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40 Widespread English Phrases You’ll Use Over and Over [With Audio]

40 Widespread English Phrases You’ll Use Over and Over [With Audio]



Do you wish to say greater than “Hello” and “How are you?”

And would you wish to sound like a local English speaker now as an alternative of ready till you attain the superior degree?

You’re in the appropriate place!

Beneath are 40 frequent English phrases that individuals use on daily basis. They’re helpful phrases that can even assist your data of English develop.


Widespread English Phrases for Introducing Your self and Making Mates


Listed below are some phrases for introducing your self once you meet new individuals, and inquiries to be taught extra about them.

1. Hello! I’m [Name]. (And also you?)

Right here is an off-the-cuff greeting you need to use once you meet new pals. If the particular person doesn’t let you know their identify, you’ll be able to say your identify first. Then ask, “And also you?” or “And what’s your identify?”

Hello! I’m Rebecca. And also you?

2. Good to fulfill you.

After you be taught one another’s names, it’s well mannered to say this phrase.

A: Hello, Rebecca, I’m Chad.

B: Good to fulfill you, Chad.

A: Good to fulfill you, too.

3. The place are you from?

Ask this query to seek out out which nation somebody is from. You reply this query with “I’m from _______.”

Are you able to reply this query in English? Say each the query and reply aloud proper now.

A: Good to fulfill you, Sergio. So, the place are you from?

B: I’m from Spain.

4. What do you do?

Most adults ask one another this query once they meet. It means what do you do for a residing (what’s your job).

I feel this query is boring, so I ask different questions. However many individuals will in all probability ask you this, so it is very important know what it means.

A: What do you do, Cathleen?

B: I work on the college as a monetary specialist.

5. What do you love to do (in your free time)?

As an alternative of asking for somebody’s job title, I favor to ask what they get pleasure from doing. The responses (solutions) are often way more attention-grabbing!

A: So, Cathleen, what do you love to do in your free time?

B: I like to learn and to backyard. I picked two buckets of tomatoes final week!

6. What’s your telephone quantity?

If you wish to hold involved with somebody you simply met, ask this query to seek out out their telephone quantity. You may exchange “telephone quantity” with “e mail deal with” if you wish to know their e mail deal with.

You may additionally hear individuals use the extra informal, “Can I get your telephone quantity?”

It could be nice to fulfill up once more someday. What’s your telephone quantity?

7. Do you may have Fb?

Many individuals be in contact (contact) via Fb. Use this query to seek out out if somebody has a Fb account. You may additionally ask, “Are you on Fb?”

Let’s be in contact! Do you may have Fb?

On a regular basis English Phrases for Wherever


These eight phrases can be utilized in many various conditions.

8. Thanks a lot.

This can be a easy sentence you need to use to thank somebody.

So as to add element, say:

Thanks a lot + for + [noun] / [-ing verb].

For instance:

Thanks a lot for the birthday cash.

Thanks a lot for driving me dwelling.

9. I actually respect…

You can too use this phrase to thank somebody. For instance, you would possibly say:

I actually respect your assist.

Or you’ll be able to mix this phrase with the final one:

Thanks a lot for cooking dinner. I actually respect it.

Thanks a lot. I actually respect your cooking dinner.

10. Excuse me.

When you could get via however there may be somebody blocking your means, say “Excuse me.”

You can too say this phrase to politely get somebody’s consideration. For instance:

Excuse me, sir, you dropped your pockets.

Excuse me, have you learnt what time it’s?

11. I’m sorry.

Use this phrase to apologize, whether or not for one thing massive or small. Use “for” to offer extra element. For instance:

I’m sorry for being so late.

I used to be not anticipating anybody in the present day. I’m sorry for the mess.

You should utilize “actually” to indicate you’re very sorry for one thing:

I’m actually sorry I didn’t invite you to the occasion.

In truth, I’m sorry has many various makes use of in English and they aren’t all the time that apparent! Due to this, utilizing native content material when studying English expressions is essential to make sure you are studying them correctly.

Within the video under, you’ll discover the numerous alternative ways I’m sorry can be utilized in English within the appropriate context.

For much more studying content material that will help you be taught English, you’ll be able to take a look at the FluentU English channel.

12. What do you assume?

If you wish to hear somebody’s opinion on a subject, use this query.

I’m not positive if we should always paint the room yellow or blue. What do you assume?

