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Ietsiepietsie – Omniglot Weblog


I learnt a cute Dutch phrase right now – ietsiepietsie. It means slightly, slightly bit, teeny tiny or a teeny tiny bit, and can also be written ietsie pietsie, ietsje pietsje or ietsjepietsje [source].

Itsy Bitsy Katydid

You could possibly additionally translate it as itsy-bitsy, itty-bitty or teensy weensy Have you learnt any related expressions in English or different languages.


It’s a reduplication* of ietsje (considerably, slightly bit), a diminutive model of iets [its] (one thing, something), which comes from the Center Dutch iet (one thing, something, to any diploma, slightly, considerably, typically, maybe), a contraction of iewet, from the Previous Dutch *iowiht, from the Proto-Germanic *ne (not) plus io (ever) plus *wiht, from *wihtą (factor) [source].

*Reduplication is “a morphological course of through which the foundation or stem of a phrase (or a part of it) and even the entire phrase is repeated precisely or with a slight change.” They’re not quite common in Dutch. Different examples embody taaitaai (gingerbread), tamtam (fanfare, grapevine) and bla-bla (blah-blah, speak) [source].

They’re extra frequent in English. Examples embody easy-peasy, hoity-toity, hurdy-gurdy, raggle-taggle, tut-tut, chit-chat and knick-knack [source].