Home Korean Language Have Enjoyable Studying These 20+ English To Thai Phrases!

Have Enjoyable Studying These 20+ English To Thai Phrases!

Have Enjoyable Studying These 20+ English To Thai Phrases!


A European buddy of mine was just lately recounting her journey to Thailand, and her tales left me completely amused. She was pleasantly shocked to see so many Gen Z Thai folks utilizing much more English phrases of their conversations.

Properly, I, being an Asian, wasn’t baffled to know this, not like her. However I do see her level. For her, such unrestrained use of English to Thai phrases was spectacular, particularly when utilized in between Thai sentences. Her “I needed to double-check if I had teleported to an English-speaking nation!” cracked me up! However her story made me surprise in regards to the affect of the English language in virtually each Southeast Asian language. Need to know what I discovered? Learn on beneath!

English Phrases’ Foray Into Thai

English reigns throughout the globe and has proliferated in lots of areas all over the world. It has borrowed phrases from a lot of totally different languages over the course of time, together with French, Latin, and German, for instance, and it has additionally contributed phrases to different languages — Thai isn’t any exception to this phenomenon.

As a result of lengthy historical past of colonization in lots of Asian international locations, most Southeast Asian languages lately carry a lot of loanwords from European ones. Thai has borrowed many phrases from the English language, notably lately. This development is especially noticeable among the many youthful era of Thais, who use English phrases and phrases extra typically of their every day conversations. It’s common to listen to phrases like “I’m sorry,” “excuse me,” and “thanks” in on a regular basis Thai conversations.

English to Thai words

English Loanwords Used In Thai

Thai is an enchanting language that has been formed by a wide range of cultural and linguistic influences over the centuries. Let’s get to know the precise Thai terminologies which are believed to be loaned from the English language.

Emergence Of Tinglish

Regionally, there may be an rising use of Tinglish, which means a mixture of Thai and English phrases, in conversations. It’s a reflection of the affect of English on the Thai language. It’s fascinating to listen to the distinctive mix of those two in a sentence. For instance, ‘I like you นะ (na) or ‘I like you, na‘ is a phrase generally used amongst Thai youth to precise affection to their family members.

Whereas the usage of English in Thai conversations is changing into extra frequent, it’s important to notice that there’s a distinction between English loanwords utilized in Thai and English phrases spoken utilizing Thai tones. To a local English speaker, these phrases spoken utilizing Thai tones may not be recognizable in any respect. For instance, the phrase “bus” in Thai seems like “baht,” and “tea” seems like “cha.” It may be fairly complicated for a foreigner to listen to and pronounce these phrases spoken in Thai. To them, it would as properly be a local Thai phrase.

Borrowed English Phrases Vs. English Thai Phrases

Essentially the most primary distinction between Tinglish and loanwords is that the latter retain their unique English dictionary which means. For example, in Tinglish, the phrase ‘fairly’ (Phrít dtîiพริตตี้) carries the which means ‘trend mannequin’ amongst locals. So, a sentence utilizing this phrase will sound like this: Phrít dtîi thîi ngaan maaw dtôoe shoo sǔuai mâak, which means ‘Fashions on the auto present are very lovely.’ So, the phrase ‘fairly’ on this context is pretty much as good as a Thai phrase!

Nevertheless, a loanword like chocolate (chxkh ko læt – ช็อคโกแล็ต) or ice cream (xịṣ̄ khrīm – ไอศครีม) will retain its which means when utilized in a sentence, for instance, C̄hạn xyāk kin xị ṣ̄okay rīm chxkh ko læt (I need to eat a chocolate ice cream).

English to Thai words - toilet sign

Listing Of English To Thai Phrases

#1 Health – ฟิตเนส (Fít-nèet)

Thais use this phrase to say ‘gymnasium.’ For instance, C̄hạn mị̀ chxb pị fitnes̄ thuk wạn, which means ‘I don’t like going to the gymnasium every single day.’

#2 Chill – ชิล (Chil)

Nowadays, ‘chill’ carries the identical which means the world over: to sit back out, particularly after Netflix adopted it in its tagline. It’s the identical right here. chi ll̒ kạn t̄hexa means ‘come, let’s chill collectively.’

#3 Verify-Invoice – เช็คบิล (Chĕkh Bil)

Thais use each these phrases collectively – making it a Thai phrase – to ask for a test in a restaurant. For instance, you’ll be able to say Khuṇ ch̀wy xeā chĕkh bil mā h̄ı̂ c̄hạn dị̂ h̄ịm which means, ‘are you able to carry me the test, please?’

#4 Over – โอเวอร์ (Oo-Vôoe)

Right here, the time period ‘over’ is used to indicate extra. For instance, Yàa phûut jaa oo-vôoe bpai nàauy looei means ‘don’t over exaggerate.’

#5 Match – ฟิต (Fít)

The time period match is used to convey ‘too tight’ when used colloquially. For example, Mạn match keinpị carries the which means ‘it’s too tight.’

English to Thai words - girl trying pants

#6 In-Development – อินเทรนด์ (In-Treen)

There isn’t any such phrase within the English dictionary as ‘in development.’ Nevertheless, domestically, this Thai phrase means stylish or fashionable. For instance, Thais could say one thing like Txn nī̂ s̄ī dæng kảlạng xin the rnd̒ ley, which means ‘purple is sort of stylish lately.’

#7 Homosexual – เกย์ (Gee)

In English, ‘homosexual’ means pleased in addition to a gay man. Nevertheless, Thais use it to imply homosexuals throughout genders. An instance of that is Xæ n pĕn key̒ (Anne is homosexual).

#8 Inอิน (In)

In an English dictionary, ‘in’ is a preposition. Nevertheless, Thais use it to imply ‘being into one thing.’ For instance, you’ll be able to say Ch̀wng nī̂ c̄hạn xin kạb dntrī thịy means ‘I’m into Thai music lately.’

#9 Wave – เวฟ (Wéep)

The Thais shorten the time period ‘microwave’ and use it as a verb. The sentence ‘Heat this within the microwave for 1 minute after taking it out from the fridge’ can sound like lǎng jàak nam àawk jàak dtûu yen hâi aao bpai wéep nùeng naa thi.

Need To Study Extra?

The rising use of English phrases in Thai conversations is a mirrored image of its affect on the native tradition. All in all, this can be a fascinating subject and is one thing value exploring additional. Need to study extra in regards to the Thai language and its intricacies? I’ve the right platform for you! Learn on beneath to seek out out what that’s.

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