Home Spanish Language Spanish Congnates: The Best Manner To Enhance Your Vocabulary Immediately (With PDF Obtain)

Spanish Congnates: The Best Manner To Enhance Your Vocabulary Immediately (With PDF Obtain)

Spanish Congnates: The Best Manner To Enhance Your Vocabulary Immediately (With PDF Obtain)


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Even when at this time is your first day studying Spanish, you already know loads of Spanish phrases.

Actor, animal, bar, colour, management… You recognize them in English, however they’re in italics right here as a result of they’re all Spanish cognates!

Spanish and English have many such “twins,” and profiting from them will velocity up your Spanish studying significantly.

Let’s have a look at some extra phrases that look precisely (or nearly) the identical in English and Spanish.


What Are Spanish Cognates?

Cognates are phrases that look equivalent or related in two languages and have the identical which means.

English and Spanish have borrowed many phrases from one another. That is useful for English-speaking learners of Spanish (and vice versa)!

Cognates are the simplest option to increase your vocabulary. Only a fast have a look at the phrase, and you understand its which means.

However regardless that they give the impression of being related, there are sometimes some variations in stress and pronunciation.

Watch out for false cognates, although!

Usually known as “false mates,” these are phrases that appear to be cognates however aren’t. We now have a full submit explaining these right here you could try after studying this one.

Most Frequent Spanish Cognates

Good Spanish Cognates

These phrases are spelled precisely the identical manner in English and Spanish. And since they’re cognates, they imply precisely the identical factor too.

The one distinction you may even see in excellent Spanish cognates is the inclusion of an accent mark.

And bear in mind to pay attention for adjustments in pronunciation!

Close to-perfect Spanish Cognates

These near-perfect cognates have very related spelling in each English and Spanish, although they’re not precise matches.

You possibly can most likely nonetheless guess the which means of the phrase simply by wanting on the Spanish kind!

Spanish Verb Cognates

The Spanish verb cognates under even have very related spelling to their English counterparts.

Verb cognates are notably priceless to study as a result of they’re so versatile. They will even develop into adjectives by utilizing the previous participle kind (take away the -ir-er or –ar and add an -ido or -ado).

Studying Spanish verb cognates vastly expands your purposeful vocabulary.

Guidelines and Patterns for Spanish Cognates

Understanding the patterns cognates observe makes it a lot simpler to take an informed guess while you’re undecided of a phrase!

For instance, in the event you aren’t 100% positive say “skilled” in Spanish throughout a dialog, you may say profesional as a result of you understand the Spanish cognate patterns—and on this case, you’d be appropriate.

Listed here are the most typical patterns for Spanish cognates that it is best to decide to reminiscence:

English Ending Spanish Ending English → Spanish
-ant -ante Necessary → importante
-al -al Skilled → profesional
-ar -ar Standard → widespread
-ary -ario Peculiar → ordinario
-ate -ar Activate → activar
-ble -ble Unbelievable → increíble
-ct -cto Good → perfecto
-ic -ico Implausible → fantástico
-id -ido Speedy → rápido
-ify (verbs) -ificar Simplify → simplificar
-ile -il Fragile → frágil
-ism -ismo Organism → organismo
-ist -ista Vacationer → turista
-ity -idad Curiosity → curiosidad
-ive -ivo Efficient → efectivo
-ly -mente Precisely → exactamente
-ment -mento Doc → documento
-nce -ncia Expertise → experiencia
-nt -nte Clever → inteligente
-or -or Writer → autor
-ous -oso Scrumptious → delicioso
-sion -sión Determination → decisión
-tion -ción Exception → excepción
-ony -onia or -onio Ceremony → ceremonia, or matrimony → matrimonio
-ory -io Laboratory → laboratorio
-um -o Museum → museo
-us -o Radius → radio


Studying cognates generally is a cool manner of bettering your Spanish vocabulary with little effort.

And now you’re 94 phrases nearer to turning into a proficient speaker of Spanish!

You too can see these phrases in use and uncover much more Spanish cognates with packages like FluentU. The interactive subtitles allow you to double-check the which means of every phrase in each video you watch, so that you don’t have to fret about “false mates.”

As all the time, glad finding out!