amore mio!

“Completely happy birthday, my love!” in Italian

Buon compleanno, amore mio!

Tanti auguri, amore mio!

“Sure, my love!” in Italian

Sì, amore mio.

“Candy goals, my love!” in Italian

Sogni d’oro, amore mio!

“I miss you, my love!” in Italian

Mi manchi, amore mio!

“Completely happy anniversary, my love!” in Italian

Buon anniversario, amore mio!

“Merry Christmas, my love!” in Italian

Buon Natale, amore mio!

“Completely happy Valentine’s Day, my love!” in Italian

Buon San Valentino, amore mio!