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Furthermore, moreover: 는 데다가 | My Korean Ramblings

Furthermore, moreover: 는 데다가 | My Korean Ramblings


A/V/N + 는 데다가 provides further info, very like ‘furthermore’ or ‘moreover’. The 2 concepts ought to be about the identical topic, and may each be constructive or each damaging. A conclusion or result’s usually added (just like utilizing 그래서):

V + 은/는 데다가 (for previous and current respectively)

그 남자는 엄격하게 다이어트를 한 데다가 아침마다 달리기도 해서 살이 많이 빠졌어요.
He misplaced a whole lot of weight as a result of he went on a strict weight-reduction plan and in addition ran each morning.

지난 주에는 스트레스를 엄청 받은 데다가 몸도 아파서 병원에 다녀왔어요.
I went to the hospital final week as a result of I used to be underneath a whole lot of stress – I used to be additionally sick.

준영씨는 영어를 잘 하는 데다가 노래도 잘 불러서 동료 사이에서 인기가 있어요.
Jun-young is fashionable along with her colleagues as a result of he speaks English effectively and sings effectively too.

집안일을 해야하는 데다가 딸을 수영장에 데려 가야 해서 영화를 보러 갈 시간이 없어요.
I don’t have time to go to the films as a result of I’ve to do home tasks and in addition take my daughter to the pool.

그 나이트클럽은 최신 노래를 들을 수 있는 데다가 맥주도 싸서 항상 사람들로 가득 차요.
You may hear the most recent songs in that nightclub and, furthermore beer is affordable, so it’s all the time full.

N+ 인 데다가 

친구가 부자인 데다기 발이 아주 넓어요.
My good friend is wealthy and furthermore, he has a whole lot of connections.

초밥은 손이 많이 가는 음식인 데다가 재료를 비싸서 자주 안 만들게 되어요.
Sushi is a really troublesome meals to make and, furthermore, the substances are costly, so I don’t usually make it.

열이 나는 데다가 기침도 많이 하고 있어요.
I’ve a fever and, what’s extra, I’m coughing lots.

늦잠을 잔 데다가 공사 때문에 지하철 운항을 중단되어서 지각했어요.
I used to be late as a result of I overslept and, furthermore, the subway service was suspended resulting from development.

A + 은 데다가 

여름에 한국은 습기도 많은 데다가 햇빛도 강렬해서 힘들어요.
In summer season in Korea, there may be a whole lot of moisture and there’s robust daylight too, so it’s robust.

그 쇼핑몰은 가게가 다양한 데다가 저의 집에서 가까워서 자주 가요.
I usually go to the mall as a result of there are a lot of shops and, furthermore, it’s near my home.

호수 주변 풍경이 아주 아름다운 데다가 물도 맑아서 많은 관광객들이 방문해요.
The surroundings across the lake could be very stunning and, furthermore, the water is evident, so many vacationers go there.

제주도의 경치가 아름다운 데다가 음식도 맛있더라고요.
I discovered that the surroundings of Jeju Island was stunning and, what’s extra, the meals is scrumptious.

런던 지하철이 느린 데다가 열차들이 구식이에요.
The London Underground is sluggish and, furthermore, the trains are outdated.

성격이 좋은 데다가 얼굴도 예뻐서 인기가 많아요.
She’s very fashionable as a result of he has a superb persona and in addition, she has a reasonably face.