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15 Romantic Phrases for “Stunning” in Spanish

15 Romantic Phrases for “Stunning” in Spanish


Spanish is a good looking language, with plenty of phrases to explain magnificence. However would you understand how to inform your Spanish-speaking valentine how engaging they’re?

There are numerous methods in Spanish to say “stunning”, identical to there are numerous methods to say it in English: “engaging”, “good-looking”, “handsome”, “fairly”, “cute”, “scorching”, “match”, “horny”, and so forth.

On this article, I’ll present you among the most typical Spanish adjectives for “stunning”, and clarify how you should use them like a local Spanish speaker.

1. Bello / Bella – “Stunning”

Bello/bella is a secure, all-purpose phrase that you should use to imply “stunning” or “pretty”. It’s a bit formal, particularly in Spain, however it could possibly describe something: stunning individuals, stunning garments, a good looking view, a good looking thoughts.

There’s additionally a closely-related noun belleza, which implies “magnificence”.

2. Bonito / Bonita – “Fairly” or “Good”

Bonito / bonita additionally means “stunning”, nevertheless it’s not fairly as robust as bello. It’s nearer to “fairly” or “good”.

This adjective is extra widespread than bello and, like bello, can describe something – not only a particular person.

Simply watch out for those who see bonito on a menu. When used as a noun, the phrase refers to a kind of fish that’s much like tuna (and has the identical identify in English).

3. Guapo / Guapa – “Good-looking”

Guapo/guapa is a phrase with some regional variations. Mostly, it describes a gorgeous particular person, particularly male, and isn’t actually used for stunning objects or locations.

In some areas of Spain, nevertheless, guapo is used extra liberally. In addition to which means “engaging” when describing an individual, extra usually it could possibly imply one thing like “cool” or “superior”.

In different places, guapo can imply “courageous” or “daring”. In some elements of Latin America it could possibly even imply a “bully” or “braggart”. One Puerto Rican commenter says that the place he’s from, calling a person guapo “may positively trigger a battle.”

You know the way the phrase “good-looking” in English is barely actually used for males, not ladies? Guapo is a bit like that, however not fairly as robust. You do hear ladies being referred to as guapa, nevertheless it’s extra widespread to listen to them being referred to as bonita. Males, however, usually tend to be referred to as guapo than bonito.

4. Lindo / Linda – “Beautiful”

Lindo/linda is extra widespread in Latin America than Spain (and can be quite common in Brazilian Portuguese). It’s comparable in which means to bonito/bonita: it could possibly imply “stunning”, “fairly”, “pretty”, or “good”.

In Latin America you can even use lindo as an adverb. For instance, ella canta lindo means “she sings fantastically.”

5. Bueno / Buena – “Good Trying”

You’ve absolutely come throughout bueno/buena earlier than, because it’s probably the most widespread Spanish adjectives. Truly, it’s probably the most widespread phrases – within the Spanish language.

Bueno often means “good”, nevertheless it has some hidden tips. If I advised you a couple of woman I do know who’s buena, what do you suppose it means?

To cite Invoice Clinton, it is determined by what the which means of the phrase “is” is. Keep in mind that “is” in Spanish could be está (from estar) or es (from ser).

Ella es buena, means she’s “good” within the sense that she’s a good particular person. She’s ethical, virtuous, and does the proper factor. Equally, ella es malo means “she’s (a) dangerous (particular person)”.

Then again, if I stated ella está buena, I’m saying that she’s good-trying. If I need to hammer the purpose house, I may even say ella está bueníssima – she’s very engaging.

6. Hermoso / Hermosa – “Attractive”

One other widespread phrase, hermoso/hermosa is used for stunning individuals, locations, and issues. It’s a bit extra wide-ranging than bello – translations embrace “stunning”, “attractive”, “good”, and even (in Latin America) “noble”.

Keep in mind that bello had a noun cousin referred to as bellezaHermoso has an analogous relationship with hermosura, which implies “magnificence”. It’s also possible to say una hermosura to imply “a good looking lady”.

