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Mark Your Tamil Calendar For These 5 Vital Occasions!

Mark Your Tamil Calendar For These 5 Vital Occasions!


Let me inform you a narrative about my previous Tamil neighbors. Each few weeks, with out fail, they might knock on my door with a smile on their face and a dish of their palms. I all the time knew that this meant that it was time for an additional festive event on their Tamil calendar (Tamiḻ nāṭkāṭṭi or தமிழ் நாட்காட்டி). As for me, I used to be very happy to partake of their scrumptious choices!

Their generosity all the time struck me, and it received me interested by their traditions and customs. That’s after I discovered in regards to the Tamil calendar, which is predicated on the Panchang (Pañcāṅkamபஞ்சாங்கம்), a classical Hindu photo voltaic calendar utilized in a number of areas throughout India. Studying about it might be a useful language-learning expertise for you too. Let’s go over that and extra in at present’s put up!

What Is A Tamil Calendar?

For many who are usually not accustomed to the Panchang, it’s primarily a instrument used to calculate the positions of the solar (Cūriyaṉசூரியன்), moon (Nilāநிலா), and planets (Kirakaṅkaḷகிரகங்கள்) within the sky. It’s a complicated system that’s used to mark essential dates and occasions, together with spiritual holidays, auspicious events, wedding ceremony days, and even farming seasons.

As I delved deeper into the Tamil calendar, I noticed what nice significance and religion it holds amidst the Tamil neighborhood. This each day calendar is not only a instrument for marking dates, but it surely’s additionally deeply intertwined with Tamilian tradition and custom. It’s a lifestyle, a manner of connecting with their previous and current.

Regardless of technological advances and the trendy world, many Hindus nonetheless comply with the Panchang to mark essential events and occasions. Other than Tamil Nadu in South India, this each day calendar can be utilized in numerous states of India, like Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, Manipur, Nepal, Odisha, Rajasthan, and Punjab. Past Indian borders, it’s adopted by the Tamilians in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore too.

Tamil calendar

How Does The Tamil Calendar Work?

The Tamil calendar follows a 60-year cycle that can be very historical and is noticed by most conventional calendars of India and China. That is associated to five 12-year revolutions of Jupiter across the Solar and one which provides as much as 60 years and the orbit of stars that are referred to as Nakshatras or Naṭcattiraṅkaḷ (நட்சத்திரங்கள்).

The calendar consists of twelve months, and every month is split into two elements, often known as Paksham. It begins with the month of Chittirai (சித்திரை), which normally falls in mid-April, and ends with Panguni (பங்குனி), someplace in mid-March. The calendar is used not solely to mark essential days and occasions but additionally to comply with spiritual traditions.

Days Of The Week In Tamil

Wish to impress native audio system? Listed below are the fundamental terminologies associated to the times of the week in Tamil.

Months In Tamil

It’s not sufficient that you recognize the phrases for days, proper? Let’s broaden your data additional by paying attention to the translations for the months in Tamil beneath.

Tamil calendar

Seasons In Tamil

Planning your journey? Listed below are the Tamil phrases it is advisable to know if you wish to go to throughout a selected season.

Vital Dates To Bear in mind

A few of the most essential events marked by the Tamil calendar embody:


Poṅkal (பொங்கல்) is crucial pageant celebrated in Tamil Nadu and marks the beginning of the Tamil month. It’s a four-day pageant that honors the solar god with nice fervor.

Tamil New Yr

Often known as Puthandu (Putiya āṇṭuபுதிய ஆண்டு), the Tamil New Yr falls on the primary day of the Tamil month of Chittirai, which normally falls in mid-April. It’s marked with feasts, particular prayers, and performances.

Tamil calendar - traditional candles

Deepavali/ Deepawali/ Diwali

Often known as the Competition of Lights, Tīpāvaḷi (தீபாவளி) is a serious Hindu spiritual pageant. This five-day pageant is widely known in Oct-Nov and marks the triumph of fine over evil with a show of fireworks, lighting lamps, and particular prayers.


Taippūcam (தைப்பூசம்) is a Hindu pageant that honors Lord Murugan (Murukaṉமுருகன்), the son of Lord Shiva (Civaperumāṉசிவபெருமான்) and is marked within the month someplace round January or February.


Navarāttiri (நவராத்திரி) is a nine-day pageant that honors the goddess Durga (Turkā tēviதுர்கா தேவி). It’s celebrated twice a 12 months and is marked by fasting, prayer, and the worship of the goddess.

Tamil calendar - religious set

Wrapping Up

The Tamil calendar performs an important function in preserving the cultural and conventional values of the Tamil individuals. It serves as a method of commemorating important occasions and sustaining a deep reference to their wealthy historical past and heritage. Past its sensible perform, the Tamil calendar is a testomony to the colourful and energetic tradition of the Tamil neighborhood.

I’m grateful for having discovered about this precious cultural artifact, and it fills me with a way of delight to be part of a society that celebrates its previous so vibrantly. The following time I’m invited to benefit from the hospitality of my Tamil neighbors, I’ll relish each chunk of their scrumptious meals, aware of its cultural significance.

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