Home French Language 70 Phrases to Nuance I really like you in French w/Audio

70 Phrases to Nuance I really like you in French w/Audio

70 Phrases to Nuance I really like you in French w/Audio


First, let’s see the everyday translation for “I really like you” in French.

How To Say “I Love” You In French?

The standard translation for “I really like you” is :

  1. Je t’aime (enunciated) – je t’aime (trendy French pronunciation)
    I really like you utilizing “tu”.
  2. Je vous aime (enunciated) – je vous aime (trendy French pronunciation)
    I really like you utilizing “vous”. Extra about tu versus vous you in French

Like it’s typically the case in French, the pronunciation will change barely relying on whether or not you’re talking in a really enunciated method or utilizing a informal French pronunciation.

Carful although. Saying je t’aime to a good friend can be a giant faux-pas ! je t’aime really means ‘I’m in love with you’.

I really like You In English

In English, the verb “to like” is complicated as a result of it expresses quite a lot of emotions. You possibly can say “I really like you” to somebody you’re in love with, but additionally to your dad and mom, or a good friend to precise friendship.

It’s not the case in French.

I really like You In French

je t’aime actually interprets as ‘I’m in love with you’.
To maintain it on a friendship degree, it’s worthwhile to ADD an adverb: “je t’aime beaucoup, je t’aime bien…” I perceive it’s counter intuitive however that’s what we do in French!

You may say je t’aime to a member of your very shut household, resembling your little one, a sibling, or your dad and mom, or perhaps a pet.

How To Reply I Love You In French?

The standard reply to I really like you in French is “moi aussi“: me too. It’s so simple as that.

Now, listed here are different phrases to precise your love in French.

9 Methods To Say I Love You In French

Let’s see find out how to nuance I really like you.

All of the audio recordings under will function trendy spoken French pronunciation.

  1. Je t’aime de tout mon coeur – I really like you with all my coronary heart
  2. Je suis amoureux/amoureuse de toi – I’m in love with you
  3. Je t’aime passionnément – I really like you with ardour
  4. Je t’aime à la folie – I’m loopy about you
  5. Tu es l’amour de ma vie – you’re the love of my life
  6. Tu es mon grand amour – you’re my greatest love
  7. J’ai eu le coup de foudre pour toi – it was love at first sight
  8. Je te kiffe – I really like you / I fancy you utilizing really an Arabic time period that’s these days fairly generally utilized in trendy spoken French, particularly by youthful folks.
  9. JTM – announcing it just like the letters [jé té aim] – comes from texting in French and fashionable amongst younger French folks and youths.
poster: several ways to say I love you in French

13 Methods to Keep away from I Love You in French

Generally, you’ve got robust emotions about somebody, however you’re observe fairly able to drop the L bomb!

Though we’ll see under that it’s not as large a deal in France than it’s different international locations, chances are you’ll want various to I really like you in French.

  1. Tu me plais (beaucoup / énormément) – I fancy you, I’m keen on you
  2. J’en pince pour toi – I’ve a crush on you
  3. Je suis fou/folle de toi – I’m loopy about you
  4. Je suis dingue de toi – I’m loopy about you (a bit extra colloquial)
  5. Je suis épris(e) de toi – I’m taken by you (fairly formal)
  6. Tu m’as tapé dans l’oeil – you made fairly an impression on me
  7. Je suis morgane de toi – fairly poetic slang – I’m loopy about you. French singer Renaud made this expression fairly fashionable.
  8. Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi – I can’t dwell with out you
  9. Je brûle pour toi – I’m burning (with love) for you
  10. Mon coeur s’enflamme en pensant à toi – my coronary heart turns to flame once I consider you
  11. Je t’adore – I am keen on you – very used, an excellent various to not say “I really like you” in French…
  12. Je suis à toi – I’m yours. Why did I enunciate this one? Effectively, a “glided” pronunciation didn’t sound good to me right here. So I file what I might say.
  13. Tu es tout pour moi – you’re every part for me. Similar comment.

You’ll find longer lists on the web however be careful… expressions are usually not timeless… Saying “Je t’ai dans la peau” – ‘I acquired you underneath my pores and skin’ for instance is just not an expression we use significantly in the present day. One can use it to be over-dramatic, or as a joke.

That’s why it’s important to watch out with articles with lists of expressions: with out the appropriate context, you would be making a giant fake pas!

I extremely suggest studying French in context: my French audiobook studying technique is illustrated with an ongoing novel, solely recorded in French (that includes each enunciated and trendy spoken French pronunciations), and follows the Parisian lifetime of Mary and her associates from their teen years to their forties… It consists of younger romances and life-long love tales!

À Moi Paris Audiobook Technique

A brand new method to studying each conventional and trendy French logically structured for English audio system.

