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Please simply shut up! There are some excessive conditions while you arrive on the level which you can’t stand the speech of somebody anymore and all you wish to say is zip your mouth! It’s not the most effective of conditions however simply in case you have to say it in French, right here is tips on how to say shut up within the French language. Carry on studying to search out out extra.

1. Silence – maintain quiet

Silence can be utilized in a number of contexts. As an illustration, a trainer can say silence when he needs the pupils to stay quiet within the classroom.

Silence can be used to request quietness in locations with a crowd: on the library, or in a convention room,… You’ll generally hear in French ” on va observer une minute de silence” which implies that we’re going to observe one-minute silence. Normally, this sentence is used to pay tribute to somebody deceased.

2. Tais-toi ! – shut up

The verb used for shut up in French is the reflexive se taire. The crucial type is used to say shut up! Relying in your relationship, you would possibly say tais-toi or taisez-vous. Keep in mind that there’s a distinction between tu and vous. You may make it adopted by the well mannered fundamental phrase s’il vous plaît or s’il te plaît as a approach of begging for quietness.

3. Ferme ta gueule – Shut your mouth

The phrase gueule is generally used for the mouth of some animals. So, when somebody says “ta gueule” which means it’s sort of an insult.

Ferme ta gueule is a French slang, equal to shutting your mouth or zipping your mouth.

4. Ferme-la or boucle-la – Shut your mouth

Ferme-la or boucle-la are options to ferme ta gueule. The pronoun la is there to switch la bouche (mouth) or la gueule.

Boucle la comes from the verb boucler which implies to shut with a key. We are going to most probably say in French, boucle la porte which implies shut the door. So, boucle-la means actually closing your mouth identical to “ferme ta bouche”. Nonetheless, it’s best to use these two expressions with tact as it’s sort of impolite to say that.

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5. Chut! – The equal of the English shhh!

If you wish to say gently to somebody to remain quiet, with out having to talk quite a bit, you need to use the French onomatopoeia chut. Simply the sound of it should make the individual cease talking except you might be dealing as an example with naughty youngsters. Word that saying Chut will not be that impolite.

6. Tiens ta langue – maintain your month (chorus from talking)

La langue or the tongue is the physique half used to talk. When somebody tells you tiens ta langue, it means in a French context, to carry your mouth or chorus from talking. There’s even this widespread idiom that makes use of this expression: “savoir tenir sa langue”. “Ne pas avoir la langue dans sa poche” can also be one other approach of claiming that somebody speaks quite a bit and should not have the ability to maintain a secret.

7. Motus et bouche cousue

Bouche cousue is an idiom from the fifteenth century that may be translated as “sewn mouth’.

The phrase motus will not be really a Latin phrase as lots of people would possibly assume however a humorous transformation of the phrase mot in keeping with La Langue française by Le figaro. Motus has been used alone and meant “chut! pas un mot” => Shhh not a single phrase! It was used because the sixteenth century.

The mixed expression Motus et bouche cousue is more moderen and is generally used when you don’t need somebody to say one thing and normally, you’ll say it whereas whispering. As an illustration, if you’re planning a shock and also you need it to be saved secret, you may simply say motus et bouche cousue and French individuals will perceive that you really want some discretion.

To wrap it up

Now, you’ve gotten extra options to say shut up in French and it is time to strive utilizing them every time it’s attainable.

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