Home Korean Language I’ve been V-ing till now: 아/어/해 왔다

I’ve been V-ing till now: 아/어/해 왔다

I’ve been V-ing till now: 아/어/해 왔다


V + 아/어/해 왔어요 is an auxiliary verb sample that exhibits that you’ve got been doing one thing constantly up till the current. Notice that there’s normally an area between the primary verb and 왔어요:

저의 가장 좋은 친구가 서울에서 자라 왔어요.
My finest buddy was born and bred in Seoul.

저는 테크노를 들으며 자라 왔어요.
I’ve grown up listening to techno.

이 일을 해 왔어요.
I’ve been doing this job till now.

이제까지 한국어를 열심히 공부해 왔어요.
I’ve been learning Korean diligently till now.

어릴 때부터 피아노를 쳐 왔어요.
I’ve been taking part in the piano since I used to be younger.

지난 2년 동안 봉사 활동을 해 왔어요.
I’ve been doing volunteer work for the previous two years.

그 학생은 늘 지각해 와요.
That scholar is all the time late for college (he has been up till now).

외국 친구들 중 일부는 한국에서 오랫동안 살아왔어요.
A few of my international pals have been dwelling in Korea for a very long time.

미국은 한국의 역사에 중요한 역할을 해 왔어요.
America has performed an necessary function in Korean historical past.

힘든 생활을 해 왔어요.
I’m having a tough time (I’ve had a tough time till now).

항상 일등석을 타고 여행을 해 왔어요.
I’ve all the time traveled top quality.

직원들이 여러 주 동안 과로를 해 왔어요.
The workers have been overworked for weeks.

교통사고를 당했을 때부터 어깨가 아파 왔어요.
My shoulder has been hurting since I used to be in a automotive accident.