Home French Language Sleep in French: The Final Information of Phrases and Vocabulary [Plus Pronunciation]

Sleep in French: The Final Information of Phrases and Vocabulary [Plus Pronunciation]

Sleep in French: The Final Information of Phrases and Vocabulary [Plus Pronunciation]



Do you know you spend about one third of your time sleeping?

Since sleep is such a major a part of your life, it’s a good suggestion to know methods to speak about it in French.

On this publish, we’ll present you methods to say goodnight, focus on high quality of sleep, speak about sleeping habits and extra in French.


How you can Say Sleep in French

Dormir — To sleep (Verb)

Versus English, the place “sleep” is each a noun and a verb, French has two completely different phrases for sleep. 

The verb dormir will most probably be the phrase that you just’ll see essentially the most when speaking about sleeping in French. It’s used to speak concerning the act of sleeping.

Because it’s a verb, you’ll have to conjugate it in accordance with the topic, tense and temper.

Je dors beaucoup après que je travaille. (I sleep loads after I work.)

As-tu dormi dans mon lit ? (Did you sleep in my mattress?)

Nous allons dormir avant la fête. (We’re going to sleep earlier than the social gathering.)

How you can Conjugate Dormir

Listed here are the conjugations of dormir within the easy current, previous and future tenses:

Le sommeil — Sleep (Noun) 

Le sommeil is the noun model of the phrase and is used to speak about it as sleep itself. 

When you could not see le sommeil used as ceaselessly as dormir, it’s essential to know the distinction and when to make use of them.

Tu as besoin de sommeil(You want some sleep.)

Elle perd le sommeil à trigger du bruit. (She’s shedding sleep due to the noise.)

Le sommeil est le meilleur remède. (Sleep is the most effective drugs.)

Sleep Phrases in French

Fais de beaux rêves — Candy desires

In English, when saying good evening to a member of the family or somebody you care about simply earlier than they fall asleep, a caring method to want them evening is to say “Candy desires!”

In French, “Candy desires” is Fais de beaux rêves.

Bonne nuit. Fais de beaux rêves. (Good evening. Candy desires.)

Dors bien — Sleep effectively

One other method of claiming “Candy desires” in French is Dors bien which interprets instantly into English as “Sleep effectively.”

You need to use this in the identical conditions as Fais de beaux rêves. As in English, the distinction between the 2 phrases is usually associated to private desire.

Je dois travailler demain. C’est l’heure de dormir. Bonne nuit ! (I’ve started working tomorrow. It’s time to sleep. Good evening!)

Dors bien ! (Sleep effectively!) 

S’endormir — To go to sleep

As in English, there are a variety of verbs to explain the completely different levels of sleep in French.

Dormir is used to say “to sleep”; nonetheless, if you wish to say “to go to sleep,” you need to use the reflexive verb s’endormir.

Elle ferme les yeux et s’endort d’habitude avant vingt-trois heures. (She closes her eyes and often falls asleep earlier than 11.)

Faire dodo — To go night-night

Faire dodo is generally utilized in French when speaking to youngsters about going to sleep. Faire means “to do” and dodo is a shortened model of dormir (to sleep).

Faire dodo is like saying the phrases “to go night-night” or “to go to beddy-byes” in English.

Son fils doit faire dodo à vingt heures trente. (Her son must go night-night at 8:30.)

Remark as-tu dormi ? — How did you sleep? 

In lots of nations all over the world, it’s frequent to ask one other particular person how they slept while you greet them within the morning.

In French, the most well-liked method to ask that is to say Remark as-tu dormir ? Observe that this makes use of the casual model of “you.”

Bonjour. Remark as-tu dormi ? (Good morning. How did you sleep?)

Bien/mal dormir — To sleep effectively/badly

When requested Remark as-tu dormi ? (How did you sleep?) the most typical response in each French and English is to say that you’ve slept effectively or badly.

To answer, you want the verb dormir (to sleep) and the adverbs bien (effectively) or mal (badly).

J’ai mal dormi. J’ai fait un cauchemar. (I slept badly. I had a nightmare.)

Dormir d’un sommeil de plomb — To sleep like a stone

In English, if we’ve an excellent deep, uninterrupted sleep with out disruptions, we are saying that we “slept like a log.”

Nevertheless, to explain this sort of sleep in French, you don’t say that you just slept like a log, however as a substitute a stone!

Je suis désolé. Moi, j’ai dormi d’un sommeil de plomb ! (I’m sorry. Me, I slept like a stone!)


As you possibly can see, in French there are numerous completely different phrases used to speak about sleep. If you wish to see a few of these phrases and phrases in motion, strive listening to native audio system as a lot as attainable. 

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Extra Vital Sleep Vocabulary

In addition to figuring out frequent sleep phrases, it’s additionally essential to be taught French sleep vocabulary, comparable to “good evening,” “to go to mattress,” “to stand up early/late” and “an alarm clock.” 


Feeling sleepy but?

Whether or not you’re prepared for a nap now or have a full day forward, you’re now geared up to speak all about sleep in French.

Sleep on, French learners.