Home French Language Asking Questions in French: The Information to French Query Phrases and Types

Asking Questions in French: The Information to French Query Phrases and Types

Asking Questions in French: The Information to French Query Phrases and Types


asking questions in french

An enormous a part of studying any language is asking questions.

“What precisely is the entire take care of tu and vous?”

“The place can I discover some good, dependable French classes on-line?”

“What’s my CEFR stage, and why does it matter?”

That stated, how will we ask these questions…in French?

Learn on to study all of the necessities for asking questions in French!


The French Query Phrases

At its easiest, asking questions in French has to do with utilizing the correct phrase.

These phrases are known as interrogative phrases, and they are often damaged into three completely different classes: interrogative pronouns, interrogative adjectives and interrogative adverbs.

Sound like grammatical garble? Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Interrogative pronouns: Who/whom, what and which one

There are three predominant interrogative pronouns in French, and they’re qui  (who or whom), que  (what) and lequel  (which one). 

Qui and que are pretty easy to make use of.

Primarily, qui is used when the reply goes to be an individual, and que is used when the reply goes to be an object or thought:

Have you ever ever seen the phrase qu’est-ce que  getting used to introduce a query, as in qu’est-ce que c’est  (what’s it)? Nicely, this is identical que getting used right here, it’s simply that within the circumstances proven above, it’s not connected to the query phrase est-ce que  (is it that). Keep tuned for extra on est-ce que later.

The interrogative pronoun lequel and its variants act just a little otherwise. As an alternative of merely taking the place of a single noun, this interrogative pronoun takes the place of quel  (which) and a noun. Observe:

Sound easy? Not so quick. Lequel should agree with the gender and the variety of the noun that it’s changing. Try what I imply:

Interrogative adjectives: Which

You realize all that work you simply did for interrogative pronouns? Nicely, sit again, weary French learner, as a result of interrogative adjectives are simpler.

They’re precisely like lequel when it comes to gender and quantity settlement, however they don’t merge with a pronoun they usually don’t substitute the noun.

These phrases roughly translate to the English phrase “which.” Try these examples:

Interrogative adverbs: The place, why, when and what number of

Final however not least, we’ve the class of query phrases often called interrogative adverbs:

Learn how to Type Questions in French

Now that we’ve the phrases that we’d like, we have to know kind our sentences with these phrases as a way to correctly ask questions.

Listed here are some alternative ways to ask questions in French.

Inversion: flipping the noun and verb

As you might need observed, for this complete weblog submit I’ve used inversion of the noun and verb as a way to ask questions. This works each with and with out query phrases, and that is essentially the most formal approach to ask questions.

It’s best to use this in virtually all writing (besides social media, in fact), and you need to use this methodology when asking questions of individuals of significance or folks you don’t know. Listed here are some examples:

It’s price noting that inversion occurs with auxiliary verbs in circumstances of a compound verb tense, as within the final instance above.

Additionally, a t inserts itself throughout inversion when the third individual singular is used and the verb ends in a vowel:

Forming questions with est-ce que (is it that)

Whereas not as formal as inversion, including est-ce que (is it that) to the start of a phrase may also remodel it right into a query.

To kind a query, you merely add this phrase to the start of an affirmative, declarative sentence:

As well as, query phrases could be added earlier than est-ce que for questions that aren’t answered with sure or no:

Est-ce que isn’t as formal as inversion, so it’s not advisable to make use of it in formal writing, however it may be heard in dialog even when a speaker is speaking to somebody of significance.

Intonation and n’est-ce pas (isn’t it)

The next two strategies for asking questions are extraordinarily casual and will solely be utilized in casual conditions.

The primary entails merely saying the assertion within the declarative kind however including a rising intonation on the finish to sign a query. Merely, a declarative assertion turns into a query by including a query mark and/or elevating the tone of your voice on the finish.

The second casual technique to ask a query consists of including the phrase n’est-ce pas (isn’t it) to the top of the declarative assertion.

For instance:

The place to Follow Questions in French

With all this newfound information, you must make time to apply!

You may get used to utilizing que and qui on their very own with a web based quiz.

You may also take a look at different quizzes on the internet that may have you ever making every kind of questions at About French, Columbia.edu and Lingolia.

One other technique to study is by watching how native audio system ask questions. You can strive discovering some French-speaking new buddies or maybe a language change accomplice to apply with and get suggestions in your query construction. 

You can additionally discover a good French TV collection to look at, possibly a police drama with interrogation scenes (a number of questions being handed backwards and forwards!). 

Or you could possibly strive a digital immersion platform like FluentU. This program makes use of a curated library of genuine movies with beefed-up options to complement your language research and enhance your comprehension of vocabulary (together with query phrases).


So, get on the market and get questioning!