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The Most Widespread Italian Ingesting Phrases

The Most Widespread Italian Ingesting Phrases


There are quite a few moments in the course of the course of the 12 months that decision for a toast (un brindisi). You may increase your glass throughout a New 12 months‘s celebration, a birthday, a brand new delivery, a marriage, and plenty of different completely different events. And it goes with out saying that every nation has its personal typical manner of toasting.

In English, probably the most incessantly used time period is Cheers!, whereas in Italy it’s Cin cin! or Salute! However the deeper you dig, the broader the vary of phrases you’ll uncover. Here’s a record of uniquely Italian consuming phrases you should use when toasting.

the most common italian drinking phrases

The most typical Italian consuming phrases

Ingesting in firm to have a good time an occasion is without doubt one of the oldest methods to share and bear in mind one thing achieved or skilled collectively. In Italy, you should use some easy expressions when toasting.

Cin cin is the preferred, typically mentioned with only one Cin. It means Cheers, and is used to boost a easy toast. This time period is interchangeable with different phrases such Salute and the much less widespread Prosit.

Each Prosit and Salute point out that one is consuming to the well being of the individuals current. The truth is, salute is the phrase for well being itself in Italian. For Italians, well being is among the many most essential issues in life, together with household after all, and for that reason, it’s usually the topic of toasts and well-wishing.

Listed here are some widespread variations on Salute! when used as a consuming exclamation:

  • Alla salute – actually: To well being
  • Alla salute nostra – actually: To our well being
  • Alla vostra/nostra (salute) – actually: To your/our (“well being” right here is omitted however implied)

In case you are making ready to make a toast and also you’d prefer to let everybody current know, you should use any of the expressions under. All three make use of the phrase brindisi, which suggests toast.

  • Vorrei fare un brindisi! = I’d prefer to make a toast!
  • Facciamo un brindisi! = Let’s make a toast!
  • Propongo un brindisi! = I suggest a toast!

Each area and area people has completely different dialectal kinds. Additional down, we’ll check out a few of them. In some circumstances, you’ll see that they are often fairly extravagant!

Italian consuming phrases to have a good time friendship, household and life

Now that we’ve found the commonest expressions to make a toast in Italy, it’s time for us to delve deeper. Brief speeches are welcomed by Italians and they’re used particularly in heartfelt occasions.

Per cent’anni.

For 100 years.

This beautiful, albeit fairly formal phrase is used to boost a toast to the bride and groom at their marriage ceremony.

Su i bicchieri e giù i pensieri.

Increase the glasses and down with the ideas.

As a side-effect of alcohol, there’s a momentary time frame when our minds drift away from the pressures of each life. This saying was born from this very concept. It’s a enjoyable option to say “let’s overlook our ideas for now and concentrate on celebrating the second”.

At sure occasions, primarily throughout essential occasions, individuals use a phrase that celebrates the lifetime of all current:

Un brindisi alla vita!

A toast to life!

However you’ll be able to increase a toast to household, happiness, pleasure, and friendship too. Listed here are another Italian toasting expressions used to have a good time.

Alla salute della famiglia, che ci dà le radici e le ali!

To the well being of the household, that offers us roots and wings!

It is a toast that emphasises the household’s well being. It celebrates the household as a supply of assist and inspiration.

Che l’allegria non ci abbandoni mai, che il sorriso non ci lasci mai!

Might pleasure by no means abandon us, could our smiles by no means go away us.

This toast exalts pleasure and happiness, and is a name to by no means lose one’s optimism. The next phrase is used to specific the identical that means as nicely:

Che questo bicchiere sia come la vita, pieno di gioia e sorrisi!

Might this glass be like life, filled with pleasure and smiles.

For friendship, there’s an awesome expression that states:

Che la nostra amicizia sia come il vino, migliore con il passare degli anni!

Might our friendship be like wine, it will get higher with age!

This type of saying focuses on the bond amongst mates, one thing that, with mutual respect, might be constructed and cultivated to develop into stronger.

Regional Italian consuming phrases

Now it’s time to discover the dialectal kinds used to toast round Italy, and the extra genuine and native methods to have a good time consuming.

Initially, there’s a humorous phrase in Naples that emphasises well being, and it goes like this:

Aiza aiza aiza, Acala acala acala, Accosta accosta accosta, A’ salute nosta.

Increase increase increase, Decrease decrease decrease, Nearer nearer nearer, To our well being.

It’s a loud toast that individuals say with a loud tone of voice. First, they increase their glasses, then decrease them, then lastly clink all of the glasses collectively and drink. It celebrates the well being of all of the individuals current, and is available in a large number of variations.

Chi non batte non sbatte, chi non gira non ghe tira!

He who doesn’t knock, doesn’t make love, he who doesn’t flip, can’t use it.

That is an Italian consuming phrase typical of Veneto in Northern Italy. It encourages you to boost your glass and clink it with these of the opposite individuals current, however earlier than consuming, all the time bear in mind to bang it on the desk and switch it. In any other case, you may be in for some misfortune!

Evviva la salute, u cori e u sangui!

Lengthy reside well being, coronary heart and blood.

It is a Sicilian dialect phrase that exalts the well being of individuals.

Aiut, aiut, aiut, a la vita!

Up, up, up, to life.

This phrase, which celebrates life, is utilized in Piedmont in north-western Italy.

Chin chin, e sa campana sona!

Cheers cheers, and the bell rings.

That is the Milanese dialect option to toast with mates, particularly when having enjoyable.

Saude e s’annos a campai!

Well being and years to reside.

To conclude, let’s transfer to Sardinia, the place the inhabitants are likely to toast with this phrase after they want for higher well being and a protracted life.


As we’ve seen, there’s all kinds of Italian consuming phrases, however what you’ll normally hear when celebrating with Italians are the commonest ones. It’s also true that in Italy individuals like to improvise, and typically, you might hear one thing unknown, however most often, toasting is a fairly easy enterprise.

To conclude, here’s a quote from Carlo Goldoni on toasts. To raise the significance of cheering, he says: “Might we chortle and drink, however this toast is mine, no person takes it from me.”

Che si rida, e che si beva, questo brindisi è mio, nessun me lo leva.

– Carlo Goldoni