13. How does that sound?

If you happen to counsel an concept or plan, use this phrase to seek out out what others assume.

We may have dinner at 6, after which go to a film. How does that sound?

Let’s rent a band to play music, and Brent can {photograph} the occasion. How does that sound?

14. That sounds nice.

If you happen to like an concept, you’ll be able to reply to “How does that sound?” with this phrase. “Nice” will be changed with any synonym (related phrase), akin to “superior,” “good,” “glorious” or “unbelievable.”

A: My mother is baking cookies this afternoon. We may go to my home and eat some. How does that sound?

B: That sounds unbelievable!

15. Oh, by no means thoughts.

Let’s say somebody doesn’t perceive an concept you are attempting to elucidate. You probably have defined it time and again and wish to cease, simply say “oh, by no means thoughts.” Now you can discuss one thing else!

You can too use “by no means thoughts” to imply “it doesn’t matter” or “simply neglect it.” In these conditions, say it with a smile and optimistic tone, although. If you say this phrase slowly with a falling, low tone, it may well imply you’re bothered or upset.

A: Are you going to the grocery retailer in the present day?

B: No, I’m not. However why—do you want one thing?

A: Oh, by no means thoughts! It’s okay, I’ll go tomorrow.

Widespread Phrases for Studying English


As an English learner, you’ll seemingly wish to inform others that English just isn’t your first language. Additionally, you will have to ask native audio system to repeat phrases and phrases or to talk slower. The next phrases might be helpful for these conditions.

16. I’m studying English.

This straightforward phrase tells folks that English just isn’t your native language. If you’re a complete newbie, you’ll be able to add “simply began” like this: “I simply began studying English.”

My identify is Sophie and I’m studying English.

17. I don’t perceive.

Use this phrase when you don’t perceive what somebody means.

Sorry, I don’t perceive. The U.S. Electoral Faculty appears very complicated!

18. Might you repeat that please?

If you need somebody to say a phrase, query or phrase once more, use this query. Since “to repeat” means “to say once more,” you too can ask, “Might you say that once more, please?”

We are able to say “please” both on the finish of the query or proper after “you,” like this:

Might you please repeat that?

Might you repeat that, please?

19. Might you please discuss slower?

Native audio system can discuss very quick. Quick English is tough to grasp! That is a straightforward option to ask somebody to talk extra slowly.

Observe: This phrase just isn’t grammatically appropriate. Nevertheless, it’s used usually in on daily basis (informal) speech. The grammatically appropriate query can be, “Might you please discuss extra slowly?

That’s as a result of “slowly” is an adverb, so it describes verbs (like “discuss”). “Slower” is a comparative adjective, which implies it ought to be used to explain nouns (individuals, locations or issues), not verbs. (For instance: My automobile is slower than yours.)

A: You can provide us a name any weekday from 8:00 a.m. to five:00 p.m. at 5 5 5, two 5 zero eight, extension three three—

B: I’m sorry, may you please discuss slower?

20. Thanks. That helps rather a lot.

After somebody begins talking extra slowly for you, thank them with this phrase.

You should utilize it in lots of different conditions, too.

A: Ben, may you please make the font greater? It’s arduous for me to learn the phrases.

B: Certain! I’ll change it from dimension 10 to 16. How is that this?

A: Thanks. That helps rather a lot.

21. What does _____ imply?

If you hear or see a brand new phrase, use this phrase to ask what it means.

A: What does “font” imply?

B: It’s the model of letters, numbers and punctuation marks once you kind. A typical font within the USA known as Occasions New Roman.

22. How do you spell that?

English spelling will be difficult, so make sure that to be taught this query. You may additionally ask somebody, “Might you spell that for me?”

A: My identify is Robbertah Handkerchief.

B: How do you spell that?

23. What do you imply?

If you perceive the phrases one after the other, however not what they imply collectively, use this query. You may ask it at any time when you’re confused about what somebody is telling you.

A: The Smiths do have a very nice home, however the grass is all the time greener on the opposite facet.

B: What do you imply?

A: I imply that if we had the Smith’s home, we in all probability wouldn’t be happier. We all the time assume that different individuals have higher lives than us, however different individuals have issues, too.

On a regular basis English Phrases for Buying

basic english phrases

Everybody must buy groceries, whether or not it’s for meals, clothes or home goods like furnishings. These phrases will enable you discover what you wish to purchase and the way a lot it prices.

