Home Korean Language Period after beginning (within the final X years): 만에

Period after beginning (within the final X years): 만에

Period after beginning (within the final X years): 만에


만에 is used after time phrases specific the length that has handed after a earlier occasion (specified or implied) has began. It differs from 후에 and 동안 within the following methods:

  • 동안: 3시간 동안 책을 읽었어요 > I learn the e book for 3 hours, however perhaps not all of it
  • 후에: 3시간 후에 책을 읽을 거예요 > After 3 hours I’ll begin studying
  • 만에: 책을 읽기 시작한 지 3시간 만에 다 읽었어요 > I completed your complete e book in 3 hours (after beginning).

점심을 10분 만에 다 먹었어요.
I ate lunch in 10 minutes (after beginning).

Very long time no see (because the final time we met).

출발한 지 3시간 만에 도착했어요.
I arrived 3 hours after departure.

책을 1일 만에 다 읽었어요.
I learn the entire e book in a day (after beginning this morning).

그 영화를 본 것은 2주일 만에 두번째예요.
It’s the second time in two weeks that I’ve seen the film.
(It hasn’t been 2 weeks because the final time).

얼마 만에 한국에 가봤어요?
How lengthy has it been because you final visited Korea?

부모님께 2년 만에 전화하지 않았어요.
I haven’t referred to as my dad and mom in two years.
(It’s been two years because the final telephone name).

결혼한 지 5년 만에 아이를 낳았어요.
I had a child 5 years after I acquired married.

비행기가 이륙한 지 2시간 만에 난기류를 만났어요.
We met with turbulence two hours after the aircraft took off.

5년 만에 회사원의 첫 휴가예요.
It’s the workplace employee’s first trip in 5 years.
(It’s been 5 years because the final trip).

4년 만에 처음이에요.
It’s my first time in 4 years.
(It’s been 4 years because the final time).

이 식당 에 간 것은 1주 만에 두번째예요.
It’s the second time in every week that I’ve been to this restaurant.

저는 2일 만에 잠을 못 잤어요.
I haven’t slept for 2 days.

3년 만에 제가 처음으로 고향에 돌아왔어요.
I got here again to my hometown for the primary time in three years.

우리 몇년만에 보는거예요.
It’s been years since we noticed one another (however we’re seeing one another now).

몇 년 만에 저의 친구를 만나지 않았어요.
I haven’t met my buddy in years (however I met him lately).

달러의 가치는 하루 만에 10percent가 하락했어요.
The worth of the greenback fell 10 p.c in a day.
(It’s been a day because the greenback was 10% greater).

2년 만에 대출을 다 갚았어요.
I paid off my mortgage in two years (and now I’m debt free).

여행을 시작한 지 2시간 만에 차가 고장 났어요.
My automobile broke down two hours after I began my journey.