Extra Particulars & Audio Samples

10 Methods To Say My Love In French

There are various cute love nicknames in French. Observe the hyperlink to my article with audio for 44 French love nicknames. Listed below are some French love names that work for each women and men.

  1. Mon amour – my love
  2. Mon ange – my angel
  3. Mon trésor – my treasure
  4. Mon coeur – my coronary heart
  5. Mon canard – my duck – sure, I do know… wait, it will get worse…
  6. Mon chou – my candy bun (un chou à la crème is a cream crammed puff pastry) – “mon petit chou” can also be fairly widespread
  7. Mon chouchou – comes from “mon chou”
  8. Doudou – no literal translation – it sounds very dangerous in English however we use it quite a bit in French! The origine is Creole French and it means sweety, darling…
  9. Mon lapin – my rabbit
  10. Mon poussin – my chick

Now, phrases have their limits. The easiest way to precise you’re keen on in French could also be in loving gestures, and considerate acts, resembling being encouraging, being there for the one you love, checking up on him/her commonly, sending texts… after all, the occasional bouquet of flower can also be appreciated!

Valentines Day in France
My husband Olivier and me ❤️

The Loopy French Phrase For Love 🤪

The French phrase for love is L’amour.

However what’s so bizarre about love in French is that it’s masculine within the singular, and female within the plural !!!

  • Un grand amour = a giant love
  • Des amours tumultueuses = tough love

Love is unquestionably loopy!

Pronunciation of Love In French

You have to watch your pronunciation for “l’amour”, love in French. French college students typically mistake:

  1. L’amour = la moor = love
  2. La mort = la mor = demise
  3. L’humour = lu moor = humor
  4. L’humeur = lu meur = temper

Fairly a entice!

11 French Love Expressions

There are various expressions with the phrase love in French:

  1. faire l’amour – to make love.
  2. le grand amour – real love
  3. un amour interdit – forbidden love
  4. un premier amour – past love
  5. un amour de jeunesse – past love, love once you the place younger
  6. une histoire d’amour – a love story, a love affair
  7. un philtre d’amour – love potion
  8. filer le parfait amour – to be fortunately in love
  9. l’amour-propre – self worth
  10. L’amour rend aveugle – love is bling
  11. Vivre d’amour et d’eau fraîche – to dwell on love alone
french love expressions

30 French Love Phrases

  1. L’amour – love
  2. L’amitié – friendship
  3. Je t’aime – I really like you (utilizing tu)
  4. Je vous aime – I’m in love with you (utilizing vous)
  5. Je l’aime – I’m in love with him/her
  6. Je suis amoureux / amoureuse de toi, lui, elle, vous… – I’m in love with you, him, her, you
  7. Tomber Amoureux / amoureuse – to fall in love (not tomber en amour which is utilized in Canadian French however not in France)
  8. Est-ce que tu veux sortir avec moi – would you prefer to exit with me ?
  9. Est-ce que tu veux (bien) m’épouser – would you marry me? The bien right here is elective, and means “are you keen to marry me”, however it’s what we historically say.
  10. To kiss – embrasser, s’embrasser. WATCH OUT !!! Not “baiser”… I’m sorry to be vulgar however it’s worthwhile to remember that “un baiser” is okay, it’ a kiss, however “baiser” as a verb these days means to f..okay.
  11. A kiss – un baiser, un bisou – I wrote an entire article with reference to French kisses.
  12. Les fiançailles – engagement
  13. Se fiancer – to get engaged
  14. Un fiancé, une fiancée – somebody you’re engaged to. However typically used to say somebody you’re simply relationship.
  15. Le mariage – marriage, wedding ceremony (just one R in French)
  16. Se marier avec quelqu’un – to get married with somebody
  17. Épouser quelqu’un – to marry somebody
  18. Un marié – a groom
  19. Une mariée – a bride
  20. Un mari / un époux – a husband
    Be careful between un marié, une mariée, un mari…
  21. Une femme (pronounced “fam”) / une épouse – a spouse
  22. Un/ une partenaire – a accomplice. Largely used for homosexual {couples} in French.
  23. Un compagnon / une compagne – a accomplice as utilized in British English : somebody you reside with however you aren’t essentially married to.
  24. Un amoureux / une amoureuse – a sweetheart
  25. Un petit-ami/ un petit-copain – a boyfriend
  26. Une petite-amie / une petite-copine – a girlfriend
  27. Be careful! “un amant” means a lover, as in somebody you’ve got sexual relations with or you’re dishonest in your partner with. So not for use evenly in French.
  28. Mon chéri, ma chérie, mon amour… there are many French phrases of endearments: I recommend you learn (and hear) to my article concerning the French love nicknames with audio.
  29. Joyeuse Saint Valentin – completely satisfied Valentine’s day.
  30. Tu veux être mon valentin / ma valentine ? Would you be my valentine?

