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Indicators That Are Shut… However Not the Identical — Meals

Indicators That Are Shut… However Not the Identical — Meals


By Brenda Cartwright
Wednesday, March 29, 2023

This text is written by Brenda Cartwright (BC). Brenda is a seasoned interpreter, a grasp instructor and a well-known creator. BC additionally contributes quite a few weblog articles for Signing Savvy. Search for them on the “Articles” tab on our web site.

This text is a part of our “Indicators That Are Shut… However Not the Identical” collection, which highlights indicators that look related, however have completely different meanings.

The ASL indicators proven beneath look related, however should not the identical. There are various ASL indicators that when produced look related, however in truth have a very completely different that means. Beneath you can see examples of such indicators. Watch carefully to see should you can see the variations. As well as, watch my eyebrows, look to see once I tilt my head or lean my physique in a sure method, even what my mouth is doing. These nuances are referred to as inflections and belief me, inflections matter.

These examples are all meals indicators.

1. Breakfast vs. Lunch vs. Dinner

BREAKFAST, LUNCH, and DINNER are all compound indicators that begin with the signal for EAT.

2. Tender Drink vs. Tea vs. Vote

SOFT DRINK, TEA, and VOTE all have the dominant hand, palm down, begin within the F handshape and do motion on prime of the non-dominant O handshape.

  • SOFT DRINK has the dominant hand within the F handshape go inside the highest of the non-dominant hand after which the dominant hand pulls up and adjustments to the 5 handshape after which slaps again down. Consider the highest of a comfortable drink bottle popping off and pushing it again on.
  • TEA has the dominant hand make a round movement across the inside rim of the non-dominant hand. Consider swirling a tea bag round in a mug.
  • VOTE has the dominant hand within the F handshape faucet down into the non-dominant hand twice. Consider putting a poll into the voting field.

3. Apple vs. Onion

APPLE and ONION each have the X handshape, palm down, twist two instances.

  • APPLE is shaped on the cheek. Bear in mind the signal is shaped on the cheek by pondering of an apple a day giving your cheeks a wholesome glow.
  • ONION is shaped by the nook of your eye. Bear in mind the signal is shaped subsequent to your eye by pondering of onions making your eyes water.

4. Water vs. Wine

WATER and WINE each have the dominant W handshape, with the palm dealing with the non-dominant facet of the physique, by the face.

  • WATER is shaped beneath the decrease lip and faucets two instances. Bear in mind it’s signed close to the mouth as a result of that’s the place you drink water.
  • WINE is shaped on the facet of your cheek and makes a small round motion two instances. Bear in mind it’s signed by the cheek since consuming wine could make your cheeks rosy.

5. Eggs vs. Easter

EGGS and EASTER have each arms, with the palms down, begin collectively after which transfer aside two instances. You’ll be able to bear in mind this motion as a result of it’s like cracking an egg. EGGS makes use of the H handshape, whereas EASTER makes use of the E handshape.

6. Turkey vs. Soiled vs. Pig

The indicators for TURKEY, DIRTY, and PIG are every shaped with the dominant hand, palm down, beneath the chin.

  • TURKEY makes use of the G handshape and makes a wiggling motion. Consider a turkey’s wattle and bear in mind to make use of the G handshape by pondering of a turkey going “Gobble Gobble.”
  • DIRTY makes use of the 5 handshape and wiggles the fingers. Consider your hand being soiled and wiggling your fingers to have the dust fall off.
  • PIG makes use of the bent B handshape and bends down two instances. You’ll be able to bear in mind this signal as a result of it’s just like DIRTY, and PIGS prefer to get DIRTY within the mud.

7. Corn on the Cob vs. Sandwich vs. Picnic

CORN ON THE COB, SANDWICH, and PICNIC use each arms on the mouth.

  • CORN ON THE COB has the arms, with the palms dealing with one another, within the bent 3 handshape, transfer back and forth. Consider consuming CORN ON THE COB.
  • SANDWICH has the arms, with the palms dealing with one another, within the bent C handshape, come towards the mouth. Consider holding and consuming a SANDWICH.
  • PICNIC has the arms on prime of one another (dominant hand on prime), with the palms down, within the bent B handshape. You could consider consuming meals whereas on a PICNIC.

8. Hamburger vs. Cheeseburger

HAMBURGER and CHEESEBURGER look related as a result of they each embody the signal for HAMBURGER. Nonetheless, CHEESEBURGER is a compound signal merging CHEESE + HAMBURGER.

9. French Fries vs. 99

Each FRENCH FRIES and 99 have a double motion whereas utilizing the dominant hand within the F handshape. FRENCH FRIES has the palm ahead, whereas 99 has the palm down.

You’ll be able to bear in mind the palm orientation of 99 as a result of it follows the sample of all of the double quantity indicators.

10. Cookie vs. Pie

COOKIE and PIE each have the dominant hand in motion on prime of the non-dominant open B handshape.

  • COOKIE has the dominant hand in a bent 5 handshape, with the palm down, contact the non-dominant palm, raise and twist, after which come down to the touch the palm once more. Consider utilizing a COOKIE cutter to chop COOKIE dough.
  • PIE has the dominant hand within the open B handshape, with the palm sideways, slice in a single course after which slice within the different course. Consider slicing a bit of PIE.

11. Favourite vs. Style vs. Fortunate

FAVORITE, TASTE, and LUCKY all begin with the open 8 handshape, thumb prolonged, and palm in direction of your physique, close to the underside of your face.

  • TASTE faucets the decrease lip. Bear in mind TASTE is signed on the decrease lip by pondering of getting meals in your lip as you style it.
  • FAVORITE faucets the chin. You’ll be able to bear in mind the signal for FAVORITE is just like the signal for TASTE since you like to TASTE your FAVORITE meals. Simply faucet the chin as a substitute of the decrease lip.
  • LUCKY touches the chin after which twists out. Bear in mind the motion by pondering of being LUCKY due to a accident.

How can I determine the distinction between indicators alone?

For those who see two indicators that look shut, however not the identical, and also you’re undecided, chances are you’ll use Signing Savvy options that will help you determine the distinction. All of our indicators have signal descriptions and reminiscence aids that members could entry. Studying the signal description and reminiscence aids for the indicators will assist you determine the small variations between them that your eyes don’t catch at first. We additionally suggest utilizing the pause and gradual movement function to decelerate the video, so chances are you’ll take a more in-depth look. These options can be found to Signing Savvy members.

Concerning the Creator

Brenda CartwrightBrenda Cartwright is a seasoned interpreter, a grasp instructor, well-known presenter, and creator of a number of finest promoting signal language and decoding textbooks from the RID Press. For 35 years Brenda was the Chair of the Signal Language Interpreter Program at Lansing Neighborhood School in Lansing, Michigan.

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