Home Language Learning 130+ Frequent Animals in Spanish (With a Downloadable PDF!)

130+ Frequent Animals in Spanish (With a Downloadable PDF!)

130+ Frequent Animals in Spanish (With a Downloadable PDF!)


jaguar on tree trunk

Have you ever seen all of these Spanish-speaking nations on the map? As a complete, they’re big, filled with mountains, forests and jungles. 

Go there, and also you’re certain to discover a donkey subsequent to your Uber or see a cow casually strolling by the sidewalk. (This occurred a number of occasions whereas I used to be visiting my grandmother within the Dominican Republic).

Whether or not you’re a Spanish learner or a curious traveler, you’ve acquired to know how you can discuss animals in Spanish. 

This weblog put up will present you over 130 animal names in Spanish, plus vital grammar guidelines and associated frequent idioms. 


Animals in Spanish

1. Frequent Pets in Spanish

cheerful man with pet dog

I’m not a pet lover, however I’m certain fairly a number of of you might have pets at residence.

Pet names in Spanish (not the sort you name your important different), are good vocabulary so as to add to your language repertoire.

2. Farm Animals in Spanish

cows on a farm

Even when you don’t stay close to a farm, understanding livestock’ names in Spanish will come in useful while you’re visiting areas of Spanish-speaking nations which can be extra rural.

After which once more, some individuals have livestock as pets!

3. Sea Creatures in Spanish

bottlenose dolphin

Our planet is 71% water. This water is stuffed with sea creatures (over 240,000 species!) with enjoyable names in Spanish price studying.

Don’t fear, although. I’ve solely included essentially the most related ones you would possibly catch a glimpse of on the seaside.

4. Animals with Wings in Spanish

eagle on tree branch

Are you a chicken fanatic? In that case, you’re gonna respect these 23 winged animal names in Spanish.

I thought of naming this checklist animals that fly. Then I figured—not all animals with wings have that means!

5. Rainforest Animals in Spanish

sloth hanging from a tree

Studying Spanish for journey?

There’s lots to see in South America—together with the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest.

Pack this brief checklist of rainforest animal names for while you’re crusing down the Amazon river.

6. Animals from the Forest in Spanish

deer in forest

Skunks and deer are frequent within the Northeast U.S. the place I grew up. I’m not a nature fanatic, although. For sure, I’d creep previous skunks these early winter mornings after I acquired up for the health club.

I’m guessing you’ll want this checklist when you too grew up close to these creatures, and if you wish to inform your new Spanish-speaking associates all about them.

7. Desert Creatures in Spanish

camel in the desert

Enjoyable reality: Chile’s Atacama desert is residence to a resilient species of pink flamingos—and it’s one of many driest deserts on the planet.

Deserts are frequent in Latin America.

Try the brief checklist of desert animals not already talked about above or beneath.

8. Animals within the Savanna in Spanish

two tigers

A number of animals in Spanish lists embrace “zoo animals in Spanish.” Although it’s sensible, I choose to maintain the character theme going.

Savannas are numerous environments full of lovely (and lethal!) creatures—a few of which I’m listed beneath.

9. Small Critters in Spanish

snail climbing up

La Cucaracha is a enjoyable youngsters’s music in Spanish, however cucarachas aren’t any joke.

They stay in all places—and so they creep most of us out!

I’ve acquired fifteen small animal names in Spanish which can be price including to your Spanish vocabulary, even when you’re not too keen on them like me.

To recollect these animal names, it helps to study them in context too. For instance, you’ll be able to look them up on FluentU, which has a multimedia dictionary that exhibits you associated Spanish video clips and instance sentences for every phrase. This system additionally enables you to flip them into flashcards with a click on.

Now that you recognize about particular animal names in Spanish, let’s take a look at grammar subsequent. 

Animal-related Vocabulary

A squirrel holding a nut

Names for Teams of Animals in Spanish

These are 7 frequent collective nouns in Spanish for animal teams.

Observe: Animal collective nouns in English don’t at all times translate instantly in Spanish!

For instance, we are saying “flock of sheep” in English, however we don’t say banda de ovejas in Spanish. As a substitute, the Spanish time period is rebaño de ovejas (actually, a “herd of sheep”). 

1. Manada — herd / pod / pack / drove / parade

2. Colonia — colony

3. Rebaño — herd

4. Bandada — flock

5. Camada — litter

6. Piara drift, drove or sounder


Spanish Expressions That Use Animal Names

Two donkeys interacting in front of a bush

You’re not talking like a local till you’ve discovered and mastered these expressions utilizing animal names.

Similar to with English, Spanish audio system make the most of animal names in phrases that don’t have anything to do with them.

I’ll spare you the extra soiled phrases in Spanish, and share frequent ones you would possibly come throughout.

Grammar Guidelines for Speaking About Animals in Spanish

Vocabulary lists can solely go up to now with out grammar guidelines!

Listed here are two useful grammar guidelines for talking about animals in Spanish.

Animal Gender in Spanish

In English, until you’re an animal breeder or somebody asks you about your pet—understanding an animal’s gender is irrelevant.

Not in Spanish, although, a language that offers even inanimate objects a gender.

Some animals go by the identical identify no matter gender. For instance:

Pájaro — chicken

Hormiga — ant

Abeja  — bee

Jirafa  — girafe

Tortuga — turtle

Some animals names have variations for females. For instance:

Perro / perra — male / feminine canine

Gato / gata — male / feminine cat

Mono / mona — male / feminine monkey

Oso / osa — male / feminine bear

Conejo / coneja  — male / feminine rabbit

Lastly, some animals have a very completely different identify for men and women. Try these examples:

Caballo / yegua — stallion / mare

Gallo / gallina rooster / hen

Chivo / cabra — billy goat / nanny

Toro / vaca — bull / cow

León / leona  — lion / lioness

Utilizing Diminutives for Animals in Spanish

If you wish to confer with child animals in Spanish, you need to use diminutives to take action.

Diminutives are a Spanish suffix added to phrases to specific one thing tiny or affection.

Merely take away the final vowel and add -ito or -ita on the finish of the animal identify. For instance:

Gato (cat) → gatito / gatita

Perro (canine) → perrito / perrita

Ardilla (squirrel) → ardillita


This checklist of animal names in Spanish is a good start line for including distinctive vocabulary to your Spanish information financial institution.

Take your time with these Spanish animal names and research them half by half.