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5 Causes Why Arabic Is So Essential Throughout Ramadan

5 Causes Why Arabic Is So Essential Throughout Ramadan


1. Really feel nearer to the One Who particularly selected Arabic for the Quran

Ramadan is the month of the Quran and Arabic is the language of the Quran. Sure, the Quran has been translated from starting to finish to virtually 50 completely different languages, and chosen passages have been translated to properly over 100 completely different languages masha’Allah! That is superb and we must always most undoubtedly proceed to help the work of certified translators to broaden our da’wah effort around the globe. That being stated, none of those translations will ever do justice to the unique model in Arabic, the language chosen by Allah SWT to disclose the Quran. The Arabic language – and Quranic Arabic particularly – is such a wealthy and refined language. As we have interaction within the treasured month of Ramadan, it is crucial to make each effort to extend our understanding of Arabic in order that we are able to hope to really feel nearer to the One Who particularly selected Arabic for the Quran insha’Allah.

2. Get extra rewards for Quran recitation

There isn’t any doubt about the truth that whoever sincerely seeks to extend his or her understanding of the Quran with the intention of pleasing Allah SWT, even whether it is by translations, shall be rewarded for his or her efforts insha’Allah. However the Prophet (SAWS) taught us that each single letter of the Quran that’s being recited will get its personal reward, and that reward is doubled if we wrestle by it. In different narrations, he additionally advised us that rewards have been multiplied throughout Ramadan. No must be a math professional to know what this all means! Need extra reward? Learn the Quran in Arabic, particularly throughout Ramadan!

3. Discover focus and connection throughout Taraweeh prayers

All of us need to really feel the sweetness of khushoo’ throughout Taraweeh prayers, that particular connection to the Phrases of Allah SWT. The fact although is usually the alternative: after a protracted day of fasting preceded by a often brief night time, we wrestle to hearken to the recitation of the Imam throughout the night time prayers, making the expertise rather less pleasurable. Understanding Arabic, even when just some phrases right here and there, is step one to altering this expertise and getting nearer to what we actually need throughout Taraweeh, and even throughout our each day prayers. With every little phrase you’ll be able to perceive because the Imam recites, your consideration span will enhance, and your ears shall be searching for the subsequent phrase you’ll be able to perceive, and the subsequent, and the subsequent, insha’Allah. It begins with only one phrase.

4. Memorize and be taught duas in Arabic

There’s nothing improper with saying duas (supplications) in your individual language, Allah SWT is As-Samee’, the Listener, and understands regardless of which language you select. There’s nevertheless one thing particular about reciting duas in Arabic. Firstly, since many have been handed down to make use of from the Prophet (SAWS) himself in Arabic, reciting them in Arabic is extra correct than their translations. Secondly, for the reason that vocabulary we discover in duas is identical because the one we discover within the Quran, studying duas in Arabic will assist enhance your understanding of the Phrases of Allah SWT. Lastly, your efforts shall be rewarded insha’Allah!

5. Join with others in your neighborhood

Ramadan often means numerous neighborhood occasions, from taraweeh to iftars to particular halaqas. In consequence, we work together with lots of people, and though we’d all communicate completely different languages, Arabic is of course the one which unites us as a result of most individuals know fundamental phrases akin to “as-salaamu ‘alaykum”, “jazakum Allahu khayran”, and “barakAllahu feek”. Realizing the way to provoke these greetings and the way to answer them when they’re addressed to us is a part of our lives as Muslims, whether or not we’re Arabic audio system or not, whether or not we need to be taught Arabic at the next stage or not – that is mainly the naked minimal as neighborhood members. Moreover, you additionally need to try to perceive the candy uncle or auntie who makes dua for you, and your loved ones, and your akhirah, and the whole lot in-between, as a result of it is such a pleasant factor to listen to, particularly throughout Ramadan!