I Like You ≠ I Love You In French

Now let’s see find out how to differentiate friendship from romantic love.

In each instances, we’re going to use the verb “aimer”.

  1. J’aime Paul – I’m in love with Paul (love)
  2. J’aime beaucoup Paul –  I like Paul quite a bit (friendship)

The distinction between like and love? The adverb! Add an adverb to the verb “aimer” and also you’re staying within the good friend zone!

To say you want or love somebody as a good friend, say:

  1. Je t’aime bien
  2. Je t’aime beaucoup
  3. Je t’aime énormément
  4. Je t’aime de tout mon coeur (with all my coronary heart)

Many French love songs and films have a dialogue alongside these strains:

  • Est-ce que tu m’aimes ? 
    Are you in love with me ?
  • Euh…. je t’aime beaucoup… 
    Effectively…I like you a large number…

Or to cite the tune from Zazie, “Chanson d’ami” from the album “Made in Love”:
Je ne t’aime pas : je t’aime bien 
I’m not in love with you: I such as you


poster of French phrases for friendship and love

How To Translate To Be In Love In French?

In case you actually needed to be clear and categorical you’re in love with somebody, you would use the expression: Je suis amoureux/amoureuse de toi – I’m in love with you  (cautious, not “être en amour” which they use in Canada, however not in France).

J’aime beaucoup Paul, mais je ne suis pas amoureuse de lui.
I like Paul quite a bit, however I’m not in love with him.

It’s a bit redundant, however it’s very clear.

Saying I really like You In France – Not Such A Massive Deal

In lots of American sitcoms, saying I really like you appears to be a really, very large deal. A milestone within the relationship.

It doesn’t appear to be fairly robust a deal in France. After all, saying I really like you is rarely one thing you say evenly, however it doesn’t appear to be such a giant deal. In accordance with France 2, 8% of French folks can be able to say “I really like you” on the primary day!! But, France 2 additionally says many French really feel comfy saying “I really like you” inside two months of the connection (Frenchmen: 88 days, Frenchwomen 134 days!)

What About Relationship In France ?

Effectively, this was a giant shock to me once I arrived within the US. I had no concept what “relationship” meant.

I understood after all a person and a girl may very well be keen on one another in a romantic approach, let me reassure you.

However I used to be not conscious that accepting to exit to dinner with a person alone gave the sign that I used to be probably romantically keen on him.

Nor did I learn about this primary date, second date and third date enterprise.

In France, it’s quite common for a woman to exit to dinner with a male good friend. Even for a married lady to exit with a male good friend who’s single.

I wrote an entire article about relationship in France and the tradition round it. I invite you to observe the hyperlink to learn it.

Valentine’s Day In France

Valentine’s day in France is solely for people who find themselves romantically in love. Within the US, it’s widespread for teenagers to offer valentines to their associates, their lecturers… It’s not the case in France.

To know extra about Valentine Day in France, I invite you to learn my article.

I’ll finish this lengthy article with a video of a love poem stated by my daughter.

S/he Loves Me, S/he Loves Me Not In French 🌼

Hearken to my daughter Leyla when she was 4 years outdated telling the French model of “s/he loves me, s/he loves me not”, a baby’s recreation the place you decide up the petals of a flower (often a daisy).

The French recreation goes:
Il/elle m’aime un peu, beaucoup, passionnément, à la folie… pas du tout!
S/he loves me a bit, quite a bit, with ardour, s/he’s loopy about me… s/he doesn’t love me in any respect!

French Love Poem

Ma major est une fleur
Mes doigts sont les cinq pétales
Dis moi jolie petite fleur
Est-ce que ma maman
M’aime de tout son coeur ?
Elle m’aime un peu, beaucoup,
Passionnément, à la folie,
Pas du tout.
Pas du tout ??
Vilaine petite fleur !
Je sais que ma maman
M’aime de tout son coeur !

Word: Leyla says: “une major est une fleur” as an alternative of “ma major”… little mistake.
Then she says “mes doigts Y (for “ils”) sont les cinq pétales” – that’s widespread spoken French for you!

English Translation of the French Love Poem

My hand is a flower
My fingers are the 5 petals
Inform me fairly flower
Does my Mother love me with all her coronary heart ?
She loves me a little bit, quite a bit,
Passionately, madly,
In no way.
In no way ??
Naughty little flower!
I do know my mother
Loves me with all her coronary heart!

Awwwwwhhhh. my coronary heart melts every time I watch this video… Moi aussi je t’aime de tout mon coeur ma Leylounette chérie !

Voilà, I hope this lesson clarified issues about find out how to say I really like you in French.

I publish unique mini classes, suggestions, photos and extra every day on my Fb, Twitter and Pinterest pages – so be a part of me there!

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