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Ineffective Unicorn Umbrellas earlier than Remaining EFL Exams

Ineffective Unicorn Umbrellas earlier than Remaining EFL Exams


Ineffective Unicorn Umbrella
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A unicorn is a legendary animal.

A unicorn can be one thing fascinating that is tough to acquire.

There’s a persistent fantasy within the weeks previous a nationwide matriculation examination. Like a unicorn, this fantasy represents one thing the scholars need however discover it to be an elusive purpose, as a result of it doesn’t exist!

I’m certain you’ve heard the hooves of a unicorn passing by your classroom presently of yr as effectively.

This fantasy goes like this:

The scholars imagine that in the course of the only a few classes that we even have after the winter holidays (these valuable classes that weren’t canceled because of additional math classes) and earlier than the Nationwide Winter Matriculations, I’ll impart MAGICAL info that can allow my college students to ace their exams.  Some secret information which they appear to assume I’ve withheld from them till now.

Sorry to disappoint you, college students.

Now they’re the other way up… Naomi’s Photographs

I inform my Deaf and laborious -of -hearing twelfth graders that they need to be pleased with themselves. This nationwide examination is the ultimate part of their total grade and their earlier achievements on the simpler sections matter an awesome deal – they’ve come a great distance.

I remind them to return on time and fall asleep early earlier than the examination (I remind myself to deliver pens, all the time wanted!).

I level out that there are two dates for repeat exams.

There are many issues for us to evaluate earlier than an examination, however there are no golden guidelines or surefire ideas hiding below this unicorn umbrella, ready to be launched on the final second.

Sorry college students.

Go away, unicorn, I do know you’ll be again in Could.

Have you ever additionally heard hoofbeats over the last classes earlier than a significant examination?