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Italian Phrase of the Day: Squillo (ring)

Italian Phrase of the Day: Squillo (ring)


The Italian phrase squillo is a masculine noun that usually interprets as ring (or “ringing sound”) but in addition buzz or jingle relying on the gadget producing the sound. It derives from the verb squillare which suggests, you guessed it, “to ring”. It’s usually utilized in reference to the sound made by a phone (telefono), doorbell (campanello) or trumpet (tromba).

italian word squillo

Squillo is a masculine noun however as a result of it begins with sq-, it should take the next particular and indefinite articles:

  • lo squillo = the ring
  • gli squilli = the rings
  • uno squillo = a hoop
  • (degli) squilli = (some) rings

The expression “fare uno squillo”

I need to take a second to speak concerning the quite common expression fare uno squillo. Actually, it means “to provide (somebody) a name/ring” however for the reason that creation of cellphones, it has come to imply “I’ll let the cellphone ring a couple of times and I don’t anticipate you to choose up or for us to speak”. It’s nearly like saying “I’ll provide you with a missed name”.

Again when cellphones first arrived on the scene, making calls might be costly, so the helpful squillo turned the right method to ask a buddy to name you again or to allow them to know you might be “in your method”. I’d usually do that with my husband, as he had a set month-to-month plan that by no means ran out of minutes whereas I used to be on a dear pay-as-you-go plan.

Ti faccio uno squillo quando arrivo!

I’ll provide you with a hoop (after which dangle up) once I arrive!

Man looking at his smartphone

And what concerning the phrase for name lady in Italian? Properly, it occurs to be ragazza squillo!