Home Korean Language On the verge of/to the purpose of: 을 지경이다

On the verge of/to the purpose of: 을 지경이다

On the verge of/to the purpose of: 을 지경이다


A/V + 을 지경이다 is an emphatic expression which means ‘on the verge of’ or ’to the purpose of’. It comes from the hanja phrase for boundary (地境). It’s used to spotlight the extremity of a state of affairs. It’s most frequently used negatively, with verbs of hardship:

샘이 나서 죽을 지경이었어요.
I used to be inexperienced with (dying of) envy.

객차가 너무 더워서 기절할 지경이었어요.
The prepare carriage was so sizzling that I virtually fainted.

아침 식사를 먹는 둥 마는 둥 했더니 점심에 배고파 죽을 지경이었어요.
At lunchtime I used to be ravenous (dying of starvation) as a result of I solely had a number of mouthfuls of breakfast.

목이 말라 죽을 지경이에요. 
I’m dying of thirst.

이 곡을 얼마나 들었는지 말할 수 없을 지경이에요. 
I can’t inform you what number of occasions I listened to this tune.

일이 힘들어 포기할 지경이에요.
That is so laborious I’m about prepared to surrender.

돈이 없어서 라면만 먹어야 할 지경이에요.
I’m going to have eat simply ramen, I’m so broke.

동생이 귀찮아 비명이 날 지경이에요!
My little brother is such a nuisance I might virtually scream!

좀 전에 달리기를 했더니 다리가 너무 아파서 쓰러질 지경이에요.
My legs damage a lot after working that I’m about to faint.

미세 먼지 때문에 숨이 막힐 지경이었어요.
I can barely breathe due to the high quality mud.

사우디의 여름은 더워서 몸이 녹을 지경이에요.
Summer time in Saudi is so sizzling that my physique is about to soften.

코로나바이러스 걱정에  병이 날 지경이에요.
I’m anxious sick in regards to the coronavirus.

숙제가 어려워서 미칠 지경이에요.
The homework is so tough that I’m about to go loopy.

그 사람은 큰 목소리로 통과해서 화가 날 지경이에요.
That man speaking loudly on his telephone is making me mad.

밤새 고양이가 야옹야옹 울어 대서 귀찮을 지경이에요!
The sound of caterwauling all night time is so annoying!