Home English Language 24 Tongue Twisters in English for Enjoyable Pronunciation Apply (Audio Included!)

24 Tongue Twisters in English for Enjoyable Pronunciation Apply (Audio Included!)

24 Tongue Twisters in English for Enjoyable Pronunciation Apply (Audio Included!)


tongue twisters in english

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Tongue twisters just like the one above are lots of enjoyable to say. They’re additionally top-of-the-line methods to follow English pronunciation as a result of they’re full of English sounds so that you can grasp.

Beneath, I’ll get you began with 24 of my favourite tongue twisters in English. I’ll additionally clarify the necessary vocabulary for every tongue tornado, and you’ll follow together with the audio! 


Heat up with these newbie degree tongue twisters: 

Discover the same sounds in “I scream” and “ice cream.” This well-known tongue tornado will assist you follow the s sound and the delicate c sound.


  • Scream — to say one thing or make a sound in a really loud voice
  • Ice cream — a frozen meals that’s candy and normally made from milk or cream 

This quick tongue tornado will assist you with the onerous okay sound, like in “coookay,” and the kw sound in “quickly.”


  • Cooks — individuals who prepare dinner, normally as a job 
  • Rapidly — quick

For all of these having bother with the sound, that is the tongue tornado for you.


  • Benevolent — type, not egocentric
  • Elephants — massive grey animals with tusks, a trunk and massive ears

Right here you’ll get some follow with the b and v sounds, which may be difficult for some English learners.


  • Velvet — a delicate materials used for some garments
  • Vest — a shirt with out sleeves

That is quick and candy, however it could actually nonetheless be a bit tough! Right here, you’re working towards the distinction between the r and l sounds.


  • Rural — countryside (as in, not a metropolis)

Nice follow for the v sound! There are additionally some quick i sounds, like in “vivacious” and “vivid.”


  • Vivacious — full of life and stuffed with power
  • Vacuum — a loud device used for cleansing the ground
  • Vivid — a really deep or brilliant colour

in a pestilential jail with a life-long lock, 
awaiting the feeling of a brief, sharp shock
from an affordable and chippy chopper on an enormous, black block.

This English tongue tornado is full of repeated sounds, together with the consonant sounds d, l, s and b. It’s additionally widespread for English learners to mistakenly pronounce the sh in “short, sharp shock” and the ch in “cheap and chippy chopper” as the identical. 


  • Uninteresting — not brilliant or fascinating
  • Pestilential — inflicting infections or illnesses
  • Sensation — feeling

For extra of a problem, listed below are some intermediate tongue twisters: 

This tongue tornado could be very widespread. It’s going to assist you with the s and sh sounds.


  • Seashells — the onerous issues that some sea animals reside in
  • Seashore — the seaside

This one covers fr and l, two sounds which can be generally mispronounced by English learners.


  • Frivolously — not significantly
  • Fanciful — unrealistic
  • Furiously — accomplished in a really offended manner

however the butter was bitter,
so Betty purchased some higher butter
to make the bitter butter higher.

It’s clear that this one is nice for working towards the sound. It’s additionally excellent for these having bother with the and sounds.


  • Butter — a delicate, pale yellow meals that’s made out of milk, normally placed on bread or used when cooking
  • Bitter — a pointy style that’s not candy in any respect

if a woodchuck might chuck wooden?
He would chuck, he would, as a lot as he might, 
and chuck as a lot wooden as a woodchuck would 
if a woodchuck might chuck wooden.

Right here, you get to follow the sound, in addition to that tough ch sound, as in “woodenchuck might chuck.” You additionally get to follow the vowel sound in “could,” “wood” and “would,” which may be made by completely different spelling mixtures.


  • Woodchuck — a groundhog (a sort of rodent)
  • Chuck — to throw

the grasping ape mentioned as he ate,
the greener inexperienced grapes are,
the keener eager apes are 
to gobble inexperienced grape truffles. 
They’re nice!

This one is sweet for saying the g, gr and sounds, in addition to the ee vowel sound, as in “greener green.”


  • Devoured — ate rapidly and noisily
  • Grasping — egocentric (wanting the whole lot for your self)
  • Eager — keen (wanting one thing strongly)

to 12 academics’ tipping trek tents. 

This tongue tornado nearly solely (solely) makes use of the and tw sounds, so it’s nice for learners combating these. There are additionally a number of situations the place the lengthy i sound comes up, like in “tied tiny twine.”


  • Twins — two siblings born on the similar time
  • Twine — a sort of robust thread
  • Trek tents — a selected model of tents (moveable shelter used for tenting)

Brief however tough. That is one other English tongue tornado for working towards the r and l sounds.


  • Pink — the identical colour as blood 
  • Lorry — an enormous truck
  • Yellow — the identical colour as lemons 

bit the massive black bear,
however the massive black bear
bit the bug again!

As you possibly can see, there are many b sounds right here. Go gradual at first so that you don’t get confused with the quick i and quick u sounds, as in “big” and “bug.”