24. Are you able to assist me?

If you happen to need assistance if you are procuring, it is a easy option to ask.

Are you able to assist me? I cannot discover what I need.

Excuse me, are you able to assist me?

25. I’m searching for…

If you happen to can not discover what you need in a retailer, you’ll be able to ask a salesman that will help you discover it. Simply add the identify of what you wish to purchase after the phrase “I’m searching for…”

Excuse me, I am searching for a winter coat.

I am searching for snow boots. Are you able to assist me?

26. Do you may have this [object] in a distinct shade?

If you happen to see one thing you want, however you don’t like the colour, you’ll be able to ask if you may get it in a distinct shade.

One other option to say that is “Does this are available in a distinct shade?”

You can too add the identify of the item after “this.”

I don’t like this shade of pink. Do you may have this in a distinct shade?

Does this bowl are available in a distinct shade? This is not going to match my kitchen.

27. I have no idea my dimension.

Sizes for clothes and different issues differ from nation to nation, so that you might need to lookup the right dimension for the nation the place you’re procuring.

If you happen to can not determine your appropriate dimension, it’s completely wonderful to ask for assist from the gross sales workers.

I do not know my dimension. Are you able to assist me?

I wish to purchase a shirt, however I do not know my dimension.

28. I would like this in a dimension ______.

This can be a easy option to ask for a chunk of clothes or a family merchandise within the dimension you want—should you already occur to know the appropriate dimension.

I would like this in a dimension 10, please.

That is too giant. I would like this in a dimension 5.

29. The place can I discover [item]?

Since each grocery store is ready up (organized) somewhat otherwise, all of us can have hassle discovering sure objects.

You may ask somebody on the retailer that will help you discover what you want with this straightforward phrase: “The place can I discover…?” Simply add the identify of what you need after “discover.”

The shop clerk would possibly reply you with a phrase like, “It’s on aisle eight,” or, “It’s within the Produce part, close to the lettuce.”

Buyer: The place can I discover black olives?

Gross sales clerk: They are on aisle ten, close to the pickles. 

Buyer: The place can I discover a bag of almonds?

Gross sales clerk: They are within the baking part, on aisle seven.

30. How a lot does this/that price?

If you’re holding one thing you wish to purchase, or it’s proper close to you, you’ll be able to say “How a lot does this price?” to seek out out (be taught) the worth.

You can too put the identify of the item you wish to purchase after “this.”

How a lot does this shirt price?

If you happen to can see what you wish to purchase, however it isn’t proper close to you, you’ll be able to level to it and say, “How a lot does that price?” or “How a lot is that [item]?”

How a lot is that lamp over there? 

31. I don’t want a bag.

Allow us to say you simply purchased one thing small. You may simply carry it. You would possibly inform the gross sales clerk or cashier that you do not want a procuring bag.

You may additionally say this when you have a procuring bag with you and don’t have to get one from the shop.

No, thanks. I do not want a bag. I can simply carry it.

I do not want a bag. I introduced my very own with me.

32. Can somebody assist me carry this out?

If you happen to purchase one thing actually giant and arduous to hold, like a desk or an enormous order of groceries, you’ll need assistance.

Most shops that promote giant and heavy objects supply help (assist) from a member of workers. The workers member might help you carry your buy (what you may have purchased) out of the shop. They may even enable you place it in your automobile.

That is too heavy for me. Can somebody assist me carry this out?

Can somebody assist me carry this out? I’ve eighteen baggage of groceries right here!

 33. Can I’ve this delivered?

Generally, you could purchase one thing so giant—and so heavy—that there is no such thing as a means you may carry it dwelling from the shop your self.

That’s when it would be best to ask, “Can I’ve this delivered?”

This fridge is ideal! Can I’ve this delivered?

Can I’ve this delivered subsequent Tuesday?

Widespread English Phrases for Work


Lastly, listed here are seven English phrases you would possibly use at a job.

34. How can I enable you?

If you happen to work in customer support, you’ll use this phrase rather a lot. Additionally it is a typical phrase when answering the telephone.

[On the phone]: Good day, that is Rebecca talking. How can I enable you?

35. I might be with you in a second.

When somebody needs to see you, you may not be prepared to speak to them. Use this phrase should you want a minute to complete one thing first. If a consumer is ready for assist, you too can use this phrase to indicate that their flip is subsequent.

