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8 Widespread Pop Tradition French Phrases Utilized in English

8 Widespread Pop Tradition French Phrases Utilized in English


French phrases are sometimes utilized in English, typically even expressions. Have you learnt these 8 popular culture French quotes? Let see what they imply and how one can use them.

French is undoubtedly one of the stunning languages on the planet. A lot in order that in English we’ve adopted a number of frequent popular culture French phrases. We don’t even hassle to translate them as a result of they sound nice in French!

Should you’re questioning what a popular culture quote even is, assume alongside the strains of “Could the Power be with you” from Star Wars. It’s a memorable phrase that just about everyone seems to be conversant in (even when you’re not a Star Wars fan).

I’ve put collectively a listing of 8 extremely popular popular culture French quotes utilized in English together with their meanings and usages. You’ll most likely be conversant in most (if not all of them), but when not, that’s completely fantastic – we’re all the time studying new issues. Let’s have a look:

1 – Au contraire mon frère

Various spellings: Oh contraire mon frair

Any Simpsons followers right here? This fashionable expression was utilized in a business starring Bart Simpson in 1988, and has since then made it to the English popular culture.

“Au contraire, mon frère” interprets in English as: “quite the opposite, my brother”. This phrase is catchy in French as a result of the phrases ‘contraire’ and ‘frère’ rhyme.

In English, that is your go-to expression if you wish to contradict one thing that has been mentioned.

2 – C’est la vie

Various spellings: Ce la vi, Celavi, Se la vi, Say la vie, Cie la vie

That is in fact a really well-known French expression. It actually means “that’s life”. The humorous factor is it’s most likely used extra in English than in France itself, the place they might say “c’est comme ça” – “it’s the best way issues are”- extra typically than “c’est la vie”.

This phrase is often utilized in a barely fatalistic tone. It offers a way of “oh effectively, that’s simply the best way life is, what are you able to do”.

3 – Voulez vous coucher avec moi

Pronounced: “voo-lay voo koo-shay ah-vehk mwa”

Come on, admit it … you truly sang that one as you learn it? The French line within the well-known music “Girl Marmalade” gained large reputation worldwide.

For some purpose, English audio system assume it is a catchy sentence that could be a bit horny, however has to do with sleeping… Like “would you wish to have a sleep over”… They usually drop it as a pick-up line.

But, its literal translation of this French popular culture phrase is “do you need to sleep (make love) with me?”

So when you thought it was a good French pick-up line to make use of with out realizing its precise which means, possibly assume twice…

Pink, Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim & Mýa- Girl Marmalade -Voulez vous coucher avec moi.

4 – C’est bon

Various spellings: Ce bon, Say bon, Se bon

C’est bon actually means “that’s good”. The French use this phrase to explain issues which can be good, similar to meals. However, it may possibly additionally imply “that works for me”.
For instance: “Dîner ce soir à 8 heures ? C’est bon pour moi”
(Becoming a member of you for) dinner tonight at 8 o’clock – works for me.

Unusually sufficient, in French “c’est bon” additionally means, ‘cease, I’ve had sufficient’. You’d then pronounce it with a frown and a cease movement together with your hand.
For instance:
“Tu veux plus de café ? Non… c’est bon, merci.”
Would you want extra espresso? No, it’s alright, thanks.

In English it’s primarily used to specific contentment with a scenario.

I suppose “that’s good” simply sounds loads nicer in French.

5 – Oh là là

Various spellings: Ow la la , Ooh la la

I suppose this expression doesn’t want an introduction. “Oh là là” often means one of many following when used: “oh expensive”, “oh no” or perhaps a optimistic “wow”.
An instance is while you overlook one thing at dwelling you possibly can drop in an “oh là là… I forgot my purse.”

Nevertheless, I really feel as if this phrase has been misspelled and misrepresented within the English language as it’s typically become an “ooh la la”. When it’s mentioned on this manner, it’s fairly used as a praise for somebody wanting good, or to react to somebody saying one thing a bit daring.

6 – Je ne sais quoi

Various spellings: jenesequa

The literal translation of “je ne sais quoi” is “I don’t know what”. It’s not very utilized in French in any respect. Should you don’t know what one thing is, you’d say: “Je ne sais pas ce que c’est” – “I don’t know what it’s”.

In English and in French it’s primarily used to explain a particular and often optimistic high quality about somebody or one thing.
For instance:
Il a un sure “je ne sais quoi”.
He has a sure “je ne sais quoi”.
When you possibly can’t fairly pinpoint what precisely is particular about an individual, “je ne sais quoi” is the expression to show to.

7 – Touché

Various spellings: touchay, tushay

“Touché” is one other French phrase that has managed to work its manner into the English vocabulary. Though it comes from the French verb “to the touch” this expression just isn’t very utilized in French dialog, except you’re fencing (it’s a fencing time period).

In English , “touché” is used to recognise one other individual’s comeback or good argument.

8 – Voilà

Pronounced: Vwala

You’re most likely conversant in this one too. “Voilà” interprets as “there you go” or “there it’s”. When saying one thing it creates a little bit of a dramatic impact.

“Voilà” is utilized in English as in French to emphasise an achievement or to specific satisfaction with one thing. “Voilà ! The cake I made!”

So there you’ve it: 8 fashionable Pop Tradition French phrases utilized in English. Which of them are your favorites? Do you employ any of those typically?