Home French Language 21 Stunning French Phrases and Phrases That’ll Make You Fall in Love With the Language [With Audio]

21 Stunning French Phrases and Phrases That’ll Make You Fall in Love With the Language [With Audio]

21 Stunning French Phrases and Phrases That’ll Make You Fall in Love With the Language [With Audio]


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Warning: these stunning French phrases could trigger shortness of breath or weak point at the knees.

Whether or not you need to impress your vital different, impress a French speaker or simply add some magnificence to your life, you’ll love this checklist of 21 stunning French phrases!



The following time you go to the South of France, take a stroll alongside one of many stunning seashores and it’s possible you’ll come throughout a coquillage (seashell).

Hold the reminiscences of your vacation by accumulating the seashells, after which carry them residence as un petit memento  (a bit memento).

Ils ont trouvé des coquillages sur la plage. (They discovered seashells on the seaside.)


A bit tip to your subsequent go to to France, the French greet one another with one bisou on every cheek in lots of areas. In some areas of France they provide the left cheek first and in others the appropriate cheek, so watch out!

Je t’envoie de gros bisous. (I’m sending you large kisses.)


Not solely does the hippocampe (seahorse) journey the lengths of the ocean, however the males carry the infants fairly than the females!

After all a creature like this wants a lovely title to mirror their fantastic exterior and energy.

L’hippocampe a nagé dans la mer. (The seahorse swam within the sea.)


Who wouldn’t love an intimate chuchoter (whisper) in French? Though it could be a bit bit tougher to know, the thrill of it would ship you all a quiver.

Peut-être (perhaps) the context received’t even matter so long as it’s in French!

Il chuchote des mots doux. (He whispers candy nothings.)


Should you hear rain on the climate forecast, simply be sure you have your parapluie (umbrella) in your bag.

The origin of this stunning French phrase might be defined in the event you cut up parapluie in half to make para pluie. Para- is a prefix used to point safety and pluie  is the French phrase for “rain.” Safety from the rain! Voila, ça marche !  (There you go, it really works!)

Il va pleuvoir cet aprés-midi, donc apporte ton parapluie. (It’s going to rain this afternoon, so carry your umbrella.)


Should you’re in France having a pleasant time with one of many locals, and also you hear the phrase envie (need), then you already know they’re .

When expressing that you just need to do one thing in French, the grammar building is avoir  (to have) + envie   (need) + de  (to) + verb within the infinitive kind. Because of this you solely conjugate avoir, leaving the second verb in its infinitive kind.

J’ai envie de te voir (I’ve need to see you. / I need to see you.)


Pamplemousse (grapefruit) may not be probably the most used phrase within the French language, nevertheless it’s positively a lovely one.

The French have fantastic markets throughout the nation, so the subsequent time you’re close to the fruits, why not search for a pamplemousse

Monsieur, deux pamplemousses s’il vous plaît ! (Sir, two grapefruits please!)

Une salade de fruits avec du pamplemousse. (Fruit salad with grapefruit.)


Many issues could make you plein de vie (energetic), together with the thrill and surprise of a brand new relationship. Possibly take your newfound power for a visit to France.

There, you and your companion can stroll down the belles rues (stunning streets) of France and have a good time the little issues that make life fantastic.

Elle est pleine de vie quand elle est avec son enfant.  (She is stuffed with life when she is along with her baby.)


It appears becoming to incorporate joli/jolie (fairly) on this checklist of fairly French phrases, as the entire phrases included in it are… très jolis  (very fairly)!

The following time you meet somebody fairly in France, you must inform them so!

Cette fille est vraiment jolie ! Peut-être je devrais parler avec elle. (This woman is absolutely fairly! Possibly I ought to speak to her.)


Speaking about stunning French phrases, étoile (star) is most definitely one in all them! On a transparent night time within the French countryside what can be a perfect date?

How a couple of romantic night picnic adopted by remark des étoiles avec votre chéri/chérie (star gazing along with your darling)?

Il avait des étoiles dans les yeux. (He had stars in his eyes.)


With all the attractive French phrases on the market, that is in all probability the one which carries probably the most weight.

Do not forget that phrases are ordered in a different way in French than in English. So as an alternative of getting “you” on the finish of “I like you,” the t’ (you) is in the course of the sentence: Je t’aime (Actually: I you’re keen on).


Salut (hello), bonjour (hi there), bonsoir (good night)there are various choices for greetings in French! Most are depending on the time of day and a few are extra formal than others.

Nonetheless, in the event you’re talking to a good friend or liked one, the very casual coucou (hi there) can be utilized regardless of the time of day.