  • Chew — to make use of one’s tooth or mouth to chop or chew one thing 
  • Again — to do the identical factor (That’s: The bug bites. The bear bites again.

16. Any noise annoys an oyster

However a loud noise annoys an oyster most

This sentence is ideal for college students who must follow the unusual English oy sound, like in “noise annoys an oyster.”


  • Annoy — to hassle or irritate somebody
  • Oyster — a sort of shellfish that may typically be eaten 

17. A flea and a fly flew up in a flue. 

Mentioned the flea, “Allow us to fly!”
Mentioned the fly, “Allow us to flee!” 
So that they flew by a flaw within the flue.

One of many trickier consonant clusters is fl, making this tongue tornado a terrific one for English learners.


  • Flee — to run away
  • Flea — a tiny insect that drinks the blood of mammals
  • Flaw — an imperfection or weak spot
  • Flue — the pipe or opening in a chimney

Right here you possibly can follow the and okay sounds, that are aspirated (adopted by a puff of air) when they’re firstly of phrases.

Attempt putting your hand in entrance of your mouth whilst you say the tongue tornado—you need to be capable to really feel the breath in your hand once you’re making the p and okay sounds. 


  • Curd — a dairy product that’s made out of milk
  • Cod — a sort of fish

The consonant clusters thr and fr come from the identical place within the mouth, to allow them to be tough for English learners to grasp.


  • Threw — previous tense of “throw,” which means to push an object out of your hand/s with power so it strikes by the air
  • Free throw — to shoot the ball with out the opposite group in the way in which throughout a basketball recreation

These superior tongue twisters may be robust even for native English audio system: 

This one can simply journey up native English audio system! You’ll work on the f and t sounds, in addition to the consonant clusters fr and br.


  • Fed — previous tense of “feed,” which means to offer somebody meals 
  • Bread — a standard kind of meals that’s made out of flour and water 

This one is superb for working towards the sound. You additionally get the ks sound like in “sixth,” the sh sound like in “sheep” and the th sound like in “sixth.”


  • Sheikh — an aged scholar or chief (initially an Arabic phrase)
  • Sick — not feeling properly or not wholesome 

however the stump thunk the skunk stunk. 

This tongue tornado is nice for getting used to saying the consonant clusters st and sk.


  • Stump — the a part of a tree that’s left within the floor after you chop it down
  • Thunk — to hit with a boring, flat sound

Upon a slitted sheet, I sit. 

This tongue tornado teaches you the sl consonant cluster and the tough sh sound, like in “sheet.”

You additionally get to follow the vowel sound ee, like in “sheet” and the i sound as in “sit” and “slit.”


  • Slit — to make a skinny, straight reduce in one thing
  • Slitted — describes one thing that has been slit

Whereas these fleas flew, freezy breeze blew. 
Freezy breeze made these three timber freeze.
Freezy timber made these timber’ cheese freeze.
That’s what made these three free fleas sneeze.

This English tongue tornado is especially onerous, even for native audio system.

You get to follow the consonant clusters fl and fr, plus the tough th sound in “these,” “three,” “that’s” and “thtough.”


  • Breeze — a light-weight wind
  • Freeze — when liquid is so chilly that it turns into ice

Apply Pronunciation with English Tongue Twisters

If you wish to deal with a selected sound in English, you possibly can try this desk to search out the precise tongue tornado:

The Tongue Tornado Sounds to Apply
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream s, delicate c
Seventy-Seven Benevolent Elephants v
Cooks Prepare dinner Cupcakes Rapidly kw, onerous okay
Betty Loves the Velvet Vest Greatest b, v
Actually Rural r, l
Vivacious Val Vacuumed Violet’s Very Vivid Car v, quick i
To Sit in Solemn Silence in a Uninteresting, Darkish Dock d, l, s, b, sh, ch
She Sells Seashells by the Seashore s, sh
As He Devoured the Desserts on His Plate g, gr, n, ee
The Two Tibble Twins Tied Tiny Twine t, tw, lengthy i
Pink Lorry, Yellow Lorry r, l
A Large Black Bug b, quick i, quick u
How A lot Wooden Would a Woodchuck Chuck w, ch, ou
Any Noise Annoys an Oyster oy
A Flea and a Fly Flew Up in a Flue fl
Frivolously Fanciful Franny Fried Contemporary Fish Furiously fr, l
Pad Child Poured Curd Pulled Cod p, okay
Betty Purchased Some Butter b, t, r
He Threw Three Free Throws thr, fr
A Skunk Sat on a Stump and Thunk the Stump Stunk st, sk
I Slit a Sheet, A Sheet, I Slit sl, sh, ee, quick i
Fred Fed Ted Bread f, t, fr, br
By Three Cheese Timber Three Free Fleas Flew fl, fr, z, th, ee
Sixth Sick Sheikh’s Sixth Sheep Sick s, ks, sh, th

Listed below are some tips about learn how to get probably the most out of those tongue twisters: 


I hope you’ve had lots of enjoyable attempting to grasp these tongue twisters in English. Hold working towards!