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Languages are categorized into households, which means that each one the languages inside a selected household are identified to have or thought to have developed from a typical ancestor.

Language family

For instance, the Romance languages, resembling French, Spanish, Italian and Romanian, all developed from Latin. They’re one department of the Indo-European language household, together with Germanic, Slavic, Celtic, Baltic, Indo-Aryan and different languages. It’s believed that all of them developed from a typical ancestor often called Proto-Indo-European, which has been reconstructed.

Some languages haven’t any identified family members and are often called language isolates. Examples embrace Basque, Ainu and Hadza.

Writing methods may also be categorized into households. For instance the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets all developed from the Phoenician script, which developed from the Proto-Sinaitic / Proto-Canaanite script, which was primarily based on the Historic Egyptian Hieroglyphic and Hieratic scripts.

Language family

In reality, most alphabetic scripts in use immediately come from the identical Historic Egyptian roots, or had been impressed by or primarily based on scripts from these roots.

Generally there’s some debate about which household writings methods belong to, and whether or not they are often thought-about separate scripts, or variants types of one script.

For instance, there are a lot of variants of the Latin script, resembling Roman Cursive, Rustic Capitals, Basque-style lettering, Carolingian Minuscule, Fraktur, Irish Uncial, Merovingian and the Visigothic Script.

There are additionally many various scripts which might be or had been used within the Philippines. Some are thought-about regional variants of the Baybayin / Tagalog script, whereas others are thought-about separate scripts. For instance, variants of Baybayin embrace Badlit, Kulitan and Basahan.

Are they separate scripts, or completely different variations of the Latin/Baybayin script? Does it matter? Who decides?

I’m placing collectively an index of writing methods on Omniglot organized into households. It’s not fairly completed but although.