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The Alphabet in English: Be taught It With The Finest Suggestions and Sources

The Alphabet in English: Be taught It With The Finest Suggestions and Sources


Spoonful of alphabet soup with pasta shapes A, B, and C

The English alphabet appears easy. But it surely’s not all the time that straightforward!

This put up will make the English alphabet easier with the intention to begin to give attention to English dialog.

Learn on for all the things you want to be taught the alphabet proper now!


Letters of the English Alphabet

Right here is the entire alphabet so as and find out how to identify every letter:

Uppercase letter Lowercase letter Pronunciation
A a Ay (like in “means”)
B b Bee
C c Cee
D d Dee
E e Ee
F f Eff
G g Gee (like in “gee whiz”)
H h Ay-tch
I i Eye
J j Jay
Okay okay Kay
L l Ell
M m Em
N n En
O o Oh
P p Pee
Q q Cue
R r Are
S s Ess
T t Tee
U u You
V v Vee
W w Double-you
X x Ex
Y y Why
Z z Zee

The English alphabet has 26 letters. There are 5 vowels and twenty-one consonants.

The vowels are: A, E, I, O, and U. The letter Y can be a vowel generally.

The consonants are: B, C, D, F, G, H, J, Okay, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, X, Y, and Z.

Normally, each English phrase has a vowel in it. They’ll make lengthy or brief sounds.

Take heed to “The Vowel Music” to be taught in regards to the sounds of English vowels:

Every letter within the alphabet has two kinds. The massive ones are uppercase letters and the small ones are lowercase letters. Although they appear totally different generally, like B/b, they’re the identical letter. Use uppercase for the primary letter in a sentence and for the primary letter in names of individuals and locations.

You’ll really feel extra assured utilizing English after you be taught the alphabet. The alphabet can even assist your English studying abilities.

The best way to Bear in mind the Alphabet

Native English audio system be taught a track to recollect the alphabet. Right here is “The ABC Music”:

Right here is one other enjoyable track that can assist you be taught the English alphabet:

Extra methods to recollect the English alphabet:

  • Make your individual alphabet track. Sing the letters to the music of your favourite track. Or, make a track by your self with the letters of the alphabet.
  • Use phrases to recollect the letters. Attempt to write a narrative with 26 phrases. Every phrase will begin with the subsequent letter of the alphabet. The story doesn’t must make sense!

After breakfast, cats destroyed everything. Fish, games, household items… Jealous okayittens love messes!

The best way to Write the Alphabet

This worksheet will make it easier to be taught to jot down the English alphabet. You may observe uppercase and lowercase letters.

This web site has a unique worksheet. Every letter has small numbers subsequent to it. The numbers let you know find out how to write the letter appropriately.

The best way to Pronounce Every Letter

The letters of the English alphabet can have totally different pronunciations.

They’ll additionally sound totally different if you’re studying American English or British English.

This video tells you find out how to say every letter. The primary time is in a British accent and the subsequent time is in an American accent.

The subsequent video tells you the letter and find out how to pronounce it. It additionally offers you examples of phrases that begin with every letter.

Attempt to discover letters that rhyme with different letters. Which means some letters sound like one another.

For instance:

  • A, J and Okay all finish with the sound “ay”
  • B, C, D, E, G, P, T, V and Z all finish with the sound “ee”
  • Q, U and W all finish with the sound “u”

Listed below are just a few extra letters that sound comparable to one another:

  • F, L, M, N, S and X all begin with a gentle “e” sound
  • Y appears like I, however with a “w” sound originally

You simply have to recollect H, O and R!

You may also make lists to recollect find out how to pronounce the English alphabet. Write just a few phrases that begin with every letter of the alphabet.

Right here is an instance record:

A: Apple, Ape, Artwork

B: Balloon, Growth, Chew

C: Metropolis, Cave, Coat

D: Door, Dive, Dance

E: Eagle, Elephant, Eel

F: Fall, Discover, 4

G: Recreation, Woman, Big

H: Horse, Hand, Hill

I: Ice, Sickness, Fascinating

J: Joke, Jug, Jam

Okay: Child, Hold, Kite

L: Lion, Be taught, Language

M: Mother, Mad, Mouse

N: By no means, Noise, Nap

O: Octopus, Ocean, Order

P: Pink, Park, Panda

Q: Queen, Quail, Give up

R: Rabbit, Learn, Roll

S: Delicate, Tremendous, Unhappy

T: Turtle, Desk, Tall

U: Beneath, Unicorn, Use

V: Vase, Violin, Very

W: Water, Moist, Win

X: Exit, Additional, Axe

Y: Sure, You, Yard

Z: Zebra, Zipper, Zap

Now, attempt to make an inventory with different phrases you realize. Observe saying every phrase.

You’ll begin to see the way in which a letter’s pronunciation adjustments when it’s subsequent to different letters.

For instance, C can sound like Okay, as in cat. Or, C can sound like S, as in cent.

Hold working towards! You’ll slowly turn out to be conversant in find out how to pronounce every letter of the English alphabet.

One other approach to get extra conversant in find out how to pronounce English letters is to make use of flashcards with phrases that use the identical letter however sound totally different. Right here is an instance.

If you wish to make your individual flashcards with phrases you select, strive FluentU.

FluentU is a language studying program that helps you be taught English with actual English-language movies. Each video has subtitles you’ll be able to click on on to see details about a phrase. You may add any phrase to a customized flashcard deck. Each flashcard has textual content, audio, video and a picture.

friends english fluentu hover

By working towards with phrases from actual English movies, you’ll discover ways to converse like a local.


Studying the alphabet is a vital step for studying English. Nice work!

Quickly, you’ll be singing the ABCs like a pure!