Home Korean Language A Pop of Korean! — I want to know what 쏟아내는 and 빛무리로 imply! I…

A Pop of Korean! — I want to know what 쏟아내는 and 빛무리로 imply! I…

A Pop of Korean! — I want to know what 쏟아내는 and 빛무리로 imply! I…


Nameless requested:

I want to know what 쏟아내는 and 빛무리로 imply! I want to particularly know the way the 아내는 and 무리 slot in grammatically!

쏟아내다, in accordance with Naver Dictionary, means to launch one thing, disgorge one thing, or to push/pour one thing out. An instance that the Dictionary offers is 감정을 쏟아내다, which means to launch one’s feelings.

Quite a few verb stems finish in -아/어내다. From my observations, that is the lively type of -아/어나다, which can be on the finish of some verbs. I’m undecided how I’d translate these two, however I have a tendency to consider -나다 as “to return out,” and -내다 as “to place one thing out.” I feel taking a look at an instance may be useful:

  • 끝나다 (or 끝이 나다) = to complete [something finishes]
  • 끝내다 (or 끝을 내다) = to complete one thing

끝나다 is passive–one thing involves and finish. 끝내다, nonetheless, is lively–somebody finishes one thing. You’ll be able to inform by the particles too: the item particle in 끝을 내다 implies that somebody is performing upon the noun. Actually, 끝이 나다 means “the top comes about,” whereas 끝을 내다 means “[someone] brings the top about.” I don’t assume 쏟아나다 is a phrase, however simply know that 쏟아내다 additionally has that nuance of actively placing one thing out. I hope that is sensible!

Now for 빛무리! In keeping with wordrow.kr, it refers back to the gentle that seems on the sides of clouds once they cowl the solar or moon. I assume it’s a literal silver lining. I do know means “gentle,” however I don’t know what 무리 means. There may be the phrase 달무리, which suggests “a hoop across the moon.” So perhaps when referring to issues within the sky, it means a hoop round one thing. As for the 로, nonetheless, I’ve a lesson about that right here! -(으)로 is hooked up to nouns to indicate methodology. It’s normally translated as “with” or “utilizing.“ 빛무리로, due to this fact, would imply “with a silver lining” or “utilizing a silver lining.” I hope this was useful–thanks for the nice query! 화이팅!