Home Japanese Language Japanese for Procuring: 59 Important Phrases and Expressions for Shopping for What You Need

Japanese for Procuring: 59 Important Phrases and Expressions for Shopping for What You Need

Japanese for Procuring: 59 Important Phrases and Expressions for Shopping for What You Need


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Japan is legendary world-over for its wild, over-the-top style sense.

Even for those who don’t essentially wish to purchase garments, touring screws together with your plans—you might want to purchase a brand new shirt or some socks in a pinch.

Don’t overlook to be taught some procuring vocabulary earlier than you head to Japan!

This information will take you thru necessary procuring expressions in Japanese, from asking inquiries to paying and getting a refund.


Procuring Verbs in Japanese

The place You Go Procuring in Japanese

Essential Japanese Fee Phrases

Discussing Procuring Gadgets in Japanese

To recollect these vocabulary, strive listening to the audio first then repeating it and even making flashcards.

As an example, FluentU’s Japanese studying program helps you to create interactive flashcards for procuring phrases and expressions. Every flashcard comes with audio, instance sentences and even Japanese video clips that present you the way these phrases are utilized in context.   

The phrases above are used continuously, so that they’re undoubtedly price studying—you’ll hear them time and again, whether or not you’re learning the language or staying in Japan!

What to Anticipate on the Store

When coming into any store or office in Japan, you’ll usually be greeted with “Welcome!” or いらっしゃいませ !

The store assistant may also ask:

何をお探しですか? (なにをおさがしですか?)
Are you in search of something specifically?

You possibly can then specify what you might be in search of, equivalent to 帽子です  (hats).

Alternatively you possibly can say:

いえ、見ているだけです。 (いえ、みているだけです。)
No, I’m simply wanting.

Going to a Explicit Garments Part

For those who’re in a division retailer and also you’re in search of the feminine clothes part, you should use any of those questions:

婦人服売り場はどちらですか? (ふじんふくうりばは どちらですか?)
The place is the feminine clothes part? 

You possibly can substitute 婦人服売り場 with 紳士服売り場 for males’s clothes. 

In different kinds of shops, you should use these vocabulary for the garments sections as a substitute:

Searching for Garments

As soon as you realize the dimensions or shade of garments you need, it’s comparatively easy to ask for it. For instance:

この服のMサイズはありますか? (このふくの えむさいずは ありますか?)
Do you’ve this in medium?

この色違いで、赤はありますか? (このいろちがいで、あかはありますか?)
Do you’ve this in purple?

Typically our specific measurement or the colour we would like isn’t accessible, and the assistant will say:

申し訳ございません。ただいま売り切れております。 (もうしわけございません。ただいまうりきれております。) 
I’m actually sorry, however it’s at the moment out of inventory.

こちらの店舗では売りきれておりますが、別の近くの店舗にはございます。 (こちらのてんぽでは うりきれておりますが、べつのちかくの てんぽには ございます。)
That is out of inventory in our store, however it’s nonetheless in inventory at a close-by store.

Making an attempt On Garments

As soon as you discover garments you want, you possibly can examine their match by asking:

Afterwards, the gross sales assistant may name out and ask you:

How is it?

サイズの方はいかがですか? (さいずのほうはいかがですか?)
How is the dimensions?

For those who want a special measurement you should use the sentence we already find out about asking for specific sizes. The assistant will then reply:

ただいま、お持ち致します。 (ただいま、おもちいたします。)
Wait a second and I’ll convey it for you.

Asking Questions About Garments

Japanese Phrases for Paying

Whenever you take your garments to the cashier she is going to scan them and provide the complete quantity. For instance:

一万円になります。 (いちまんえんになります。)
That can be 10,000 yen please.

In reply to this you possibly can say:

ありがとうございます。カードで払っていいですか? (ありがとうございます。かーどで はらって いいですか?)
Thanks, it’s okay to pay by card?

Or alternatively:

ありがとうございます。現金で払っていいですか? (ありがとうございます。げんきんで はらって いいですか?)
Thanks, it’s okay to pay by money?

Coming Again for a Refund

The gross sales assistant will merely reply:

Okay, I perceive.


After you have been procuring just a few instances, and have used the information above, you’ll shortly develop into a grasp at garments procuring and may have developed your Japanese in a key space which is important for each day life in Japan!