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Language Trade Questions: Tipping (팁)

Language Trade Questions: Tipping (팁)


I made a decision to apply translation by taking these questions from elsewhere and giving them a Korean twist…

일반적으로 팁을 줍니까?
Do you often tip?

팁으로 돈을 얼마나 줘요? / 팁으로 얼만큼의 돈을 줘요?
How a lot do you tip?

사람들 마다 팁을 주는 금액이 달라야 해요?
Ought to individuals get completely different suggestions in response to who they’re?

영국에서는 전체 금액의 15percent에 해당하는 팁을 주는 것이 일반적이다. 한국에서는 팁을 얼마나 주어야 할까?
Within the UK it’s common to depart a tip equal to fifteen% of the overall calculation. How a lot ought to I tip in Korea?

팁 문화가 흔한가요?
Is there a tipping tradition (the place you might be)?

왜 팁을 남겨 두는 게 중요합니까?
Why is it essential to depart suggestions?

어떤 직업군들이 팁에 의존하는가?
Which teams of staff depend on suggestions?

 팁을 받을만 하지 않은 사람에게 팁을 남기겠어요?
Would you tip somebody who didn’t deserve it?

가장 많이 팁을 줬던 금액이 얼마에요?
What’s the most important tip that you simply’ve left?

가장 많이 받았던 팁이 얼마에요?
What’s the most important tip you’ve acquired?

팁을 주는 것이 언제 필요한가요?
When is it needed to present a tip?

팁을 주는 게 불편해요? 왜요?
Does tipping make you’re feeling uncomfortable? Why?

어떤 경우에 팁을 줄 필요가 없어요?
Wherein circumstances is tipping not needed?