You may exchange “second” with “minute” and even add within the phrase “simply”: “I might be with you in only a minute.”

One other frequent phrase for this case is “I might be proper with you.”

Good morning! I might be with you in a second.

36. What time is our assembly?

You should utilize this query’s construction to ask the time of any occasion: “What time is [event]?”

If you wish to ask a few assembly on a sure day, add “on [day].” For instance:

What time is our assembly on Thursday?

37. Please name me (again) at…

If you need somebody to name you or to name you again (to return your name), use this phrase to offer your telephone quantity.

Hello, that is Cathleen from the monetary workplace.

I’m questioning should you discovered these lacking receipts.

Please name me again at 555-5555. Thanks!

38. Really, I assumed…

If you disagree with somebody, “Really, I assumed…” will make you sound kinder and extra well mannered than saying “No” or “You’re unsuitable.” This phrase is helpful when you may have a distinct concept than another person.

You should utilize “Really, I…” with many various verbs: “heard,” “discovered,” “am,” “can,” “can not,” and so on.

A: So Sam is coming in tonight at 8, proper?

B: Really, I assumed he was not working in any respect this week.

A: Oh, okay. I must have a look at the schedule once more.

39. When is the deadline?

When somebody offers you a activity or undertaking to finish, you could know the way lengthy it’s a must to end it.

deadline is a date or time when one thing have to be fully carried out.

You may ask “When is the deadline?” to seek out out when you could be carried out along with your activity or undertaking.

“When is it due?” is one other option to ask for this data.

A: I would like you to jot down a gross sales report. 

B: When is the deadline?

       A:  I would like it by subsequent Tuesday.


C: Please ship the shopper an estimate.

D: When is it due?

C: They need it tomorrow morning, earlier than 9.

40. I’m (simply) about to [verb]…

When you’ll begin one thing very quickly, you’re “nearly to” do one thing.

I’m nearly to ship these faxes.

I’m about to go and decide up some espresso. Would you like something?

Methods to Study Widespread Phrases in English

Strive saying every phrase aloud 4 instances. Sure, 4 instances!

Then, print this record of phrases.

You probably have a dialog companion, ask your change companion to say the phrases when you document them on a smartphone, laptop or recording gadget. That means you’ll be able to take heed to the recording and apply the pronunciation by your self at dwelling.

Then, select two phrases every day to deal with. Here’s what you may do on daily basis to be taught every phrase:

  • Image a scenario in your thoughts the place you may use the phrase. Think about the opposite individuals within the scene and what they’re saying. See your self saying the phrase.
  • Lastly, use the phrase in 2-5 actual conversations.

Write in your printed record and test off every phrase as you be taught it.

Native English media like TV reveals and podcasts can provide you a lot of English phrases, in addition to methods to listen to quite a lot of frequent phrases utilized in context.

The one difficulty with studying via genuine media is that it’s not designed for language studying. So that you’ll come throughout phrases and phrases you’ve by no means heard earlier than, and so they could go by too quick so that you can determine what’s being mentioned.

If you need a extra streamlined means to make use of media like this to select up English phrases, a program like FluentU may very well be useful. This language studying web site and app teaches English utilizing genuine movies like TV clips, film trailers and music movies.

Each FluentU video comes with interactive subtitles. Simply click on or faucet on any unfamiliar phrase or phrase within the captions to get an on the spot definition, instance sentences and native pronunciation audio.

basic english phrases

You may search the FluentU video library for any phrases or phrases to immediately discover genuine English movies that use them. Movies will be sorted by topic, format and problem degree, so you’ll be able to uncover phrases that suit your studying wants and pursuits.

basic english phrases

FluentU comes with built-in studying instruments like vocabulary lists and personalised quizzes. There are additionally multimedia flashcards with video clips, audio and pictures that will help you bear in mind phrases.

You may entry FluentU in your browser or by downloading the iOS or Android app.

By combining partaking clips with instruments that will help you perceive them, you’ll bear in mind the context phrases are utilized in and the phrases will stick higher in your thoughts.

So, apply simply two of the 40 phrases above every day—in 20 days, you’ll know the entire record!


After all, these 40+ phrases are just the start. There are a lot of different frequent English phrases you’ll be able to be taught as a newbie. Take a look at these posts for extra:

Completely happy studying!