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Have you ever ever been to a kiki? Should you stay in Florida or Hawaii, perhaps you could have. The remainder of us, in all probability not.

In accordance with a publish on Crossword Solver about slang phrases within the USA, kiki is the most well-liked slang phrase amongst members of Gen-Z (these born between about 1997 and 2012) in Florida or Hawaii.

Gen-Z slang

The City Dictionary defines kiki as:

A celebration together with good music and good buddies, held for the specific function of calming nerves, decreasing anxiousness and stress and usually combating ennui. Might contain locked doorways, tea and salacious gossip.

Appears like enjoyable! Extra particulars in regards to the origin of this phrase.

One other slang phrase in style with Gen-Z that I’ve by no means heard of is finna, which apparently is an abbreviation of “fixing to” and means “going to” or “about to or within the strategy of doing one thing”. For instance “I’m finna go da’ sto” (I’m going to go to the shop) [source]. Extra particulars in regards to the origin of this phrase.

Then there’s poggers, which is seemingly in style in California and Iowa and means:

A twitch emote sometimes used to precise enthusiasm, enthrawlment or different subtle feelings of happiness and dopamine.

Different definitions embrace: “a phrase to explain pleasure, pleasure, or to hype”, “A phrase to explain one thing nearly as good” and “one thing/somebody that you simply discover completely wonderful” [source]. The associated phrase pog is seemingly “used as an exclamation of approval, particularly in online game chat” and means “glorious, cool, superior” [source].

An emote is “A time period utilized in MMORPG’s akin to World of Warcraft which describes an motion your character can carry out which is often accompanied by sound and typically even an animation”. Examples embrace /poke, /cheer, /moo and /insult [source].

Have you ever heard/learn any of those phrases? Do you utilize any of them?