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Sound Extra Fluent in English



At the moment we’re going to speak about 5 methods which you can sound extra fluent and extra like a local speaker. Whereas it’s essential to learn your textbook, it will probably’t at all times train you ways native audio system pronounce phrases to sound extra pure. Typically they don’t pronounce the entire phrase, generally they miss phrases solely. So, studying phrases is a fast, simple, and enjoyable method so that you can advance your English-speaking expertise!


That is one thing that we are saying nearly daily to everybody. You most likely discovered it in your English class as “good morning.” That’s not incorrect, however what I like to show you’re the little methods and hacks that may provide help to sound extra native-like.

If you say, “Good morning,” pronunciation is just not very pure. Native audio system often say, “Goo’ mornin.’” See how we don’t launch the “d” sound absolutely? Attempt to sound this out to your self a number of occasions and see the way it feels.

Additionally, discover that on the finish of “morning” we don’t launch that full “ing” sound. Most frequently, we’ll say, “Goo’ mornin’.’”


This can be a widespread query that you just additionally use nearly daily to everybody. Identical to with “good morning,” pronunciation is vital. We wish to have a pleasant, fluent movement and that implies that we have to stress the careworn phrases: “how” and “you.” We additionally have to not stress the unstressed phrase, which is “are.”

On this case, we’re going to actually say the primary and the final phrases very clearly and strongly. Then, we’ll say the center phrase very weakly. It’ll sound one thing like this, “HOWerYOU?” Discover how that’s completely different from, “How-are-you?” It’s additionally a lot simpler to sound extra fluent.


Subsequent, let’s say you wish to invite somebody to do one thing. You wish to be social and invite a pal or colleague to have a cup of espresso. We don’t often say, “I wish to invite you (to do one thing).” It’s right English, however if you wish to sound like a local speaker, there’s one other approach to ask.

The best way that we frequently ask one another is, “D’ya wanna do somethin’?” Let’s break that down. “Do you” turns into “D’ya,” and “wish to” turns into “wanna.” So it’d look one thing like this:

“D’ya wanna seize a cup of espresso?”


On the opposite aspect of the issues, let’s say you possibly can’t comply with this invitation. As a substitute of claiming, “I can’t” or “no,” which may come throughout as very direct, I like to recommend that you just say, “I’m sorry. I’d like to, however I’ve one other dedication.” So this can be a good method of claiming “no.”


Lastly, while you’re prepared to finish your dialog, don’t simply say, “Bye.” Identical to with saying “no,” that may come off as very direct and never so pleasant. So if you wish to sound extra pleasant and pure, right here’s what you say: “It was so good speaking with you!”

Simply the opposite day, I used to be taking my morning stroll in my neighborhood and I used to be chatting with some neighbors that I noticed out as nicely. I needed to proceed my stroll after a few minutes, so as an alternative of claiming, “Okay, bye!” I mentioned, “It was so good to see you!” or “It was so good chatting!” Each are alternative ways to say, “It was so good speaking with you!”

Many Completely different Methods to Say the Similar Factor

I hope these 5 phrases helped you! Discover how there are alternative ways to say the identical factor. Typically you may sound unnatural, however that’s the way you study! Most native audio system aren’t going to evaluate when you come off as unnatural or clunky. In actual fact, some native audio system can come off unnatural or clunky themselves. Simply be sure you don’t focus in your errors greater than your successes. Simply maintain going, maintain watching, continue to learn, and maintain working towards.

Attempt utilizing a few of these phrases in your day-to-day life! Additionally, take a look at this video for 7 extra examples of pure phrases to make you sound extra fluent, extra like a local speaker. Ensure to additionally subscribe to the e-mail record totally free English suggestions weekly in your inbox. It was so good speaking with you. Thanks for watching and have an exquisite day. Bye for now!