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English Roots: 30 Phrase Roots From Latin and Greek To Enhance Your English Vocabulary

English Roots: 30 Phrase Roots From Latin and Greek To Enhance Your English Vocabulary



How do you are feeling about shortcuts?

By studying quick and easy items of English phrases, also referred to as phrase roots, you’ll be able to unlock an understanding of 1000’s of phrases and enhance your English vocabulary!

On this publish, we’re going to share 30 English phrase roots from Latin and Greek that can assist you enhance your comprehension of English by offering a shortcut to studying.


What’s a Root?

First, we must always discuss what “root” means.

A root is the essential unit of a phrase.

Linguists, scientists who research language, check with the basis as the bottom or basis of a phrase. If you happen to actually give it some thought, the identify “root” is smart. An actual, literal root is the bottom of a tree, connecting the tree to the bottom. The foundation of a phrase connects that phrase to some which means.

To study different elements of phrases and their relationships with roots, take a look at this informative web page

30 Frequent English Phrase Roots from Greek and Latin

If you happen to aren’t certain that you simply need to memorize lots of of roots, then memorize simply these 30 roots. These are a number of the most helpful and customary roots that you simply’ll study!

You’ll see these popping up all over the place in phrases you each know and don’t know. If you happen to wouldn’t have had any thought what they meant earlier than you had realized the roots, then you definately’ll see the worth of studying roots. 

Roots of Greek Origin

Greek Root Which means Instance
Psych Thoughts Psychology (the research of the thoughts)
Phil Love Cinephile (film lover)
Mega Nice, giant Megacellphone (a big gadget which makes your voice louder)
Mono Single Monochromatic (having just one coloration)
Chron Time Chronological (organized by time of incidence)
Bio Life Biology (the research of dwelling issues)
Theo God Theology (the research of faith)
Cellphone Sound Telecellphone (a tool used to speak with different folks)
Auto Self Automatic (occurs by itself)
Poly Many Polyglot (one that can converse many languages)

Roots of Latin Origin

Latin Root Which means Instance
Struc Construct Structure (elements or items constructed into one thing advanced)
Vac Empty Vacuous (having an empty thoughts, not considering)
Ver True Veritable (actual, true, genuine)
Scrib/Scrip Write Prescription (a written notice signed by a physician which supplies directions for medication or therapy)
Luc Mild Lucid (shiny, clear)
Mal Unhealthy Malevolent (eager to do dangerous or evil issues)
Mar Sea Marina (a port or harbor for boats and ships)
Manu/Mani Hand Manicure (a therapy to make your palms look clear, neat and polished)
Min Small Miniscule (very small in measurement)
Fort Robust Fortitude (energy)
Mort Dying Mortician (somebody who prepares lifeless our bodies to be buried)
Nas/Nat Delivery Nascent (coming into existence, one thing only in the near past created)
Trans Throughout Transatlantic (one thing which crosses the Atlantic Ocean)
Voc/Vos Voice Vociferous (loud, somebody who speaks loudly or talks quite a bit)
Aqua Water Aquarium (a tank of water the place fish are saved as pets)
Bene Good Benevolent (wanting good issues for folks, beneficiant, type)
Omni All Omniscient (understanding every little thing)
Sens/Despatched Really feel Despatchedimental (emotional, attaching emotional worth to issues)
Terr Earth Terrarium (a container for land animals saved as pets, usually containing rocks, dust or sand)
Vid/Vis See Visible (in a position to be seen)

The best way to Use Roots to Type and Perceive English Phrases

Now that you’ve got an inventory of nice roots to memorize, you’ll want an inventory of the commonest prefixes and suffixes to go along with it.


Prefixes and suffixes are two issues that may be connected to roots to kind phrases.

Suffixes could be connected on the ends of roots to vary both the definition or the a part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, and many others.) of the phrase. So, suffixes can change verbs into nouns, nouns into adjectives and so forth.

To create phrases you set a root along with both a suffix or prefix. Examples:

photograph (root for gentle) + graph (suffix for written) = {photograph} (gentle that’s written)

re (prefix for once more) + flect (root for bend) = mirror (to bend once more)

Now you may assume these are humorous methods to outline the phrases “{photograph}” and “mirror.” It is because utilizing Latin to outline phrases implies that you’re utilizing very direct, literal translations.

Nevertheless humorous these translations may sound, there’s all the time a clue there that exhibits what the true which means is in English.

The High 10 Suffixes You’ll See with Roots

High Greek Suffixes 

Greek Suffix Which means
phil/phile worry, fearing
chrome coloration
logy research of
ism act, apply or results of
some physique
meter a measurement
nomy systematized data of

High Latin Suffixes 

Latin Suffix Which means
ready is, could be
act state, high quality
cidal/cide killer, a killing

The High 10 Prefixes You’ll See with Roots

High Greek Prefixes

Greek Prefix Which means
amphi each, about, round
andro man, male
anti in opposition to, opposed
mono one, single, alone

High Latin Prefixes

Latin Prefix Which means
advert to, connected to
semi half
non not
pre earlier than
inter between
co with, collectively

As you’ll be able to see, studying roots, suffixes and prefixes is a fast shortcut to study and perceive phrases in English.

Immersing your self within the language and seeing the way it’s utilized by native audio system is a good way to study vocabulary and see phrase roots. There are a lot of nice TV exhibits in English that you could possibly watch, or you could possibly even strive a language-learning program like FluentU.

FluentU options an array of bite-sized genuine English movies, like inspiring talks and film trailers, every with interactive subtitles which you can hover over to see extra details about the phrases used. The subtitles will enable you establish new vocabulary which you can add to your personalised flashcard decks to apply.

By immersing your self in native media, not solely will you be capable to broaden your vocabulary by figuring out roots and customary tendencies, however you’ll additionally get to see them utilized in context! 

The Matching Sport for Practising English Roots, Suffixes and Prefixes

As , apply makes good, and this additionally applies when studying roots, suffixes and prefixes.

Play this with a companion to see who can win probably the most factors!

a. Make flashcards of the roots, suffixes and prefixes you need to memorize. You’ll additionally want a dictionary.

b. Combine up the flashcards into two teams, retaining suffixes and prefixes collectively in a single group with the roots in one other separate group.

c. Place the 2 teams in two separate piles face down of their separate teams. You’ll now have all of the roots on the best facet and prefixes/suffixes on the left facet.

d. Choose a card from every group and switch each playing cards face up.

e. Type a phrase and write down what you assume the definition ought to be based on the which means of the basis and the suffix or prefix you selected. Additionally write down whether or not you imagine it’s or isn’t an actual phrase within the English language.

f. When you’ve made your two guesses, look the phrase up within the dictionary to see if it actually exists. If it does and the which means you guessed is right, then two factors for you! If it’s not an actual phrase, however you bought the basis and prefix/suffix meanings right, then one level for you.


So there you might have it, of us.

You’ve acquired an ideal information to English phrase roots and learn how to use them!

Get on the market and see how a lot English you perceive now.