Home Language Learning 5 Chinese language New Yr Meals Concepts (& What They Imply) for 2023

5 Chinese language New Yr Meals Concepts (& What They Imply) for 2023

5 Chinese language New Yr Meals Concepts (& What They Imply) for 2023


Whereas for Western metropolis dwellers Chinese language New Yr, often known as the Spring Pageant and Lunar New Yr, might merely be excuse to inhale copious quantities of fried noodles and spring rolls, for a lot of Asians the eve of this festive interval brings a feast of various conventional dishes to the desk. 

On the night time earlier than this 15-day celebration many Asian households around the globe come collectively for a meal referred to as 年夜饭 (Nián Yè Fàn). 

Whereas in lots of locations around the globe, coming collectively may not be attainable, households will undoubtedly relish the possibility to eat, drink and chat round a full desk in 2023. 

These unprecedented occasions apart, although, what’s particular concerning the meals served throughout Chinese language New Yr is its symbolic significance. Conventional Chinese language New Yr meals tends to suggest well being, prosperity or luck. Listed below are a few of my favourites dishes:

Uncover these 5 Chinese language New Yr meals specialities historically eaten throughout Chinese language New Yr

1. 饺子 Jiǎo zi (Dumplings) 

饺子 Jiǎo zi (Dumplings) is a food served on the eve of Chinese New Year

In Northern China, dumplings are at all times all the fashion! It doesn’t matter what pageant we’re celebrating, buddies and households love to assemble round and make dumplings from scratch. 

How they’re made: Some relations are in control of making the dough, which is produced from wheat flour (glutenfree variations don’t work with these, I’m afraid!). Dumpling fillings differ extensively from place to position, however personally, I really like those with Chinese language leaves, leeks and minced pork, with a selfmade seasoning. However regardless of the filling, they’re then served with vinegar or soy sauce – whichever you like!

What they symbolise: The kind of dumplings we eat appear to be 元宝 yuán bǎo (an historic Chinese language foreign money), so consuming them symbolises wealth. 

An outdated saying goes that the extra dumplings you eat on the eve of the Lunar New Yr, the extra money you’ll make the next yr! Some households make dumplings containing one thing thought-about fortunate, akin to peanuts, and even cash! 

Getting one of many fortunate dumplings means fortune will come your approach. So, you get to eat scrumptious dumplings and you get success the next yr… what extra might anybody need?!

2. 鱼 (A complete fish)

鱼 Yú (A whole fish) for Chinese New Year

Sure! The entire fish, with the top and bones and all! 

In Mandarin, the phrase for fish 鱼 (yú) sounds just like the phrase for abundance or surplus 余 (yú). Chinese language folks at all times wish to have some surplus on the finish of the yr, whether or not it’s cash or meals. 

It is because they assume that in the event that they’ve managed to save lots of one thing by the tip of the yr, they’ll be capable to make extra over the next yr.

The way it’s made: It is vitally necessary that the fish is served complete, with the top and tail, and it’s often both served steamed or red-braised. I find it irresistible each methods!

What it symbolises: The top symbolises begin to the yr, and the tail is claimed to keep away from dangerous luck all year long.

3. 鸡 Jī (Entire hen)

鸡 Jī (Whole chicken) for Chinese New Year

The way it’s made: Households often both steam, boil or braise the hen in soy sauce. Personally, I really like hen simmered in soy sauce. Like the entire fish, the hen have to be served complete with the top and toes. Belief me, the collagen-rich meat from the toes is tremendous tasty!

What it symbolises: Serving an entire hen symbolises the household unit, prosperity and pleasure. 

4. 汤圆 Tāng yuán (Rice balls)

鸡 Jī (Whole chicken) for Chinese New Year

There are a couple of Chinese language desserts that make particular appearances at Chinese language New Yr – considered one of them is 汤圆 tāng yuán (rice balls).

How they’re made: These balls of goodness are made by including water to glutinous rice flour, that are then both cooked and served in boiling water with syrup, or, for those who’re after a really calorific candy deal with, deep-fried.

What they symbolise: The spherical form of the balls symbolises togetherness, as you usually eat 汤圆 tāng yuán with your loved ones. 

5. 年糕 Nián gāo (Rice cake) 

年糕 Nián gāo (Rice cake) eaten on the eve of Chinese New Year

Yup, it’s one other Chinese language New Yr dessert – the interval is really the time for a sugar overload! It’s a sort of glutinous rice cake referred to as 年糕 nián gāo

The way it’s made: The rice cake is nice and produced from rice flour and sugar. Some variations have sesame seeds, crimson beans, or nuts in them. We don’t often make them at residence – we are likely to cheat and purchase them on the grocery store!  

What it symbolises: 年 nián means “yr”, and 糕 gāo appears like 高 gāo that means “tall” or “excessive”.  Consuming rice cake firstly of the yr symbolises reaching new heights, or objectives within the coming yr (年年高升 niánnián gāoshēng). 

Abdomen rumbling? Mine too.

Why not exit and discover considered one of these 5 conventional and scrumptious Chinese language New Yr treats? 

Go on: I do know you wish to…

And on that reasonably tempting be aware, the one factor left to do is want you a Completely satisfied New Yr! Could your Chinese language New Yr celebrations be filled with meals, enjoyable and, most significantly, luck!

新年快乐 Xīn nián kuài lè – Completely satisfied New Yr! 

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