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Climate in Japanese: 36 Helpful Phrases for Describing Temperature, Seasons and Extra

Climate in Japanese: 36 Helpful Phrases for Describing Temperature, Seasons and Extra



Climate makes an ideal ice-breaker—even in Japanese, the place it’s known as 天気 (tenki)

Awkward silence? Point out the storm coming in.

Unsure what to say on the cellphone to your relative who lives far-off? Examine the temperature.

Climate is certainly an effective way to start out speaking to folks, so listed below are some vocabulary phrases for climate in Japanese!


1. (くも) — clouds

clouds against a blue sky

Within the early summer season, sightseeing occasions that contain being above the clouds are very talked-about in Japan.

(わたし は はーとがた の くも を みた。)
I noticed coronary heart shapes within the clouds.

2. 天気 (てんき) — climate

(そと の てんき は おそろしい。)
The climate outdoors is frightful.

3. 天気予報 (てんき よほう) — climate forecast

(きょう の てんき よほう を ききました か?)
Have you ever heard the climate forecast for at the moment?

4. (にじ) — rainbow

In historical Japan, rainbows have been believed to be ethereal bridges that ancestors took to return to Earth.

(あれ は にじゅう の にじ だ!)
It’s a double rainbow!

5. (あめ) — rain

The 雨 kanji kind of appears to be like like rain underneath an umbrella, doesn’t it?

(わたし は あめ の かおり が だいすき です。)
I like the odor of rain.

6. 酸性雨 (さんせい う) — acid rain

Though acid rain isn’t as a lot of an issue at the moment because of efficient laws, it’s nonetheless a problem in China and the encompassing areas, together with Japan.

(さんせいう に ちゅうい して ください。)
Please be cautious of the acid rain.

7. (ひょう) — hail

hail falling

(いぜん、にほん で ひじょう に はげしい ひょう の あらし が はっせい しました。)
There was as soon as a really intense hail storm in Japan.

8. (かみなり) — thunder

(しんとう に は かみなり の かみ が います。)
There may be a god of thunder within the Shinto faith.

9. 雷雨 (らいう) — thunderstorm

It is sensible that 雷雨 merely consists of the characters for “thunder” and “rain” put collectively.

(わたし の いぬ は らいう を こわがります。)
My canine is afraid of thunderstorms.

10. 落雷 (らくらい) — lightning

(らくらい は まれ です。)
Lightning strikes are uncommon.

11. (あらし) — storm

dark stormy sky

(あした は あらし の はず だ。)
We’re due for a storm tomorrow. 

12. 暴風 (ぼうふう) — hurricane

暴 primarily means “violent” and 風 means “wind.”

(ぼうふう は うみ から きます。)
Hurricanes come from the ocean.

13. 洪水 (こうずい) — flood

(はいすい が ふ じゅうぶん だと、こうずい の げんいん に なる。)
The drainage is inadequate and causes floods.

14. 台風 (たいふう) — hurricane

(たいふう が にほん を おそった。)
A hurricane has struck Japan.

15. 津波 (つなみ) — tsunami

The Nice Sendai Earthquake and tsunami in 2011 was one of many largest pure disasters that Japan has ever skilled.

(にほん は つなみ の えいきょう を うけ やすい。)
Japan is prone to tsunamis.

16. 大雪 (おおゆき) — blizzard


(かのじょ は おおゆき で たちおうじょう した。)
She was caught within the blizzard.

17. (みぞれ) — sleet

(はげしい みぞれ が なんにちかん も つづいた。)
The heavy sleet lasted for days.

18. (こおり) — ice

(ほどう に は こおり が あります。)
There may be ice on the sidewalk.

19. (ゆき) — snow

It not often snows in Japan’s main cities, however you may journey to tremendous snowy rural locations in Japan through the winter months.

(ゆき は やわらかい です。)
The snow is delicate.

20. 気温 (きおん) — temperature

(きょうと の きおん を しって います か?)
Are you aware the temperature in Kyoto?

21. (きり) — fog

(きり で まえ が みえない。)
I can’t see by the fog.

22. (かぜ) — wind

flower pollen blowing away in the wind

The Shinto faith has a Japanese god of wind who’s depicted as a horrifying inexperienced lizard-wizard-demon who wears a leopard pores and skin.

(かぜ が きもち いい です。)
The wind is nice.

23. 強風 (きょうふう) — intense wind

(わたしたち は この きょうふう に ふきとばされて しまう。)
This intense wind will blow us away.

24. 季節 (きせつ) — season

(きせつ は へんか して います。)
The season is altering.

25. (はる) — spring

Japanese cherry blossom festivals all the time happen in spring round April.

(はる の におい が する!)
Spring is within the air!

26. (なつ) — summer season

(なつ は とても あつい です。)
Summer time may be very sizzling.

27. (あき) — fall

autumn garden in japan with colorful umbrellas

(わたし は あき の いろ が だいすき です。)
I like the colours of fall.

28. (ふゆ) — winter

Whereas it won’t appear to be a good suggestion to go to an island within the winter, Japan really has a ton of nice issues to see throughout this chilly time of 12 months.

(ふゆ に ゆき が ふる と いいな。)
I hope there can be a white winter.

29. 暖かい (あたたかい) — heat

(わたし は あたたかい きこう の ほう が すきだ。)
I favor a heat local weather.

30. 寒い (さむい) — chilly

(わたし の いえ は とても さむい です。)
My home is so chilly.

31. 暑い (あつい) — sizzling

The most well liked it’s ever been in Japan was 106 levels in July 2018.

(わたしたち は あつい なつ を すごしました。)
Now we have had a sizzling summer season.

32. 晴れ (はれ) — sunny

trees against a sunny sky

(あした は はれ でしょう。)
It is going to be sunny tomorrow.

33. 晴天 (せいてん) — clear skies

(せいてん の なか、たこあげ を する の は さいこうだ。)
Clear skies are finest for kite-flying.

34. 曇り (くもり) — cloudy

(わたし は くもり の ひ が だいすき です。)
I like cloudy days.

35. 冷たい (つめたい) — icy/stingy

man wearing a hat and mask because of cold weather

(つめたい くうき が かお を つきさした。)
Icy air stung my face.

36. 蒸し暑い (むしあつい) — humid/balmy

(かれ は むしあつい ひ に さんぽ に いきました。)
He went for a stroll on a balmy day.


Get a load of all these climate phrases! Most of those phrases are comparatively easy to recollect, so it gained’t be that tough to check them and use them sooner or later.

We hope your research are fruitful and your afternoon is 晴れ (sunny)!