The phrase is usually used as an preliminary greeting, upon arrival residence for instance.

Coucou mon chéri (Good day my love.)


Chouchou (sweetheart) or (beloved) is a time period of endearment that simply sounds and feels so good to say. Should you’re in a relationship with a French-speaker, you’ll probably use this phrase lots. Moreover, if sooner or later you’ve gotten French-speaking kids, it’s one other well-liked time period utilized by mother and father for his or her little ones.

For much more affection, use mon petit chouchou (my little sweetheart).

Mon chouchou tu es si belle ! (Sweetheart, you’re so stunning!)

Watch the official video for la chanson  (track), Mon Chouchou right here.


Doudou (teddy) could be probably the most cute time period on this checklist and never simply because it sounds treasured. Should you’re round French-speaking kids, you’ll hear them ask for his or her doudou when their favourite stuffed animal has been misplaced.

It doesn’t should be a teddy, any plush toy will probably match the time period. If the kid is younger and nonetheless studying to talk, they might shorten the phrase to even sweeter, dou.

Où est doudou ? (The place is teddy?) 


In case you are courting a French individual you must anticipate to be known as charmante (charming) sooner or later. And you must positively say the identical to your chéri  (love) or individual with whom you’re flirting.

Tu es très charmante chéri. (You might be very charming pricey.)

Vous avez une sourire charmante. (You’ve gotten charming smile.)


This verb is one that’s troublesome to totally translate into English. Flâner (to walk, to wander, or dawdle) is a favourite pastime of the French. There’s nothing higher than strolling round city with little-to-no objective.

Un flâneur or une flâneuse  (one that strolls) can usually be seen out and about in French cities having fun with the quiet of Sundays when many issues are closed within the nation.

Ils flânent dans la ville chaque dimanche. (They stroll on the town each Sunday.)


One other time period of endearment, choupette (cutie or sweetie) is a darling time period used for family members. It can be shortened to choupie , usually used for youngsters.

Je t’adore, ma choupette. (I like you, sweetie.)

Ma choupette, je t’adore tellement. (My love, I like you a lot.)

Enjoyable truth: the late designer Karl Lagerfield’s cat was named Choupette


A stunning-sounding phrase for an even-lovelier which means, what good luck you’ll have if a coccinelle (ladybug) lands on you. These noticed cuties are probably the one beetle you’ll rejoice upon discovering wherever close to you.

Une coccinelle s’est envolée. (A ladybug flew away.)


In spring and summer season throughout Europe you’ll see papillons  (butterflies, or singular, butterfly — papillon) emerge. The French use the phrase interchangeably for each butterflies and moths. 

Not solely are the creatures the phrase refers to treasured, the syllables themselves simply roll so easily off the tongue.

Oh, regardez-vous ! C’est un beau papillon ! (Oh, look! There’s a lovely butterfly!)


Ariel is the world’s most well-known sirène (siren or mermaid), and her reputation doesn’t wane in France. She is well-known all through the nation and “The Little Mermaid” is a well-liked kids’s guide.

La Petite Sirène aime le prince. (The Little Mermaid loves the prince.)


Try to say soleil (solar) with no little bit of a smile or added pep in your step. The time period simply sounds plain completely happy, which is sensible as a little bit of solar, particularly within the dreary winter of northern France is all the time welcome. 

Should you’re someplace within the pretty south, you’ll probably get pleasure from a little bit of soleil regardless of the season. Or, because the French say — vous prenez le soleil  (you’re sunbathing).

Le soleil brille aujourd’hui ! (The solar is shining right now!)

The place to Discover Extra Stunning French Phrases

These are only a few examples of lovely phrases in French. Consider me, I might stick with it all day, however even with only a tidbit of data I feel my level is made.

Although in the event you do need to discover extra stunning French phrases, you’ll be able to’t go fallacious with immersion. Encompass your self with the language and its magnificence will naturally make its method into your life. A language studying program like FluentU, for instance, will expose you to genuine French movies comparable to film trailers and provoking talks and assist you to make flashcards out of any stunning phrase you come throughout!

It’s all the time an ideal concept to maintain a pen and paper or your cellular phone prepared as you work together with French media!


Now you’ve gotten 21 stunning French phrases and phrases you’ll be able to add to your vocabulary!

Attempt and follow these fairly French phrases earlier than your subsequent journey overseas, and who is aware of—you could possibly trick the French inhabitants into considering you’re French too!

With stunning French phrases like this, I can safely say to the French language: Je t’aime ! (I like you!)