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Spanish Expressions with Meter – Lawless Spanish Phrases

Spanish Expressions with Meter – Lawless Spanish Phrases


Spanish Expressions to Put

Meter actually means “to place,” but in addition has a lot of different meanings and is utilized in varied idiomatic expressions. Discover ways to snoop round, go full-speed, and make a fuss with this listing of expressions with meter.

Meter translations

  • to place
  • to put
  • to insert
  • to introduce
  • to slot in
  • to squeeze in
  • so as to add
  • to trigger/make
  • to take a position
  • to wager
  • to contain
  • (sports activities) to attain

Meter expressions

meter a uno a trabajar   to place somebody to work
meter a uno a un oficio   to place somebody to a commerce, apprentice somebody to
mater algo a uno (casual)   to palm s.t. off on s.o., power s.o. to just accept s.t.
meter de contrabando   to smuggle in
meter miedo a uno   to scare somebody
meter la narices   to snoop round, stick one’s nostril in
meter la pata   to place one’s foot in a single’s mouth
meter prisa a uno   to rush somebody
meter ruido   to trigger a stir
meter un lío   to make a fuss, fire up hassle
meter un susto a uno   to place the wind up somebody
a todo meter (casual)   full-speed
¡Métetelo donde te quepa! (vulgar)   Stuff it! Stick it the place the solar do not shine!
No hay quien le meta aquello.   Nobody could make him perceive that.
¿Quién le mete en esto?   Who requested you? What enterprise is it of yours?
meterse a + infinitive   to begin + -ing
meterse a escritor   to turn out to be a author
meterse con uno   to impress somebody, accost somebody
meterse en   to enter, enter
to intrude in
meterse en donde ne le llaman   to meddle, snoop round
meterse en la boca del lobo   to enter the lion’s den (actually, “the wolf’s mouth”)
meterse en la cama   to get in mattress
meterse en lo que no le importa   to intrude in s.o. else’s enterprise
meterse en peligro   to get into hazard
meterse en sí mismo   to withdraw into oneself
meterse en un callejón sin salida   to get right into a jam
meterse monja   to turn out to be a nun

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Expressions with meter