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My FIRE French Rap Playlist

My FIRE French Rap Playlist


In search of some fireplace French rap hits? Look no additional than my FrenchCrazy French Rap Playlist. I’ve been an enormous fan of the French rap scene during the last 10+ years and my mates already know that after they enter my automotive I’m going to be blasting French rap (trigger I’m bizarre like that).

Earlier than, Spotify I amassed almost 400 French rap songs on my iPhone. However I discovered Spotify to be an effective way to department out from songs I loved into listening to different related songs. Since Spotify is a Swedish firm, they don’t shrink back from having French music on their platform. The identical songs are troublesome to search out in Apple’s music store for US prospects probably attributable to licensing agreements.

FrenchCrazy French Rap Playlist

< Hearken to the Frenchcrazy French Rap Playlist right here >

The playlist is continually up to date with new music and I might suggest that you just shuffle the songs as they’re in no explicit order.

Listed below are some choose few French rap songs on this playlist:

Zipette – Ninho

This rap tune begins off mild however a blasting bass throughout the center of the tune and refrain make it an automated winner. Oh course Ninho speaks of promoting a white-appearing drug whereas on a snow cell surrounded a snowy panorama and ski-masks people weilding white AK-47s. What extra might you need from a rap tune?

A notable line of the tune:

Devant les keufs, j’suis blanc comme neige, j’suis blanc comme zipette.

In entrance of the cops, I’m white as snow, I’m white like a line of cocaine.

Σ. MOROSE – Damso

This tune by Damso truly took the French rap scene by storm. Glorious rapping by the Belgian Damso ends with a hearth saxophone solo.

Pilote – PLK that includes Hamza

PLK and Hamza come collectively on just a few tracks, one notable one being Pilote. For the music video the duo is decked out in luxurious clothes rushing by Paris at night time in a Porsche Macan GTS.

Glaive – Booba

Brief and candy, Booba at all times delivers. If you’re fascinated with a heavy, masculine model of rap then he could be one to take a look at along with rappers comparable to Kaaris or Niska. 

These are simply among the songs in your entire French Rap playlist. Go take a look at the full playlist on Spotify.

Be at liberty to take a look at our Frenchcrazy French Music web page or Frantastique to assist your self study French on-line.

Blissful listening.