##7. Atractivo / Atractiva – “Enticing”

You guessed it – atractivo/atractiva means “engaging”. You should use it in just about the identical method as in English, for individuals, locations, or issues.

El atractivo can be a masculine noun which means “attraction”, “enchantment”, or “attraction”.

8. Radiante – “Radiant”

One other phrase that’s much like the English – radiante means “radiant” or “beaming”.

It’s not simply restricted to describing individuals. For instance, una mañana radiante means “a radiant/stunning morning”.

9. Precioso / Preciosa – “Attractive” or “Beautiful”

You possibly can name an individual, place or factor precioso/preciosa. It means they’re “attractive” or “pretty”. The English cognate “treasured” could make sense too. For instance, a diamante (“diamond”) is a piedra preciosa (“treasured stone”).

10. Rico / Rica – “Cute” or “Attractive”

Rico/rica often means “wealthy”, or “rich”. When describing meals, it additionally means “tasty” or “scrumptious”.

Nonetheless, rico/rica will also be used with individuals, locations, and issues to imply “pretty” or “cute”. Should you use estar to say that an individual is wealthy – e.g. él está rico, it will also be understood to imply “horny”.

11. Mono / Mona – “Fairly”

As a noun, mono means “monkey” – nevertheless it’s not (essentially) offensive to name an individual mono or mona. When used as an adjective in Spain, it could possibly imply “fairly” or “cute.”

The noun mono may also imply “overalls” or “jumpsuit”, or it may be a slang time period for “craving” or “withdrawal signs.” Simply don’t confuse it with moño, which implies “bun” (as within the coiffure) or, in Latin America, a “ribbon” or “bow”.

12. Macizo / Maciza – “Sizzling”

Most actually, macizo/maciza means “strong” – as in madera maciza (“strong wooden”). Nonetheless, it’s additionally a colloquial time period in Spain for “engaging”. Saying that somebody está macizo/a is like saying they’re “scorching”, “hunky”, or a “babe”.

13. Bombón – “Candy Like Chocolate”

bombón is a kind of small chocolate or sweet – the precise kind is determined by your dialect. However it could possibly additionally imply “a gorgeous particular person” – a “magnificence” or “stunner”. So name your lover a bombón if you need them to know that you simply discover them candy.

14. Attractive / Sexi – “Attractive”

No prizes for guessing what horny means – it’s a current import from English. Like many different anglicismos, the Spanish spelling of the phrase isn’t constant. Typically it’s written within the unique English method (“horny”), however generally it’s written as sexi to higher match Spanish spelling guidelines.

15. Estar Como un Queso – “To Be Like a Cheese”

Lastly, an amusing slang time period from Spain. If somebody tells you that you simply’re como un queso (“like a cheese”), how do you have to react? Are they saying you might want to take a bathe?

Imagine it or not, it’s a praise! Estar como un queso means “to be engaging/tasty/dreamy/scorching”. Maybe a wierd method to put it, however don’t get offended if somebody says it to you. They’re being good!

Or possibly your ft simply stink – who is aware of?

A Warning About “Sizzling” in Spanish

Earlier than we end, a phrase of warning. If you wish to name somebody very stunning in Spanish, you may consider the English slang time period “scorching” – however suppose twice earlier than calling a Spanish speaker caliente.

Whereas this adjective does actually imply “scorching”, somebody who’s caliente is in truth aroused. And for those who’re not cautious, telling somebody they’re caliente may earn you a slap.

You will have been warned.

You’re Now the Grasp of Magnificence in Spanish

Or possibly not, let’s not go too far… However you definitely know easy methods to give somebody a praise and never solely make an ungainly try at it!

Should you’re nonetheless within the temper for cheesy- ahem, romantic phrases, take a look at our standard article on nicknames from all over the world. It’s also possible to discover extra Spanish-related posts by visiting our Spanish Hub.

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