Home Korean Language Exhibiting emotions, giving off vibes: 티를 내다, 티가 나다

Exhibiting emotions, giving off vibes: 티를 내다, 티가 나다

Exhibiting emotions, giving off vibes: 티를 내다, 티가 나다


is a vibe, air, look, or feeling that somebody offers off via their expression, tone, look and so forth. It’s the foundation of the next two expressions:

티(를) 내다 is an energetic type the place somebody is making their emotions obvious, and/or giving off an air or vibe:

화가 난 건 알겠는데 티 내지마!
I do know you’re indignant, however don’t present it!

왜 그렇게 티를 내니?
Why are you being so apparent?

그는 저를 좋아하는 티를 내요.
It’s apparent that he likes me.

절대 티를 내지 않도록 노력해요.
Attempt to not make your emotions apparent.

남자들은 티를 잘 안 낸다고 했어요…
They are saying that males don’t present their emotions…

선배 티를 내요.
He offers off that ‘I’m your senior’ vibe.

슬픈 티를 진짜 안 내려고 했어요.
I attempted to not present my emotions of unhappiness.

짜증이 났는데 티를 낼 수 없었어요.
I used to be aggravated, however I couldn’t present it.

티(가) 나다 is the passive type the place the vibe or feeling might be seen or perceived by others:

얼굴에 티가 나요!
It’s throughout your face!

티가 나잖아!
It’s sooo apparent!

진짜 화난 거 티가 나요.
You possibly can inform that he’s actually indignant.

부자인 거 티가 나요.
It’s apparent that he’s wealthy.

게으른 거 티가 나요.
He’s lazy and it reveals.

목소리에 화가 난 거 티가 났어요.
I may inform by your voice that you simply had been indignant.

왜 촌티가 나는 옷을 입고 있어요?
Why are you carrying garments that give off ‘nation bumpkin’ vibes?

화장 안 한 티가 나요?
Are you able to inform I’m not carrying make-up?

임신한 거 티가 날 리가 없어요.
You completely can’t inform that she’s pregnant.